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Model's Social Account:

Twitter- EmelebTweets

Instagram- Emeleb

Model's Country: USA


Emeleb's got girl-next-door, glamour-model, and pornstar vibes all rolled into one. She has perky well-sized breasts, a shapely booty with dimples, and is always clean-shaved. If you're familiar with her Instagram, that's really only the beginning. Her OnlyFans takes it up a few more levels.

She runs her OF herself, and runs it WELL. So when you're chatting on DM, you know you're talking with her. She does it as a hobby, so I really give her credit for how much content she puts out, how consistent she's been for 3+ years, and her responsiveness.

She posts picture sets of 15-40 pics, pretty much twice a week. They're DSLR camera-style shots, with an occasional selfie set thrown in. So on average, each month, you get ~275 high quality pics. She excels at themed photoshoots where she finds a new place, a new outfit, and strips down to full nude over a series of pics. Outdoors, indoors, and all kinds of setups - she basically has done and will do anything there is, and her smile is so infectious, she must be having fun doing it! The nude pic sets are on her main subscription feed. Literally thousands of HQ pics.

Emeleb has a menu to buy PPV content, including XXX videos, picture sets, and some merch. I've bought quite a few and am never dissapointed. Each item has a preview pic and a description, and I've found that she often "outperforms" her descriptions if you get what I mean. Videos range from a few minutes to almost twenty minutes, are 1080p, and have a professional production quality but still maintain the approachable character of personal/amateur porn. Her PPV content is varied - intimate bedroom/couch scenes, outdoors exhibitionism, large group sex scenes at a movie theatre(!) - and all seem to be with different costars. From my experience, you get what you pay for with her PPV content. The higher priced videos tend to be longer and more erotic, so it seems like Emily has a good feeling for the value her subs are looking for.

She is responsive in answering personal DMs, and she really only sends messages to all subs when there's new PPV content or when there's a sale. She also sends a monthly batch of XXX pics to all auto renew subscribers, so I tend to keep mine on and I keep a lookout for PPV sales.

I highly enjoy and recommend Emeleb's OnlyFans, especially if you're looking for a gal who is genuine, fun, and sexy as hell.

-Brian (Jul 2023)


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