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Celebrity Guest Tape




I’ve always liked watching content in the arena of voyeur/exhibitionism- everything from real hidden footage of women opening the door naked to unsuspecting delivery guys to porn featuring CFNM type content where guys bus’ off in front of women.

As I was looking to do some reviews outside of Premium Snap and since this site is in the area of what I like, I figured a great place to start is with the Celebrity Guest Tape website.


The whole premise is that they primarily get well known IG models and famous internet influencers to be interviewed, while having performers smash in close proximity to them.

The guy who made this platform, Herc Hefner, has rightfully given props to Uncle Luke who kinda pioneered this style in the 90’s when he interviewed famous rappers while people engaged in sexual acts really close to them- Jay-Z probably being one of the most famous to appear on the show. One of the episodes on the Guest Tape maybe purposely pays homage to that by having another NY rapper, Don Q, get interviewed. Although in his episode, he was more involved than Hov, acting as a director to the ladies for part of the video. CGT is also reminiscent of the site Kay’s Planet, in terms of someone being interviewed in front of a performer/adult actor.


Almost every episode has Herc conducting the interviews off camera (think VladTV) while the camera is focused on the interviewee, but when the performers emerge, the camera captures both the person being interviewed as well as the action going on behind or to the side of them- all in the same frame. In some videos there is a second camera which mainly just films the sex and that footage is also added in. 


The questions from Herc mostly take on a sexual theme, “…last time you had sex?”, “do you squirt?” etc. He also can suggest things to the guest to possibly further her involvement with the performing couple.


There is also behind the scenes or bonus material included- sometimes inserted at the end of a video or as a separate video entirely.

The Types of Guests

The best guests, to me, are the ones in the following points 1 and 2


1) The ladies who have never really displayed a strong or overtly sexual persona outside of this and even claim they very rarely watch porn. These ones aren’t looking to get involved with the performers performing and have never witnessed something like this in real time. The voyeur/exhibitionist side of me loves watching a persons reaction to nudity and/or sexual acts and that is usually better displayed with someone who is relatively outside of the adult content world. I love watching a guest sneak glances at the couple or have nervous giggles while still trying to answer the questions coming at them from Herc.

Guest examples: Jvlie Santana, Chela, Mrs.B


2) This guest is similar to the first but they are bit more comfortable or have liquid courage and will do something like grab the performer’s cock or allow him to grab their ass- and are just more interactive with the performers. In a scene with Gigi Diamond, an IG model, Herc asked if a cock like that required 2 hands and when she eventually got what he was implying, she grabbed the remaining inches to show it was actually a four hander.

She also shared a few seconds of a private sex tape she had on her phone and towards the end of the Guest Tape video, she spat on the performer’s cock just before he climaxed.


Sometimes these guests can also be performers themselves but won't partake in any of the shenanigans on the Guest Tape cameras.

Guest examples: Gigi Diamond, Mrs Juicee, Shay Brown


3a) This one is usually where he brings in an actually performer to perform. The first type is an unknown performer like a lady he filmed called Elle or a more recognised one like Angelina Deep.

They shoot a few minutes of purely sex content with no interviews but some talking and directing from Herc. In one scene Herc instructed the model to never look at the camera, only her partner, That's something I agree with too, unless its a POV style shoot, no looking into the cam.

These vids I feel are something Herc might do to add more content to the site or maybe just to get his directing shit off or possibly to introduce new girls to the scene- but its not what I'm personally there for... but to be fair there are only a few videos like that, the vast majority stick to brand.

Guest examples: Elle, Angelina Deep

3b) The other type is one where Herc will interview a guest performer while they are fucking. This is definitely my preferred, out of the two, and some great videos have been made.

Guest examples:  Thikk Stoner, Liz Santana, Mone Divine, Jeyla Spice


The voyeuristic aspect of CGT is what I want to see but I don't think all of the sites subscribers' share my views. On the CGT IG I saw comments where they seem to just want every guest to smash- but I feel that the original premise of the site may be lost on them. It will be interesting to see if Herc decides to cater more to those who solely want the guests to fuck but I hope if he does, it's more kept to the interview style and not just regular porn type videos. And hopefully guests '1' and '2' still get brought on to the show.

Return Guests

There have been some re-occurring guests, like PR Dime and guests like Mrs B returning as interviewers, when male guests come on. There was a great episode when Jeyla returned to join the featured guest, Mz Dani- and they, with the house performer, got into a threeway.


Some other guests need to be brought back too. I really want to see DamnHomie return. She is arguably one of the more famous (non- performers) that have been on the site and it was disappointing to only see her on there with 2 ladies with her giving minimal interaction with them. I want to see her more out of her potential comfort zone, in a boy/girl performing scenario and witness her reaction to that. Her and Penny Lee were partly the reasons why I initially subscribed, as they are notable IG figures who are not really associated with the porn world. They have an OnlyFans - but since the lockdown who doesn’t? - and from what I gather, they are like most influencers on OF, they show very little on there. Anything explicit that is shown, their faces will not be in the same frame, so seeing them in this type of context was great and Herc definitely needs to run it back with them again…. and some of my favourites to be listed in the last segment.​


Some Issues

Videos sometimes end abruptly or are seemingly incomplete, some may be from the performer losing wood and I think some of them are left as cliffhangers for a potential part 2 in the future. On more recent videos, it is either announced or written that there will be a part two. Earlier videos don't and for these earlier videos, the length of time that has passed from the posting of the vid, in some cases 2 years, it wouldn’t make sense for a part two- so I think most have just ended the way they ended, for whatever reason.

Some of the ladies performing in the background are sexy as fuck and in some cases stole the show, so I wish their IG’s or Twitter handles were included on the screen.

Some Personal Favs

  • Mrs Juicee episode is a great video. She is hot and it was also a complete scene, with the camera man in the perfect position to capture her watching as the dude finished on his co-performers face. She was also talking to the performers and continually observing the action. 

  • Solu Lucci was a great guest and the scene took a surprising turn… also with a continued part 2 later on

  • Penny Lee was had a great Guest Tape, she touched the performers, seemed super enthused and answered questions really well… maybe a little too well. At some point I thought she was saying the right stuff to maybe entice people to her OnlyFans, but maybe it was all true… regardless it was still a good video. I feel that the pop shot at the end was manufactured but if it was real, it was hot seeing Penny rub it into the female performer.

  • Juu Jitsu was also a great guest, very sexy and great at interacting with the performers and answering questions.

  • The video with Thikk Stoner was very hot. I love how she struggled to answer questions, from the time the male talent started undressing her and even worse when they started going at it.

  • Rabi Yamilet may have one of the greatest asses to appear on the show. She was a great guest, participating and interacting with the performers (who were also great) and even allowed the guy to finish on her cheeks when he politely asked.

To quote a guest, MinxRated, "..this is voyeurism at it's finest"

 (Nov '21)

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