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Tantaly _ The Premium Reviewer

Interview with Bayesia Nash

Bayesia Nash _ The Premium Reviewer

Twitch is notoriously difficult for newer streamers to gain viewership. Many never get to a point where you can pursue it full time.

Some time last year, Twitch recommended Bayesia's stream and I checked it out. Since then I've seen the steady growth as she successfully gains more and more concurrent viewers as well as subs and donations. 

I feel that a lot of that comes from her great ability to speak and engage well with her viewers, on a bunch of topics. I think I once told her, on stream, that I often have her on in the background like a podcast or more so like those old call in radio shows - depending on the type of content she's streaming that day.

Engaging with her audience is a big part but she also makes it interactive in other ways, from her unique take on ban appeals to the BeanBoozled game she plays with donators.

Yes, she is very sexy and has a couple of massive attractions that I'm sure help to bring in viewers, but there are a lot of models who have similar physical attributes but are not doing what Bayesia is doing. In a time of increased and normalised sexuality, I feel that it takes more than just titillation to sustain a fanbase, espeially on Twitch; the fans who want to stay for the SFW content and conversations. The same also applies to NSFW content too, personality and a genuine affability go a long way to keeping an audience/subscribers. 

I am excited to have a conversation with Bayesia, on the differences and parallels of working within both sides of online content creation.

(Mar' 2023)

The Premium Reviewer: What was your job or field, prior to working online?


Bayesia Nash: Before I became Bayesia Nash, I'd had a mixed career. I worked in retail and admin but spent most of that time in manufacturing and management. The last job I had was running a major factory. It was challenging and I was good at it, but I was excited to have the chance to walk away from it and do my own thing instead!

TPR: From looking at the time you first uploaded to Pornhub, it seems to be around the time that the lockdown was in full effect.

Was that the catalyst for you to start making adult content or was it something that you would have pursued at some point anyway?

Bayesia: It's funny looking back at it, but I used to have really low body-confidence. A friend bet me that if I started posting online, people would really like what they saw... I was sceptical, but lost the bet and won at life. I didn't plan to start because of the lockdown, but it was perfect timing.


TPR: I guess a similar question would apply to you and Twitch.

Was live streaming on Twitch something that you always wanted to do too? Also with you being an avid gamer, when you first started streaming, were you able to get an audience from gaming or did you have to build to that, from Just Chatting?


Bayesia: Twitch wasn't even on my radar. The only reason I made an account was because my Tarkov group wanted to try streaming, and I was curious about it. I like figuring tech things out. So I downloaded OBS and started playing around just to see what was involved, then tried streaming myself. I wanted to understand how streams work and what I liked and didn't like in other streams so I started watching, and found a few amazing channels that I still watch to this day. Twitch has become a huge part of my life, even when I'm not live.

I streamed Tarkov for a few weeks with my friends, but then my laptop couldn't handle the workload anymore, and I tried a few other games. I realised I liked streaming for myself and the interaction with other people in real time. One month after my first stream, I gathered the courage to try a Just Chatting stream, and drew so many people in [that] I was able to hit affiliate that day. It was a rush but for the first few months it would take me a long time to just hit the "Start Streaming" button as I was so shy/nervous about it.


Since then I've split my time between chatting and gaming but my audience sticks around for me, not necessarily the current game that I'm showcasing. I've become far more comfortable in front of people and I realised that the boost to my income from Twitch opened opportunities I hadn't considered before.

Bayesia Nash _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: I mentioned in the intro how hard it is for new streamers to gain repeat and consistent viewers and why I personally think you've managed to be successful in doing so.

But what do you attribute to you doing as well as you are?


Bayesia: By watching other streams, I realised that, as a viewer, I liked a streamer who was hugely interactive with their chat. Someone who was just naturally entertaining, even if they weren't great at the game they were playing etc. And so I've always made an effort to engage with everyone and really get to know them; that also helped me feel more comfortable online because I knew my regulars so well and it was very casual to be live and hang out with them. It became something I'd look forward to.

I'm well aware that the cleavage is definitely a draw to get people to click on my stream in the first place, but it's me that keeps people coming back instead of clicking on the next big titty streamer. I'm calm and knowledgeable about a lot of niche topics that I can discuss for hours and people feel comfortable hanging out with me. I avoid drama as much as possible. I also try to make my stream titles stand out with nerdy/niche jokes to give people an idea of my personality when they're cruising Twitch. I never expected to do as well as I have, but I'm grateful people gave me a chance and stuck around stream after stream.


TPR: I know you also just mentioned being shy to stream at first but have you always been a good speaker and conversationalist in general, or did you discover and develop this through streaming?


Bayesia: I think I was ok as a conversationalist, but only with people I was comfortable with. Being on stream meant I had to learn new skills, especially since it's 100% up to me to keep the flow of conversation going if no one is talking, or people are bringing up topics I don't want to get into like politics or really depressing convos. Stream is a bit like radio - dead air kills your content. So I learned to have topics and ideas ready before I went live so that if I didn't know what to talk about I could jump to that instead. And as I've gone on it's just gotten easier as I learn to improvise and be flexible. The upside of streaming is I no longer have to worry about being interrupted or trying to find the flow of the convo where I can add my thoughts.

As for being a good speaker, that's definitely improved over time on stream through practice.

Bayesia Nash _ The Premium Reviewer
Bayesia Nash _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: Would you say Twitch has been a better funnel and proponent to getting people to sign up to your OnlyFans or was/is it more so PornHub? Or do they just work well in tandem?


Bayesia: Pornhub was great at first, but when it was demonitized by Visa and Mastercard I stopped posting there entirely. I still get people finding my OF through it so I left it up.

I don't view Twitch as advertising my other sites though. Sure, guys are gonna see me there and do some google-fu to find my spicy stuff but Twitch is its own thing and a huge part of my community there isn't interested in my porn at all. They like having a conversation with a woman who shares their nerdy interests about books, movies and video games. The advantage to Twitch is that it provides another revenue stream on its own, and I get to talk and play games that I enjoy anyway. So in a sense I'm monetizing my free time while meeting really cool people at the same time.

A lot of the real advertising is through Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter. My IG alone has double the followers that I do on Twitch.



TPR: A few of your videos on PH saw you take on a dominant role.

Is that fun for you to act out and is it reflective of you in real life? Or are you a switch or more generally submissive?


Bayesia: It's fun for me to act out, but I'm open to playing out various types of fantasies. I've discovered a few that are really fun like SPH that I had no idea about when I started. I think my biggest turn-on is seeing how fired up I can get my partner, and I'm willing to play with different kinks to find out what really sets them off. I think I would be more of a switch though. Sometimes I like to take charge; sometimes I just want to be pounded into the mattress.


TPR: A common question you always get is, 'are you single?' So much so, that the answer, as well as others, is now pinned in your chat room. To those that don't know the answer is yes.

Can fans of your boy-girl videos still expect more of that type of content from you soon? Also, could you see yourself ever collabing with other performers, guys or women?

Bayesia: Exactly. As I've mentioned on Twitch etc, I have friends with benefits so I'm not tied down. I'm currently enjoying my freedom.

But as far as boy-girl content goes, I'd love to film more but it's actually difficult finding people who are willing to be on camera. In my experience men tend to talk a big game and then not follow through. As to performers that's tough - there's a lot of unknowns and risks to something like that, and getting the paperwork/verification for other people can be a hassle on various fansites.

Bayesia Nash _ The Premium Reviewer
Bayesia Nash _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: I was going to ask what can people except on your OF but you are one of the few who properly list exactly what to find on there.

So is there anything else you plan to do on there, that you don't currently do now? And aside from anything that’s against OnlyFans TOS, is there anything that you don’t particularly want/like to do?

Bayesia: Later this year I'm hoping to move to a bigger place and have a private room to stream/make content in. That's going to make it much easier for me to provide more extras, such as more frequent sexting. More customs. Possibly even live vid calls. Right now I'm streaming and working from my living room, and OF has rules about not allowing animals in the background - so every time I get naked I have to round up 3 cats and lock them up, then grab sexy outfits and toys from my room. Having more privacy and everything together will just make it that much easier to have naked fun. Ideally I'd like to work on adding more B/G content too.

Content I'm not comfortable with is anything to do with bodily fluids unrelated to sex. That's a turn-off. And while I'm happy to be labelled a milf, I'm not comfortable with "step-mom" content if the other party is skewed as too young.

TPR: We both agreed that a part of your success comes from your natural ability to engage with your audience and I’m sure this applies to your fansite too.

As you continue to grow, do you think it may become harder to talk to your fans? And even though you DON’T do this, do you think you could ever hire a person to handle your messages/run your account - as is becoming more common place?


Bayesia: I hope not. I've had my subscriber count fluctuate a bit, and at the upper limit I was spending a few hours a day talking to fans, and checking in with them, but I managed it. I think if it got to a point past that, I'd probably start replying to people less frequently a day but still do my best to get 1 reply out daily. I hate the idea of hiring someone to DM for me, as the entire point of a fansite is to have that personal contact with the person you subscribe to.


I'd rather hire people to help me with other things, such as meal prep and grocery delivery than to hire someone to take over any aspect of the work I do. I've always been genuine. What you see is what you get, and hiring someone else would completely destroy everything I've worked for.


Tantaly _ The Premium Reviewer


TPR: That’s a great thing to hear and adds to the reason why you have a growing fan base.

I remember watching one of your 1st IRL streams when you and your kid both went to Niagara Falls.

Do you plan to have more IRL streams and is it hard navigating the potential of being recognised, as you get more well known?


Bayesia: I'd like to do more IRL streams. I need to get onto a more reasonable schedule to actually get out during the day more and stream for that to happen. I'm still on a night shift schedule, which works for most of what I do, but not if I want to go adventuring. I'm not really concerned about being recognized. I'm on Twitch and Onlyfans. Nobody who's not on those platforms knows anyone on there; it's not like I'm a movie star or something. Also, whenever I'm streaming IRL I have a team in the background that you don't see so I'm not too worried about it.

Bayesia Nash _ The Premium Reviewer
Beyasia Nash _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: You semi-recently shouted out your sister, a SFX makeup artist.

How many siblings do you have and are they all in equally creative fields?


Bayesia: Yes! My sister, 10_shock, works in film, and she's incredibly talented. Everyone should check her out and see the cool shit she builds - she does special make-up effects like gore/trauma, she makes fake dead bodies that look like the actors and can transform people into a lot of different things like monsters or aliens. She recently started streaming on Twitch, and has her portfolio on Insta (@10.shock) . Warning for FAKE gore if you check her out. But she has worked on a lot of big TV shows like Reacher, Chucky, Hannibal and The Boys.


As to the rest of my family, it's a complicated situation. I'm a ch1ld of divorce so my siblings aren't a straightforward story. They're not all in creative fields but they all have their own creative outlets. However, they also really enjoy their privacy so I think I'll leave it at that.

Bayesia Nash _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: Outside of good conversations, your streams are also presented in a super entertaining way - things like the fun way you do ban appeals or providing a 'previously on…' segment, for your games, before you continue to play it.

Do you plan to extend your brand to making more curated or scripted content on YouTube or elsewhere? (I think you currently only post your live streams on YouTube)


Bayesia: Thank you! I'm glad you appreciate what I do in my streams. And I don't know about scripted content - I'm a horrible actor. I can't plan and memorise lines and deliver them without appearing robotic. It's much better if I have an idea of what I'm going to talk about and just go with it. And that fits with what I do because what I'm offering on OF and elsewhere is a genuine person. Not someone completely polished and smooth, like you'd see on pro YT vids etc.


But I would like to experiment more with short form vids like TikTok etc as I get more ideas and time for it.

Bayesia Nash _ The Premium Reviewer

Major thank you to Bayesia for the great insight into being a Twitch and adult creator. Readers, please do a kindness to yourself and peruse through all of Bayesia's links  HERE, to see all of her online content. 

Bayesia Nash _ The Premium Reviewer



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