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"Best investment ever. Always get responds back right away love just to chat about weather or anything!!!! Thank you for down to earth women and a must for every one to get snapping!!!!" -Denny


"Love her stories, have so much meaning to them, so worth it, she is amazing and so hot!!"-Todd


"Piratebooty is by far the hottest on Snapchat today. I always enjoy viewing her snaps and having the chance to chat and help her with her vapes. She is the greatest woman ive met. Will continue to view only her stories" -Cloud King 


"If you are looking for a beautiful women that knows how to put on an amazing show you should check out Piratebooty. She has some great assets and knows how to use them. Check out her free snap account and ask about her premium it worth every penny." -Smash 


"I recently added piratebooty, after seeing her on a takeover show on another account I immediately added her free account. It didn't take long before I upgraded to view her premium account. The quality of her shows are amazing and her curves are just beautiful. Worth upgrading for." -robertwb92 


"Piratebooty is without a doubt the best premium snapchat anyone out there could see. If you are smart you will follow her now."-William B


"Omg guys you need to check out piratebooty. She's the hottest Milf on Snapchat. Her lactating videos are great. Gorgeous woman all around. She does requests and loves her followers. Buy her premium." -Jeff Ward


"PBS is simply one of the hardest working & sexiest models on Snap. Love her spectacular, milk filled, titties! She posts a LOT of high quality content and is always looking new & more exciting ways to please!" -Derfka


"I've followed her since she was piratebooty29...about May through Thanksgiving 2016. Her free snap was deted, she came back, and now again, deleted. But I can always count on her for a swift recovery! KatAlacPB she explained to like this, "my nick name is Kat in my personal life, and I've often been referred to as the Cadillac of girls nick named Kat. So I came up with 'KatAlac' and added the PB for Piratebooty." This woman knows how to please a man. You can tell by how she looks at the camera as if to look deep into your eyes, tell you through her much she knows you want it. I've never gotten off so good to porn in my life! Pirate, you're truly the best!! OH! Guess how old she is'll NEVER believe her. XoXoXo you Sexy Milf!!!"     -Jon Foster


"Awesome show an in love with this woman can't get enough of her makes my day every single day." -Njsurfer25


"If I was going to recommend a Snapchat, I would recommend hers. I bought 4 snapchats and I watched all of their premiums in the same day and hers was the only premium to make me cum. The way she bounces her fat pirate ass on the dildo makes my dick erupt like a volcano. Her voice gives me goosebumps when she tells me to cum for her on her premium snapchat. Her boobs are the most succulent and juiciest boobs I've ever seen and they're NATURAL. That's hard to find now a days. Watching her twerk that big pirate ass in front of the screen makes me wish I had a million 1 dollar bills to throw on that ass, cause this woman is a goddess and will go down as one of the best, if not the best Snapchat premiums ever!" -Wallyyyy9


"Ever since I joined your premium it has always been on point, I really enjoy your shows. You have one of the best premium out here. Always a pleasure watching your premium." -Musicboy304


"Honestly one of the best decisions this year. She's so interactive, and so real. Content is always member requested and she always ticks all of my boxes.." -MsTeddyM


"She's so sexy and enjoys what she does" -Jewelz


"PB has been one of my favorite for a long time. She has huge tits and a big ass. Personally id love to meet her and fuck the shit oit of her. Shes hot and is willing to do more than most premiums are. 100% worth every cent." -MarineBoing


"She's lovely and awesome content always. Never a let down." -Rylo


"A must have premium" -Nascarcwby


"Pirate Booty is a down to earth woman. She always tries to do something everyday. She brings you into her life. She also doesn't do the same thing all the time. She asks for input from the viewer as to what she can do to improve her shows. I have been a premium member for a few months but I absolutely love watching her shows." -B.j.lover


"Piratebooty is just pure perfection. I've been a follower of her Premium for almost A year and no other Premium/naughty snapchats come close to her. Her milf body, voice, playfulness, and overall sexy way about her is enough to buy it. Watching her shows is better than porn because her gyrating hips, squirting, dirty talk, and even end results are just godly. It feels at times like she should charge more because she's so damn amazing but without a doubt, Pirate booty is everything and then some that you want in a Snapchat model.." -Timothy Knight


"She is a beautiful woman and always has a wonderful show daily." -Chris


"Piratebooty is the great premium Snapchat girl I watch her snap every time she post and I watch them multiple times she's so sexy and she's got a great personality that that just makes me want to watch her stuff because I'm having a bad day her snaps make my day a lot better." -Paul


"CaptainOfPB is by far the sexiest southern style snapchat model worth watching shes sweet sexxy she knows how to move just right and when she squirts milk out of her breast its like a major turn on " -gannan1


"This is one sexy milf! I don't regret getting her premium one bit! Nice boobs and ass combo." -ttpau463


"Piratebooty, I rarely write reviews but this girl is so great that I can't stop myself from typing, lol , she puts up stories every day! That's a huge plus and trust me as sexy as she is you will enjoy every minute. She has toys and she uses them in every which way. Shes very engaging, you will feel like its just you and her in the room!!! What more can I say. Get this premium guys You won't regret it!" -Mannyp


"PB USED to have the best premium around. Over the past few months she's drastically gone down hill. I write this review in hopes more do not get scammed by her. She does not post shows anymore. All she does is complain about her life and literally begs for money. It's sad and disgusting. She goes shopping, shows it on her snap and then begs for money to pay bills. Even one day asked for someone to cover her groceries because she was out of food stamps! Just really pathetic. Not sure what's going on with her but she used to be great and now it's a mess." -Sam


"Pirate booty's premium is a shitfest. Always says she's gonna squirt, but never does and then pulls out the "I'm so tired" card..last straw was asking for money to get a room to do a show, how pathetic. And don't worry, I've already removed myself from your shit show. Don't waste your money guys" -Jon


"She is decent. She could be better. She doesn't communicate with any of her members. Well she does with just the ones who waste money on her. I talked to her once and that was just to sign up and she was being really rude about the situation. I would donate if she didn't give us a minimum amount. Like if you want money don't put a certain amount. Let us donate what we want. I just don't like how you ignore a lot of us. If we put you first you should put us first as well." -Malcom


"Amazing body, amazing personality. Very engaging. Absolutely the best premium purchase I've made" -Paul


"What can I say about PirateBooty? OMG!!! AWESOME!!! I love her shows. Her tits are the nicest I've seen in a long time. There's also the added bonus of them being full of milk, which she isn't afraid to squirt or suck from them. Her ass is out of this world. She knows how to twerk and does so often. She uses plugs and fingers her tight ass. Her pussy is the best juiciest pussy I've seen on Snapchat. I would, and do, imagine her pussy lips wrapped around my hard cock all day, even when I'm not on Snapchat. She does themed shows, shower/bath shows, squirt shows, plus girl/girl shows. The only thing I haven't seen her do, or planning to do is girl/guy shows. That doesn't bother me at all. I could care less about seeing a cock inside her, as long as I see her. I have read some reviews that complain about her begging for money. Well, DUH! Guys this is how she makes money to support her daughter and herself. Of course she's going to ask for money. That's the whole point of having a premium. Would you complain at McDonald's about having to pay for the food you just ordered? Then don't complain about a premium model asking for money. Also there were complaints about her shows going downhill and not being as often as they used to be. She has explained the reason several times. She always explains why she didn't do a show or won't be doing one. Life happens and when you have children in your life, they take priority. She always posts when she can, and from what I can tell, is getting to be more often. I'm looking forward to seeing more and more shows." -Billy


"If she put as much effort into asking her members to fix her car, pay her tax bill, buy her vape, her daily Walmart trips as she did into her shows she would have a dynamite premium." -Paul


"Pirate booty I just love to watch all her story's she has an amazing body gorgeous big tits beautiful ass sexy pussy I love it that she has some hair on her pussy , I also love when she cums squirt and milk comes out her big tits she is my dream girl. I dream that she's in my bed nude we role play I lick and eat her out fuck her in her sexy ass then fuck her gorgeous pussy thank you for keeping me Happy I love you😘😍" -Robert


"This woman is amazing in every way possible I enjoy every snap I have seen of hers she has a great amazing body and she has an amazing personality and I believe she enjoys 100% of what she does so what ever anyone says I give her thumbs up 👍 keep doing what your doing piratebooty:)" -Ruben


"Pirate, stop complaining about the bad reviews here. They are bad reviews because your premium is bad. You never post. Yeah you do beg for money. Don't worry I will remove myself. After saying you were going to girl on girl if someone bought you a hotel room, and then putting on the most lame girl girl show, I stopped calling myself a fan. It's a mess. Get your stuff together. Thanks for nothin" -Unkown


 "I got her premium and I haven't seen any of her shows and emailed her and no response. She takes your money and then doesn't give you a show.  I don't if I would get it again if I had a choice" -anon 


RESPONSE FROM PREMIUM MODEL:  "Hey all, it's Pirate here. I just wanted to calm and collectively write a few words to fans, members, non members, and future members. As the creator of the website states, "Honesty is welcomed, but don't be overly rude..." I don't want my members to be unhappy, and I want to keep an open line of communication. Over time the number of members I have had grown significantly. This makes it difficult for me to communicate with each and every one of my members. Also, there are certain priorities Premium Snap Models, and myself have. For me, my child, my life, and my premium snap, in that order, are my priorities. Unfortunately "shit happens" and there have been times, and lengths of times, where I wasn't able to post, or post an explanation. For that, I most certainly owe an apology. I'm sorry. For those who think I'm not posting because they haven't seen anything, please remember that most models only post a few times a week, even the ones who charge really high prices, and are well known. When I first started, and for a little over a year I posted every single day. Which is very unusual. I worked myself to death. Each post lasts 24 hours, and if I post a show tonight, take off tomorrow and you missed that show, it doesn't mean I didn't post anything. It means you didn't watch my snap when I did post. My goal is to entertain, and maintain my members interest. I failed to meet that goal for a little while, and am aware of my slack. But don't count me out. I'm still here and I'm working my ass off to ensure everyone stays happy! Both on my free snap anf my premium! I'm not going anywhere. I would never just drop off the face of the planet. I love y'all and thank you for your honesty. Xoxo, Pirate" 


RESPONSE FROM PREMIUM MODEL: "Hey all- hey PSR! So good news for all! But this makes me look like a moron. It turns out I had the Who Can View My Story settings ACCIDENTALLY set to CUSTOM when it should have been set to MY FRIENDS. That explains why so many people were unable to seer my shows. I am a complete moron for not realizing this. But it makes me feel better about your comments here because none of it was my not posting!!! XoXo I still love you all" 


 "I was a follower until she started crying because she wants people to pay her bills and then drunkenly posted her ***** with suggestive comments. Immideate unfollow." -Anon



 "If you like big butts and cannot lie, then you need to check out piratebooty. I joined the free snap and thought she had a sexy smile and a nice body so I checked out her Twitter feed. I saw that for Halloween she pained her ass like a pumpkin and I was hooked. It is a sight to see, it's just gorgeous to see in motion or just sitting there. Love her tits, makes me thirsty when she starts squirting milk. She misses posting some days because life happens to us all and she's human and real which just makes when she comes back all that much better. She's got all the curves real men like and when she does a show she puts her all into it. Do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself.." -Los


 "awesome shows great personality. Would like for her to look at my pics I send more" -Aaron


 "Best premium snap I have she's attractive suuuuper sexy, big ass, big boobs always active ..very friendly..she replies back..which is great ..if I ever need to distress I go straight to her story on SC and let loose if you know what I mean *wink*wink* lol I have nothing bad to say about piratebooty ...there's so much good to say about her and what she does.. I don't regret spending the small fee for her premium SC ..what she charges VS what you get is a no brainer...she's amazing to put it as simple as possible she's freaking AMAZING." -Alphachris


 "the only thing that'll make her premium perfect is b/g. Shes the best, highly sharing and the most PERFECT body" -Vauclan


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