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Written: Dec 2020 -TPR

Best Aesthetics/Visuals Award

☆Winner: 3Tokes☆

Read the review and you'll see how much I talked about how legendary 3Tokes is. I felt that the somewhat long superhero-esque backstory that I wrote in it, was necessary to explain my excitement in discovering that my internet crush was now doing XXX content on Snap- the very platform where I first discovered her and the platform that I dig the most. In the review I mentioned being a bit apprehensive that her content wouldn't be good but she superseded any expectations and crushed any doubts I had- and has continued to put out some of the best shows ever committed to Snapchat. 


Even though she excels in a bunch of aspects, it's the look, aesthetics and style of her HD quality shows is what I particularly want to highlight and give her the award for. The obvious time she takes to make her shows is evident in her snaps, from the backdrop to the costumes and even to her placing more of an emphasis on 'the real' than on the overuse and abuse of filters, which often degrades the overall quality.

She recently mentioned doing more, 'everyday life' posts mixed in to the story which was something that I mentioned that I'd love to see her do in her review- so was super happy when she did. Just before starting a show she took us on a mini tour of where she records in her abode and showed the effort she takes in preparing the theme and necessary wardrobe/makeup to make it come alive. We also got glimpses of her extensive toy selection and camera set up. Also I loved the bong washing demo she did, which hearkened back to old 3Tokes type content- she's always had a knack for filming, presenting and relaying information in a exciting, interesting and relatable way- in both her screen presence and visual presentation. In another life she would've been a host and producer on a TV show. Even promo for her snap is super creative and even though I'm a member, I still like to watch it.


She has a natural eye and understanding of what quality content creating is and that even transfers to the group premium that she created and curates, The Perfect 10.  She recruits a variety of different models but all have similar aesthetics and a desire to make quality content that has value. 


Best Snap Scene Award

☆Winner: Blue Smoke☆

I could've chosen a bunch of different scenes from Blue and I mentioned some of my favs, in her review here. She's great at both role-playing and the more naturalistic couple type shows which is definitely my preference when it comes to porn in general.

Some of the first shows I saw from Blue and her partner had this intimate and realistic style, making her premium one of my go to's.


The scene I chose to pick was the 'Ricky and Morty' one that I described in the review. No, it wasn't them role-playing as the cartoon characters, the TV show just happened to be playing in the background, whilst they were making their own show. Sometimes, amateur performers shoot intimate scenes that are shot too intimately- i.e. poor lighting and shaky cameras... but Blue and her partner always shoot such scenes perfectly. In this one, POV style was used well with the lighting coming via the TV, illuminating the room enough so that it remained warm and intimate but also enough to see everything in HQ, from Blue's gorgeous face to her juicy rump repeatedly backing into him. Add in the real couple dialogue and interaction, and it was definitely a standout scene for me. 


Best Interaction Award

☆Winner: Sasha Gibson☆

Sasha is probably the most quirky and eccentric of all the model/performers that I've ever encountered. This probably lends itself to her being great at interacting with subscribers. When getting a premium, I've never really opted for the additional option of extra interaction because its not something I look for, but due to her being great with it on the lower tier that i joined on, coupled with some sexy shows, I did upgrade. Its always refreshing when a model advertises something they do, then actually follows through with it and in Sasha's case it seems to be something that she actually enjoys doing too and not just something listed, to attract customers. 

I mentioned in more detail, what makes Sasha's interaction great in her featured review here. She also unfortunately or fortunately sometimes has trouble sleeping so, no matter the timezone, you'll probably always be able to catch her and have a convo with her. 


Lifetime Means Lifetime Award

This is to celebrate some of the models who have sold a 'lifetime' access to their premium accounts years ago and are still cool enough to post and communicate on there.

I figure that 80% of lifetimes that I've bought have ended for different reasons. 

  • Sometimes due to deletions and the technical issues that Snapchat sometimes has (but what platform doesn't)

  • Some jump to the newest platform fad 

  • Or some decide to leave adult work completely- due to achieving a financial objective or just for personal reasons. 

Another reason seems to be caused by not receiving reoccurring money from selling lifetime access, even though platforms have existed to facilitate reoccurring payments. Part of the problem of selling one offs is having members not tipping or not buying extra content but still feeling entitled, years or even months down the line, to full on shows and interaction for access that was bought for relatively cheap. When a model goes to a different platform and doesn't even promote a snap account anymore but is still cool enough to post something, that entitlement is even less justified. I mentioned in a write-up here as to some of the reasons why OF became popular and the easy tipping and the sometimes exaggerated expectation to have a large regular income from it, was part of it.

That's why I've always been vocal about tipping, purchasing from wishlists or buying additional content from the performers that are good and you like, more so if its a lifetime snap because that's also an incentive to keep them on the platform. 


I've noticed the models who have kept it fall into different groups. 

  • Some have either kept it for the love of the platform and understand the special thing that Snapchat brings and didn't just use it because it was the current popular platform to use.

  • Some to honour what they sold their product/service as.

  • And others who no longer post but keep it to retain their list of buyers and only post to advertise the new platform. 


Here is a couple of the Lifetime models that I have the privilege of still being a part of their premium snap accounts. 


☆Winner: Jenna Tsukino☆

This lady has been on muse level for me ever since I saw her on a snap takeover. She has a crush causing beauty and aura that hasn't faded for me. 

Initially got the lifetime, tipping and buying wishlist stuff when I could but eventually bought a subscription via FC too. A yearly subscription to her snap is super affordable and like most models currently, she recently joined Onlyfans but hasn't abandoned her snap. 

These days she mainly posts model like selfies that should be on the cover of one of those indie fashion magazine and intimate homely snaps, that I love. Like a show when she was just cooking with her back to the camera, showing off her gorgeous butt. 

She has always been into cosplay, especially paying sexy homages to anime characters. Speaking of anime, with the semi recent popularity of models all doing the Aheago face (a sexy and exaggerated orgasm face from the world of Anime), something which has been sort of popularised by a Youtuber-cum-adult performer, Belle Delphine; I realised that I personally first saw it done years ago by Jenna, at the time I didn't realise it was an actually thing with a name and just knew that it was sexy as fuck when she did it. 

When she occasionally gets into the explicit stuff it's still super hot and more than worth the price of entry. And her voice is still one of the sexiest voices you will ever hear. 

Check out her early featured review here.


☆Winner: Katy Churchill☆

Katy is one of those people that if you don't like, I don't trust you. Her snaps are entertaining, and she possesses an authentic humour that is even more funny when she doesn't realise that a particular thing she says or does is funny. Katy also gives great insights into what a working model does and the many ways in which she gets paid, plus shows some behind the scenes of content she films or edits and always in her entertaining way.

She too has an Onlyfans but posts some of her replays of her classic and super sexy shows and pics, some of which I described in her snap review here, plus we still get to see her sexy and entertaining shower shows live and she almost has her boobs out during her everyday type snaps. Lewis her cat is equally as entertaining and should be placed in the same lineage as other famous animals like, Felix, Mr Bigglesworth, Lassie, Spuds Mackenzie, Beethoven, Garfield etc. 

☆Winner: Venus O' Rickmon☆

Being cute as fuck and having a truly Goddess physicality and aura is not a thing that can really be faked. The aptly titled, Venus a.k.a Harlot Quinn effortlessly finds that balance. She can ask you to send her memes of kittens and in the next snap request payment for her food without it being a reach.

Built like an Amazonian Goddess with a body that guarantees hardness, but also armed with a smile that softens the heart, Venus has been and is a premium snapper that has been great since I joined and especially needed in 2020.

Read her full review here.

Lifetime Achievement Award

☆Winner: Allyson☆

This has to go to the artist formally known as 5ucia, now more commonly known as Allyson. Could have put it her in the Lifetime Means Lifetime award, the interactive award and best scenes award too, but that's greedy. 

Allyson is on the Mount Rushmore of Premium Snap models and the best analogy, for me, would be to compare her to Ice Cube… hear me out.

Cube made two certified classic projects back to back, three if you count the third- something which not many artists can claim to have done- plus all the classic material he made during his time with NWA. He could make all the, Are We Done Yet films or potentially make numerous sub par albums but still be solidified as one of the greatest to have done it in hip-hop. He's on the hip-hop mount Rushmore. 


And the same has to be said for Allyson. The content that she managed to make on Snapchat before the platform made it slightly easier by introducing the memories feature, was outstanding and the content she made after its introduction, only pushed her creativity higher. 

As she's transitioned into more of a different type of business woman, with currently two online businesses, (one which has already been nominated for an award) adult content has understandably, slightly taken a backseat. She still has a Snap account that is pretty much solely for her OG members though, where she provides daily entertaining snaps with the occasional NSFW content mixed in. She also recently introduced an additional GF experience extra, for those who want a bit more.

Being forever the creative, she once previewed something that she made on the current new popular platform, TikTok, that reminded me of the super creative way she would be able to make content on a platform like Snapchat when it was in its infancy too. She seems to be able to see and push these platforms in different and creative ways.

Also, she's one of the best storytellers and providers of everyday life snaps, whether its something happy or not so happy, she has always been super cool and open- just as much as she is sexy and gorgeous. 


Long Live Allyson aka 5ucia, THE Digital Girlfriend. 


Huge thanks to all the models mentioned here. When my millions come in, I'll tip you and some others not listed here with the amounts you truly deserve- but for now I'll keep tipping and supporting in whatever and whenever I can. 


Wishing you all a Happy New Year!







Written: NOV 2021 -TPR

This year, I’m just gonna list my top 5 premium snap models.

☆☆☆ 3Tokes ☆☆☆

Somehow Ms. Tokes keeps getting better. Her shows, her ass, her thighs… literally everything!

Check out her review here

(Updated review coming soon)

☆☆☆ Samby ☆☆☆

So happy to have cum across this sexy lady and perv over her exhibitionist snaps.

Check out her review here

☆☆☆ Blue Smoke ☆☆☆

Everything I wrote about Blue in the last list and in her review, still hold true and with the BBL she recently had, doggystyle is gonna look even more epic.

Check out her review here

(Updated review coming soon)

☆☆☆ Bear Naked ☆☆☆

Even with the shitty year she had, for her to still be sexy, funny, candid, and upbeat whenever she posts, is a good reason why she’s on here.

(Featured review coming soon)

☆☆☆ Katy Churchill ☆☆☆

Like a couple of others I think Katy will forever be on my yearly list. Perfect combo of interesting, sexy and funny.

Check out her review here

Thank you to all the models here for your hard work and for sharing your sexy selves and time with your fans and supporters. Hope you have a great and successful new year!

Also, RIP to Sasha Gibson, I hope you are finally at peace. Thoughts and prayers with family and friends who personally knew her.




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