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Interview with Assjob Jasmine

Assjob Jasmine | The Premium Reviewer

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Reddit is the new snap

True exhibitionist couples are some of the best content providers. On a few occasions, I’ve spoke about my early days on Snapchat and witnessing exhibitionist couples who posted their sexy shenanigans, just because they liked doing so. When the ability to earn money from it emerged, in the form of a Premium Snapchat, some figured they might as well get paid to do what they would already be doing anyway. Reddit is another social media app that brings out the exhibitionists of this world... and Assjob Jasmine and her husband are one of those couples that I am happy to have found there.

I discovered this couple in the same subreddit that I discovered Magic City Sleaze and similar to them, the assjob clips they put out were so great that I became an instant fan. Their palpable, genuine love and understanding of the kink really showed in the clips they uploaded and it was obvious they were a couple that really liked this specific act; and weren't doing it just because it's trendy or to fill a niche. In their relatively short time posting online, they have produced what I consider to be some of the most iconic looking assjob/hotdogging clips that have been made on this side of the globe. One clip in particular, that will probably be one of those staple clips that gets shared online for years, is their bearhug position assjob - which was perfectly captured, both aesthetically and in performance.

Love of assjobs = love of ass

Just like I said for Aaron in Magic City, I relate so much to their love of their partner’s booty. With Mr AJ, it’s arguably even more palpable to me, for reasons I’ll explain later.

The kink is sometimes relegated to being about teasing; with the tease being that the guy is in such close proximity to her holes but not getting to penetrate. Which I guess it could be… if being practiced in something like a Domme type setting. But, for me, that’s like a derivation of what it is fundamentally. To me, it’s all about those cheeks… the ass itself - how deep her crack is and the visual stimulation of seeing your cock slide between them. Watching it disappear and become enveloped between them, then reemerge harder. It’s about seeing those cheeks ripple with every movement, either caused by your thrusting/humping or by her intentionally moving it herself.

Ass worship on Fansly

The reason I said Mr AJ’s love of her cheeks is so palpable, becomes even more apparent in the longer videos uploaded on their Fansly account. (An account that they only recently opened up - after close to year of showcasing their hot clips on Reddit, just because they liked people seeing it). These videos are the next level of the already hot content they put up on Reddit, implementing other styles while keeping it rooted in their main kink.

It’s not just the hotdogging that he loves doing, he delights in touching, squeezing, caressing, oiling and massaging them. One video had him basically worshipping her ass and doing all the things mentioned above, including squeezing and pushing her cheeks together - which provided yet another visual showing of how soft and plump her cheeks are; but also gave an additional visual treat by making her crack appear even longer and deeper, as a result of his manual manipulation. At times, when caressing he even slid his hand between her cheeks, with 80% of it disappearing in the process.

I might be projecting but at points in that video, it felt as though he wanted to kiss or bury his face in between her gorgeous humps - if not for maintaining his anonymity.

Torture porn

Their content to me is torture to watch… in a good way. Very few types of porn can elicit that kind of response from me, assjobs being one of them - and especially the ones provided by this elite level couple.

I shudder every time he repeatedly slides his meat up and down, purposely hitting the crease/top of her crack before sliding it back down into the depths of it. Or every time he positions the head right between her crease and rocks back and forth, using just that specific part to get off. Or when he finishes between her cheeks and uses his load as lube, to intensify the speed at which he ‘assturbates’, is just all so… torturous. Their content is proof that assjobs/hotdogging is probably the most tactile and sexiest form of ass worshiping, at least in the way they present it.

That’s also a testament to how they shoot it. The close and intimate style is a great style choice, with the more recent offerings being more stylised and usually shot with an overhead tripod to have a single stable shot, covering all the action. Other times it’s shot handheld, giving a more raw and in the moment feel... quite literally, as some of those scenes have sometimes admittedly come out of necessity. A couple of those handheld clips have been accompanied with an unnecessary apology from Jasmine, (in the video description box) for the quality not being up to their standards. The couple being parents, sometimes have limited time to film, so try to capture something quickly whenever they get a chance.

The apologies were never warranted, firstly because that level of effort is worthy of applauds, in and of itself, but more importantly the content is always great.  One of those apologies accompanied a shower assjob video - which was one of their most beautifully agonising and torturous clips, edited in slow-motion to elongate a viewers 'suffering'. Their raw footage type content, meshes well with the fixed overhead camera art they’re producing too.

They release video content super often - a mixture of clips and full length videos - with some stunning pictures thrown in too. Plus in the short time that they've been active, have already built a sizeable back catalog.

Assjobs for Life

This will probably be the last time I do a review on anything assjob related as I’ve got my fill from, JAV assjob content, Magic City Sleaze content and now the content from Mr and Mrs Assjob Jasmine.

Those who share a love of this kink, you have found a pair of great representatives and practitioners of it. And if you signup or just support her content on their socials, you will be welcomed into the fold of what Jasmine has affectionately dubbed, The Assjob army.

(Mar' 2023)

The Premium Reviewer: When did you and your husband discover your love of assjobs/hotdogging?


Assjob Jasmine: We found a love for it long before we had heard the term hotdogging or assjob. Early on in our relationship, back in 2012 he would give me massages which usually ended in some form of sex. One time I remember him focusing on my ass for longer than usual and then then feeling him slide it between, a few strokes from him and then I started moving with it, he came rather quickly and it really turned me on.


We’d go on to mixing them in every so often, sometimes as foreplay, sometimes extremely casually. Think, I’m watching tv, he’s going to jerk off to porn but instead comes, flips me over, and uses my ass while I continue to watch my show, then cleans up and flips me back over. I love that my ass turns him on so much even after all of these years together. 

TPR: Was some of what I described above accurate, in the sense that you guys are natural exhibitionists and would probably still be showcasing your sexy exploits on places like Reddit, regardless of being paid? And also what brought about the change to start monetising it?

AJ: We are both natural exhibitionists and have really enjoyed being watched in sex clubs while on vacation in Europe. This was before kids, and we really don’t see those kinds of opportunities as much, so we stumbled onto Reddit as an outlet for it. Both of us were unsure about it at first, but ended up loving it and the response to it. We did it for quite some time without any monetization effort and really enjoyed it. 


The decision to go to Fansly really came from the request of many loyal followers on Reddit. They wanted longer content, higher quality and more. It’s really not a lot of money but the idea of somebody paying to watch is a really big turn on. It provides a better avenue to engage with people who are passionate about our content and really enjoy it. We both love the requests and doing something that was requested, or doing it in some lingerie that was purchased by a subscriber knowing that they’re anticipating it. I’d say that is the bigger driver, also it eliminates a lot of the spam and unsolicited dick pics. I do want to note that we love cum tributes and dick pics that are related to our content just not the random non follower “check out my BWC” types. 

Having said that, we’ve started many an assjob session by watching cum tributes sent by followers and subscribers. It’s one of our favorite things about it, seeing people engage with the content is such a turn on. 

AJ Interview
Assjob Jasmine | The Premium Reviewer
Assjob Jasmine _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: I remember talking to you guys on Reddit about the platform you were going to choose, if you started a membership site. At the time you were weighing your options.

What made you guys ultimately choose Fansly?


AJ: We looked at all the options - from streaming sites, selling sites to subscriptions. Neither of us liked the idea of pay per video because it puts a lot of pressure on the individual content. Ultimately for us, we wanted something where we could keep a connection with the guys who really appreciated our content. We wanted a place where we could communicate and deliver content so the subscription platform made the most sense.


We like the fluidity of it and being able to do things at our own pace. The obvious choice was OnlyFans because they have all the users and highest potential for us to make money, but Fansly seemed a bit more creator friendly and less pressure for us. We knew that our loyal followers would come and that’s what we cared about most. 


TPR: I am almost able to articulate my love of assjobs, as a guy but I’d love to hear what makes it great for you, Jasmine?

AJ: I alluded to this earlier, but for me it’s such a turn on that my ass alone can bring an orgasm. It makes me feel so sexy that my ass cheeks can make him quiver and cum faster, even than when we are fucking. It’s got a hint of a power thing for me, where I know that if I provoke him at all, dropping a towel early or pressing them up against the shower he will be right there. It really turns me on, and most times I’m dripping by the end of one, or if you can’t see my hands I might be well on my way to an orgasm myself. 

Assjob Jasmine | The Premium Reviewer
Assjob Jasmine _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: And for Mr J, what is your favourite thing about assjobs and is it your favourite sex act?


Mr J: For me, first and foremost I love everything about her ass, it is even softer than it looks. With assjobs, there’s a delicate balance of “use me as you want”  with “stay in your lane”. I love that feeling of this is all about me, but she’s still in control.



TPR: Totally agree. I remember early posts on Reddit where you guys were discussing swinging too.

Do you think your content will evolve to filming with other couples - while still keeping it rooted in the assjob fetish?


AJ: It was really light stuff for us. Never any penetration or “full swap”/“solo play”. We liked having another couple suck on each nipple of mine while we fucked, that kind of stuff. I do think eventually we’ll get back to it and would love to team up with another for a double assjob and that kind of thing. We’d also be open to doing a fan assjob at some point. However, I think we’re still a ways out from having the time to do that. 

TPR: A reoccurring theme in some of my interviews is performers initially hiding their faces and then later down the line revealing it - and their reasons for doing so.

Do you think there will ever come a time where you guys feel comfortable enough to do that? Or is it even necessary considering your great content is focussed solely below the waist anyway?

AJ: For us it will just never be on the table because of our kids and our jobs. We’ll likely keep our style, potentially having a camera person a time or two which we both think would be really fun. If we can find the right person. 

Assjob Jasmine | The Premium Reviewer
Assjob Jasmine | The Premium Reviewer

TPR: A recent video where you incorporated bondage and light handjob strokes in it was incredibly hot and I can’t remember ever seeing something like that before.

How do you guys come up with the different variations to add to the assjob content you make?

AJ: That one was all him, we do have a pretty big arsenal of toys and things from over the years that we’re planning on pulling out more. We like to surprise each other, like when I brought out the red gloves the other night. But we get inspired most often by the suggestions from subscribers. We love them to be as descriptive as possible, sometimes they’ll send multiple examples and ask for specifics. It’s really hot. 

Assjob Jasmine | The Premium Reviewer
Assjob Jasmine _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: A thing that I like about Fansly is the tier system, giving fans and creators more options. How did you settle on the great price point that you currently have for tier one? 

And I’m always interested in a creator’s reasons for deciding to not have your content released on a PPV/PTV model, as you have done. Would there ever be content that you choose to release behind a secondary paywall?

AJ: The main reason for the low price point. and I say that comparatively to others not to say that $5 is nothing, is because joining a platform was never about making the most money. If it was, we would have gone to OnlyFans and charged a higher rate. What we really wanted to do, was create a space where the people who truly appreciate our content could come and have a better experience and better connection. 


There are so many subscriptions these days that people deal with from Netflix, to Hulu etc. we wanted to make sure that getting their assjob fix wasn’t a burden and that they felt that they were getting a good value. I would much rather prefer that subscribers give an optional tip if they really enjoyed a specific piece of content. It’s much more gratifying for us to get a tip than it is to demand a higher price. 


When it comes to the PPV model, I really don’t like it because it puts more pressure on the content. If we do one on a late night when we’re busy and maybe the angle isn’t great, I want our guys to know that there will always be more coming and it’s really a real time flow for us. Almost always our content is posted the night of or the next day when we do it. 


Our subscribers are going through this part of our sex life in real time. Could we make a few extra dollars offering some PPV for non subscribers, sure, but we really enjoy the recurring subscribers, the comments, the likes and really the relationship that develops over time. 


Tantaly _ The Premium Reviewer



TPR: You mentioned earlier some of your future content plans, in relation to potential guests - any ideas with that and any other things you have in store?

AJ: The first guest will likely be a person to film, we might work up to something like having somebody’s hands holding my cheeks together while my husband films FPV and maybe a guest for an actual assjob while my husband films. We’re pretty open to play on anything non penetrative, it just has to be the right person of course.

Live shows is something we are absolutely planning on doing. We did it once before on SC and did enjoy it. We’ll probably start with 1:1 because the setup is easier but we’ve been talking to the subscribers about doing a live stream which we both think would be really exciting. When it comes to things for sale, nothing is really off the table if a subscriber asks and really wants it.


TPR: That all sounds great! What do you and your lucky husband like to do, outside of work?


AJ: For us the main focus is spending time with our family. We’ve got young kids and try to give them all of our attention. All of our personal fun comes after bedtime, that mostly consists of watching shows we love and sex.

Assjob Jasmine _ The Premium Reviewer
Assjob Jasmine _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: You talked about vacationing in Europe but what’s your favourite holiday destination?

AJ: Our favorite holiday destination is Paris. It was also the city where we first discovered the sex clubs in Europe.


TPR: Thank you for taking the time to do this, any final words before we wrap up?


AJ: I’ve been really surprised at how many people tell me that they haven’t seen an assjob before. I’m looking forward to expanding the category and really hope to inspire other amateur creators to start doing more assjobs!

Mr and Mrs Assjob Jasmine are assjob artists and are definitely contributing to bringing more eyes to a genre, in a great and genuine way. Assjob lovers and those who are unfamiliar with this incredible couple, check out their Reddit and Twitter (below), for clips that will undoubtedly cause you to seek out more - which you'll find on their fansite HERE

Assjob Jasmine _ The Premium Reviewer



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