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Emily May Evans
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"This girl is a straight up scammer. She reappears on her twitter every couple of months and pins a tweet telling everyone to DM her for her snapchat premium. Then she posts a couple of selfies and a few tweets along the lines of "Im so horny rn" to lure everyone in. When you DM her, she gets right back to you with intructions to send an amazon giftcard for $50 to her email. She'll redeem the card the moment you send it, and thats it. You'll never hear from her again. After a while she'll disappear off twitter too ( @cursedbonez - as of Jan 2018, but she keeps changing it), only to reappear a couple of months later on the same account with a different handle where she'll do it all over again.." -Martin


"Her Snapchat and Twitter accounts are a huge scam. The real Emily retired from camming and her premium accounts almost a year ago. Now they are run by her psycho ex boyfriend/manager Dustin. He posts older pictures and videos of her and dirty chats with men hoping to scam them out of money. Do not follow or help this sick psychopath." -John


"This chick is a scamming piece of work. She stole $50 from me when she promised to provide premium/custom content. She then insulted me and said I was “stupid for paying for what we can all get for free”. Way to make a customer happy! She has slurred her words in all videos and is clearly on something. I can’t believe I tried supporting her and she scammed then insulted me. I would suggest everyone NEVER SEND HER MONEY. EVER. She doesn’t provide anything of quality and she doesn’t appreciate the business she is allegedly “involved in”. This girl is trash and definitely not even worth $50!" -Barron


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