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Guest Article by Allyson


"My Snap Story"

Allyson @digitalgirlfriend  premium snapchat

Allyson, is a model, content creator and also a creator of two sites Succexxxful and DailyNoods. 

She is, to me, one of those who have set the bar high when it comes to making content on Snap. If you've been cool enough to check out my previous articles and reviews, I've tried to explain why I love this platform for my adult viewing and why, with the right model, it can't really be replicated anywhere else. (See here)

Allyson shares her experiences of using the platform and why she still uses it till this day.


Many thanks to Allyson for taking the time to do this, much appreciated. -PSR

Written: Aug 2020 -Allyson

When I started selling my “premium snapchat” in 2014 it was completely new to me. I did a takeover for an Inked Angels account and someone DMed me asking if I had a premium. Once I figured out what that was, I was alllll over it. At the time I was stripping only and this was a great way to supplement my income. Personally, it was the perfect tool to test out if the online adult world was for me. Fast forward to now and I am still on my Snapchat almost everyday with most of the same people from ‘14. I had the opportunity to create a following that supported me in other places like ManyVids and MyFreeCams.


As a content creator I feel like Snapchat is an essential part of connecting with your fans. In this age we all love that one on one attention and this is a great way to deliver that. Sadly in 2016 when they changed the layout and started to compete with Instagram stories I did notice a decline in usage, but not enough to rule out premium snap all together. Places like Fancentro are still thriving and takeover pages still exist! They are just a lot harder to keep up with since deletion is much more rapid than it once was.


The availability for anyone to create and sell a premium snapchat has caused more of an issue than I feel most of us were prepared for. Piracy became easier on snapchat, so if I was to continue putting out original content I would watermark the fuck out of it. OnlyFans and webcamming is also at an all time high thanks to COVID-19, so now everyone has these things to offer their fans. Not saying there is anything wrong with that, but you need to make sure you clarify what it is you are purchasing as a fan. As a model, clarifying what you offer is essential for someone to purchase. For some it is an intense XXX experience, for others just a place to hang out and post an occasional topless pic on vacation.


Websites like these (Premium Snap Reviews) are a great place to start when you’re curious about making or purchasing a premium snapchat. Since retiring from the industry I have been working on a new website that focuses on free promotion for models adult content - like their Fancentro page! For the consumer this is the best way to verify the model you’re interested in and not loose money to a scammer. Check us out at! For the models, if you would like your own profile submit an application today!

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