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The 2 'Premiums'

by Gerd Altman

Written: Jul 2020 -PSR 

It's a pretty unspoken fact that a Lifetime Premium Snapchat doesn't really mean lifetime. Or doesn't it...

I've encountered models that have offered Lifetime Snaps, they later announce (or most times don't announce)  their retirement and then return with a new lifetime snap a few months down the line when Christmas or their birthday is around the corner. That to me is kinda foul. It's a different scenario if you're account is deleted due to  continuously getting reported by a bitter member or model in your account. The reason that most don't make a reoccuring Snap is because they want to quickly make as much as they can in the shirtest amount of time- once thats been accomplished they abandon the account and reamerge when funds are low.


For some models, it seems that they do take the word Lifetime more literally and I feel that they fall into two camps.

One type is an exhibitionist who likes to show off their sexuality in their spare time 

and hopefully they garner a loyal fanbase who will buy outside content that they may provide or tip them when they can. These are the models that I want to praise in this here little piece- and although I've tipped during my time on their premiums or bought content, I want to make a point of tipping the ones I mention today.

by Oberholster Venita