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🍬The Candy Shop🍬

(Group Premium)

*Premium No Longer Active*


💰Payment type:

One off payment or sold as part of other deals/offers.


Model's currently featured:

Shandel Mak, Thikki Nikki, Candy Queen,  Lola Jones, Sasha Coxxx, Creamy Chantel, other names to come


This group premium I got as part of a two for one, Pineapple Pussy Poppers being the other one. I didn't really know anything about either groups, in terms of what the content would be like. I sort of knew or recognised a lot of the models from Pineapple Pussy Poppers so I knew I would be in safe hands if they posted a similar level of content as they do in their own premiums but with The Candy Shop, I was unfamiliar with most of the models. As it turns out I didn't have much to be worried about as, to my delight, the majority of these models seem to display more of a creative flair than the average snap models. From the models I have seen, it seems that they try to incorporate more fetish type aspects within their show and if not that they try to be a bit more creative with how they display, film and showcase their show.


The group post pretty much everyday, sometimes having 3 or 4 models posting shows there in a 24hr story cycle. The admin/creator of the group, Shandel Mak runs it well, doing shows herself but also coming on to briefly interact with members and remind of rules while thanking them for their patronage. 


Below are some highlights I've seen so far.



🇺🇸Thikki Nikki🇺🇸



As the name suggests Thikki Nikki aka. Nikki Clay is a full figured goddess blessed with generous boobs, a tiny waist and wide hips, curvy in the truer sense of the word. She is a model making her way from Chicago to her current residency of Denver. Nikki was one of the models I was unfamiliar with, having never seen her on any of the takeovers that I watch etc., but she made a great first impression. I've currently seen two of her shows- both start in a certain way or theme then culminate in her pleasuring herself. 


The first show started off as a striptease, with Nikki dressed up in a school girl outfit. It's obviously a familiar theme but her sexy performance in an outfit that showcased her sexy body coupled with the use of good camera work, made it interesting and compelled me to watch the pretty lengthy show. 

She proved the first show wasn't a fluke with her second one. It was shot in a beautifully artistic and voyeuristic way that I haven't really seen done since 5ucia did it in her premium hey-day. The placing of the camera, the coverage and edits were beautifully done. I loved the very little to no attention she gave to the camera, especially in those early parts of the show, fostering that voyeuristic feeling that I love seeing. The middle part of the show was her pleasuring herself in her bedroom and it was during this when she subtly acknowledged she had an audience, not through words but when she gazed into the camera for a brief period of time which felt longer than it actually was. She cut to different positions and camera angles during this time and also further acknowledged 'the voyeur' watching her by choosing to briefly shoot handheld- showing closeups on her boobs and kitty and further breaking the 3rd wall she had created. She then returned to the voyeuristic, static, long shots of her sexily making her way back to the bathroom and into the shower- now fully showing off to her audience by doing longer gazes into the camera, pressing her bum and boobs into the shower screen and 'accidentally' dropping her soap to pick it up in a way to get a rise out of her members.

Nikki seems to put an effort into the presentation and production of her premium, plus she's sexy and I look forward to watching more shows and also getting her premium asap. (Mar '19)

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🇺🇸Lola Jones🇺🇸


I think Lola's was the first story that I remember first seeing on the group premium. I'm by no means an expert on all aspects of niche fetish porn and all the various kinks that exist and this was one that I hadn't seen before. From what I remember, Lola's show didn't open with any description of what was going to happen and also due to it being my first time seeing Lola, I didn't know I was encountering a particular form of kink that is part of the Piggy Play family. The majority of the story, Lola filmed herself in her backyard rolling around in the dirt and mud that she surrounded herself in, rubbing it all over her naked body and even on her crotch. I remember her reaffirming the Sub nature of what she was doing with the degrading talk and referring to herself as a pig, in the midst of the Dirty Play too. I remember it being shot well but can't remember all the details as I was more fascinated with what I was seeing, as like I said, it's an area of porn I have never sought to venture into.


The second time I saw Lola it was on more familiar territory. The first familiarity came in the form of the film she and her partner had running in the background, the vintage classic, Behind The Green Door.

Lola's show opened up in a darkened room with the camera focused on the screen showing a pivotal scene in the film where a woman is escorted through a door to the stage. During this scene, there is also a segment where an announcer reads out about the forthcoming "ravagement of a woman", very much in a style synonymous with the openings of trailers from 70's exploitation films. The classic words created an anticipation for what was to happen to the protagonist in that scene and by Lola using this as an opener (as well as putting the quote on the screen), it also built up the expectation for her upcoming show.

For the rest of the story the couple then began to recreate their own version of that scene but with more of a BDSM influence. She was first tied up and made to watch the rest of that scene where the character was getting pleasured- Lola's partner did the same but also added in some light chokes and slaps. They then moved to a different room, mirroring the film again by creating their own green lighting but instead of being ravaged continuously like Marilyn Chamber's character in the film, Lola was bent over a chair and spanked with a flogger, at times flinching after landing certain well placed strikes. The choice of music they used was also different from the film, they opted to use the more hedonistic but equally atmospheric dance music of the 80's. She was then made to give a sloppy BJ with a collar and lead, used by him to stop and start whenever he wanted to. The show ended there but I'm sure that there was more to it, probably to be only seen on her own premium.


A third show from her kinda carried on from the previous theme of getting off to porn. This was the more 'vanilla' or mainstream of the three in terms of the overall level of kink, even the intro to the story had a more general common snap feel, with her talking about what she was gonna show and smoking a bong. However the films she watched still had the submissive theme that she seems to enjoy and which were present in her other shows.

The camera focus was kept interesting. When it was handheld, she showed scenes of the film before turning it back to show the pleasure on her face and then on her pussy lips as she parted it and penetrated it with her fingers- later on making use of a Hitachi. When the camera was stationary she had the film showing in the background while she was in the foreground, slightly to the side, using her phone screen to watch the video with us, enabling the viewers to watch her reactions to the video in real time. She also dirty talked throughout the shows.

She played two films during her show- one was a daddy/daughter fantasy type the other was a film that looked like it was inspired from the 1999 French film, Romance that had an explicit fantasy scene where a woman fantasises about guys having their way with women at a gloryhole. The only difference with this gloryhole is that instead of guys sticking their junk through a hole, ladies themselves would be positioned through the hole, up to about waist height, where guys would then take turns on them without seeing their faces..


I'm pretty sure that people into fetish porn and BDSM will definitely enjoy Lola's shows and on her page she has talked about being a switch, so maybe on her premium she will have content reflecting that too. She is a petite cutie with gorgeous eyes, a good gift of gab and more importantly seems to try to make creative shows. On her own free promo snap she posted censored clips of what to expect and I'm sure I saw something related to public nudity/flashing- so if like me you're into that too, that could be something else to enjoy. I will almost probably get her premium at some point. (Mar '19)


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🇵🇷Corina Sucks🇵🇷


Corina is a thick Puerto Rican cutie with a booty who I first saw via this group premium but she also sells video content on Manyvids.

So far, I've only seen one show from her and although I think it was originally recorded as video content to sell, she freaked it for Snap turning it into a split screen, with the same video playing on both but the bottom one was magnified and closer to the action. I thought that was a great idea because a lot of models post content made outside of Snapchat that is recorded in landscape but once uploaded oftentimes comes up as a small-ish box on the screen, instead of filling up the portrait framing that Snapchat operates with. (This is another example of my thought that the unofficial theme of this group is about posting shows that come from a more creative space and often have some kind of fetish type influence.)


The actual main show started with a nod to the fetish world while still being a mainly vanilla show with Corina and her partner doing a regular but still hot sex show. The only fetish aspect was her partner being dressed in a full body bondage suit that had a cut out in his mask for him to still use his mouth and also down below for his junk.

Before the main show, Corina posted a written welcome message announcing that she was posting today, with a view from underneath of her wiggling her bum. Great start. It then cut to her pushing her partner unto the bed that he was already kneeling upright on. With him now on his back, she continued in a dominant fashion by forcefully spreading his legs wider to nestle in between him and then began to blow him with her back to the audience, showing her big ass off to the camera. She wasn't completely naked though and was wearing a bodysuit of her own but one that was much more revealing than her partner's. The suit was cut in a way that her boobs and back were pretty much exposed leading all the way to the bottom half that had the crack and crotch areas completely cut out. The sounds of her blowing, the sight of her cheeks and side-boob swaying as she bobbed up and down was very hot and this carried on for a few snaps until she turned round into a 69 position- the bottom screen now showed the BJ closeup.

Half way through the show they switched positions and also switched the image to something resembling night vision , which was a cool touch but didn't overly add anything to the show unless there was some kind of symbolism that I missed. 


I'm looking forward to getting Corina's premium as well as her content on Manyvids ASAP. (Mar '19)


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🇬🇧Candy Queen🇬🇧



Candy Queen who also goes by Lola and also Becky is a premium snapper and content creator from North-West England.. Again, in continuation of the general style of this group, she does indulge in some BDSM type themes but from the advertising she posts it seems that shows with her partner is either solely on her Onlyfans account or possibly some of those clips get posted on her premium too.

The first couple of stories I saw from Becky were not really a show but more x rated compilations of some of the shows she has done. The x-rated trailer had some solo stuff as well as the full on  action with her partner- spanking, doggy, BJ's/throat fucking.

A full show that she did post was a solo where she got herself off using a vibrating dildo. She started off by pulling out her boobs from the top half of her lingerie bodysuit and taking off the easy-access portion from the bottom of the suit to reveal her kitty which she immediately started playing with, licking her fingers to get it ready for the toy she'd be using shortly. The thing I really liked about this show was that it was shot on the staircase, a part of the house that I rarely see used. The camera wasn't held for the duration instead it was rested  a couple of steps lower than her so the viewers would be looking up at her, only shifting it's position towards the end by having the camera now looking down on her as she looked up and rode the dildo while moaning.

I'm interested in seeing more from Becky, only if it's proper shows and not the promo type stories. (Mar '19)

Candy Queen
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