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Interview with Michelle Moist

Michelle Moist

I had the pleasure of having my first Q&A with one of my all time favourite adult performers, Michelle Moist. 

PSR: You've worked for most, if not all of the biggest companies in porn- in the UK, Europe and the US. Did you always have a plan to stop doing mainstream porn relatively early and has modern technology allowed for you to become more fully independent?


Michelle: Yes and no. I always wanted to do my own thing. When I started out I didn't know things would advance in the way that they have so it's just partly using what you've got available and making the most of it.


PSR: Being a fan of yours for all these years, aside from you being naturally gorgeous and having a great bum, your voice and how you speak is what really attracted me to you. Did you realise early on that you had a knack for it and is that part of the reason why you do phone sex work and adult TV presenting? (I think it was like a year into doing porn when you started doing phone chat on the babe channels)

Michelle: i did realise that i had a good voice and a knack for phone chat early on, i like to be creative with phone chat and really set the scene. I also really enjoy it x


Michelle Moist Phone Sex
Michelle Moist

PSR: Phone sex is not really for me but if I was going to do it, I'd definitely call you first. I am, however,  a member of your fansite. There was a time when you lived with Vikki Peach and another guy and produced some of the best homemade content that I've ever purchased. I've always preferred homemade/amateur content, so I'm really liking the videos and pics on your site. The lucky guy that is featured on there, is he the same guy that you and Vicki Peach made content with or is he your partner or just a 'stunt cock' for your content?


Michelle: The guy featured on [my fanpage] is a stunt cock I use, the guy featured in mine and Vicki's content is her fuck buddy.


PSR: I mentioned before that I love your bum but what is your favourite part of your body?


Michelle: I'm not sure what my fave part of my body is ... I do like my little tits though. and i love my hair.


Michelle Moist Michelle Moist Interview- Ass and Hair

PSR: In the past you have talked about escorting not really being your thing. Has your thoughts on that changed at all?


Michelle: I don't think escorting will ever be my thing, its just not for me.


PSR: People may not have been aware of your other profession that you've had since you were around 14. Do you still have a passion for DJing and do you still go by the name of Lady Buzzkat?


Michelle: Lots of people aren't aware of my DJ past yes, i don't really still use the name ladybuzzkatt although some of my older friends do still call me that. I'm still passionate about music and djing, i just don't get time to do it as much anymore with the Xpanded tv stuff and my fan club to take care of.

Michelle Moist Michelle Moist Interview- DJ
Michelle Moist

PSR: On this site, one of the things I always rate is that interaction that good models/performers have with their members? You've never had a Premium Snap but you've always been great with your fans. From replying and following fans on Twitter, to making an effort to thank and personally reward people who get stuff from your wishlist. I remember when I bought content from your ManyVids, a while back, you were cool enough to chat through the DM's.

Why do you think it's important to put in that extra effort ?


Michelle: Your fans are what makes you and it doesn't cost anything to be nice now does it. I love my fans and I'm appreciative of their support over the years, it's made me what I am today x




PSR: Speaking of Twitter, I love seeing the pictures you post of Lady and Luna on there. I'm rubbish with identifying breeds though, what breed(s) are they and what are their ages?


Michelle: They are a Pomeranian cross with Chihuahua. Luna is the merle one, she is 1 and Lady is the tan one and she is 3.


PSR: Were they fostered or did you have them as puppies?


Michelle: I've had them both from pups x


PSR: What other breeds of dogs or other pets have you had and what are your favourites?


Michelle: I had cats in the past and also 4 snakes! but having dogs now is definitely my fave.

Michelle Moist
Michelle Moist

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Michelle's Twitter:

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