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Interview with WheelchairCutie


Sometimes searching some of my favourite terms leads me to discover a new subgenre of an act or in most cases, just a new performer doing said act.. When looking for handjob content I came across WheelchairCutie, a guy who puts out content involving handjobs et al. and also happens to have Cerebral Palsy.

I remember a few years back, probably before I started this site, I read about an organisation in Japan that took on the role of providing sexual relief to people who were disabled and unable to relieve themselves of their natural sexual urges.

At the time it reminded me that obviously all types of people want to and do engage in sex - from the young to old, abled and disabled but it’s rarely acknowledged or just always seen as something that is either exclusive to and/or promoted to the young and fit.

From what I’ve seen, WheelchairCutie is a creator who never shies away from his disability but it doesn’t necessarily define him either. His videos always end in the words, “Real disability, Real struggle, Real enjoyment”, which is a better summation of whatever I could write. He and his partner in crime, BustyBlindBBW - who as you can tell has a disability of her own, (legally partially bliind) - simply create hot content and put it out. 

His videos are presented as Busty being his caregiver, who as well as providing the regular care, she also provides extras. Which makes for a hot scenario, in the same way as other porn tropes like nurses, teachers do. I hope to get more clarification in the interview but I assume they are in some kind of relationship as I believe that a regular caregiver isn’t allowed to engage in sexual activity with someone in their care - but even if she isn’t it, it wouldn’t change how hot a lot of their scenes are together.

His content is not limited to just his sexploits with his busty friend, he shows behind the scenes footage of him setting up cameras and equipment, playing video games etc. He also edits his own videos too. His perceived level of confidence is inspiring not only to people with similar disabilities but for everyone. 

(Apr' 2023)

The Premium Reviewer: What made you want to officially get into the world of putting out adult content?


WheelchairCutie: A previous caregiver told he about it. She had been creating content as well. She's another example of a paid caregiver who enjoyed taking "personal" care of me.

TPR: Is Busty your girlfriend who also happens to be a carer or is she legitimately your carer?

WcC: She is legitimately my caregiver. I sign off on her time sheets and she's paid by my insurance.  I've seen many videos faking the caregiver thing. I take pride in [my content being] real with an actual caregiver.

WheelchairCutie | The Premium Reviewer

TPR: From watching content of you playing video games, going to the gym and content where you get off without the help of Busty, I see that you have some dexterity and mobility at a level that some with CP don’t have.

I recently learned that there are different types of cerebral palsy, what type do you have and what problems come with that?


WcC: For me, CP is all I know. It's my normal. But yes, CP is very much an analog disability. No two instances are the same. I have spastic CP, one of the 3 main types. Spastic CP tends to present with high muscle tone and jerky or uncontrolled movements in more intense cases. Speech impairment is usually present as well. Many times sensory deficiencies such as vision or heating loss manifests. Since CP is a neurological condition, it can include any number of side affects.

Some of my fans also have CP and they enjoy vicariously.


TPR: You have content on both OF and Fansly, which do you prefer?


WcC: I'm a proponent of freedom of speech. In this age of censorship, Fansly is a bit less strict in acceptable content and speech. Onlyfans has always been a bit hawkish about content you can post. But lately, they have become a bit obnoxious. There are also restricted words which can't be used in posts or DMs. Oddly enough ‘CP’ is a restricted word. I haven't a clue why. Like most measures to restrict speech, it's stupid easy to circumvent Onlyfans' attempt. Inserting a period in a restricted word is all it takes.

Conversely, as far as interfaces, Onlyfans is much smoother and more intuitive for both creators and fans. It strongly resembles Twitter in look and feel. Fansly is consistently making improvements to the functionality of their site. Ironically, though Onlyfans mimics Twitter's look, it does not currently include hashtag functionality. However, numerous months ago, Fansly began to implement such helpful functionality. But Onlyfans is more well known. Consequently, the vast majority of my fans are there. It's somewhat analogous to iPhone vs. Android. One is smoother, easier, but more restricted. The other is a bit more jagged around the edges, less intuitive at first, but allowing more freedom to use as you choose. I prefer the latter.

WheelchairCutie | The Premium Reviewer

TPR: Will fans find any difference in content between the two platforms?


WcC: For me, not really. Fansly does allow for different tiered subscriptions which is awesome. My highest tier receives more content and/or some PPV included. But most times, I have both sites open on tiled windows when I upload/schedule posts.



TPR: I was initially going to ask if you consider it an insult if someone is purely attracted to you or your content, solely because you have CP; But in your bio you write that you welcome ‘devotees’, which after looking up the definition, I found out that it’s used to describe someone with a sexual attraction towards disabilities.

So I guess the question would now be, why do you not see that as a bad thing, where others might do so?


WcC: Many people today are offended by literally anything and everything. Rather than shrugging it off, a pointless uproar ensues and an eventual dog pile of the offending person, idea, POV, or desire. People seem to "fit in" by being offended. It's kind of bonkers actually.

I have always personally found plump women physically attractive. That's largely accepted as normal nowadays. It was a bit fringe just a few decades ago. Given that more and more people are now overweight, it has become more normal. As far as devotees, I see the fetish as just another fetish that is currently fringe. Most of my fans are guys who are gay or bisexual. All are welcome.


One of my goals in content creation is to make a bit of money. If someone finds me attractive and supports my work, isn't that the point? I'm too old to be trying to split absurdly thin hairs. If a Dev pays to see my work, I hope they enjoy. Simple as that.

TPR: Totally agree with the outrage culture.

You mentioned some of your fans being bi or gay. Do you personally have any bi-sexual leanings and if so, would you ever shoot content with a carer who is a guy?

WcC: Many of my fans would love to see such a situation. I consider myself a very open minded person in general. If the situation presented itself, it would definitely make some good content.

WheelchairCutie | The Premium Reviewer

TPR: Have you always been a super confident person and what advice can you give to people to improve and raise their levels of confidence?

WcC: As truly intelligent people rarely declare themselves to be so, those who are seen to be confident rarely see that in themselves. I personally struggle very much with confidence. I don't necessarily understand what others see in me. I simply try to be me. That's what I would suggest to others. One's ability to control one's thoughts and actions is really all we have. One can't control the thoughts and actions of others. Nor should they try. 


Tantaly _ The Premium Reviewer



TPR: Outside of your fanpages, where I’m sure you get unanimous appreciation and support from your fans, do you ever receive negative comments from people online?


WcC: Rarely. "Fake." "That should be illegal." "That poor little boy! She should be ashamed." "This is wrong on so many levels."

I usually thank them for their comments. I support freedom of speech. It has been said that freedom of speech is most important to defend for the person who disagrees with you. Everyone won't like me or my content. Good. As it should be.


TPR: I have always loved seeing behind the scenes content from performers, on all forms of content - from my days consuming more premium snapchat content to stuff like yours. I personally just liked seeing another side to the performers.

Do you include it because some of your devotee fans may get off to it or is it more so to be educational and humanising?

WcC: I include it mainly because I myself like to see real life. If I were my fan, yeah I want to see when I kick the camera and expletives fly. It's funny! Like you said it makes me human which is another goal in my content creation. 

On a more practical side, many times I struggle with content ideas. Those blunders are captured footage. I game anyway. I edit my own content. Why not somehow use all of that as content?

WheelchairCutie | The Premium Reviewer

TPR: So since you're already a gamer and show some of this on your fansites, have you considered streaming your gameplay on SFW platforms like Twitch or Youtube? It's already used by adult content creators both as a funnel to their adult sites and as a another stream of revenue.


WcC: I have thought of doing that. YouTube would probably ban me it I even attempted to link to fan sites. Twitch might as well. Also that might jeopardize my identity being on such large platforms.

TPR: Busty is blessed, both on top and down below. Are you more of a boob or an ass guy?


WcC: I am a boob guy - bones to balls. I like to cuddle and squeeze on that big booty too, don't get me wrong. When she cooks or washes dishes are perfect times. But the boobies, any woman's boobies, are absolutely precious! 

TPR: Like I mentioned in the intro, I discovered you through my love of handjob type content but you also shoot other things that I have a liking for, one example is the public play with Busty.

Is there anything else you wish to explore in the future, in regards to making adult content?

WcC: One of my favorite videos with Busty was having her shave my face on the back porch. It was so beautiful, sweet, and super sexy.


Obviously, I want to have intercourse on camera. That's definitely what my fans want to see. And the obvious person is Busty. That's not out of the question and I would definitely enjoy it. Beyond that, I'd like to do a recorded Q&A video. Many of my fans like hearing my voice. So I've thought about singing different songs and having prizes for fans who could guess the song. Now I sound like grim death, to myself. But they like it and they're the fans. I have several other ideas but I'll save those for my wonderful fans. 

Huge thanks to WheelchairCutie for taking the time to do this interview. Be sure to check out his PornHub for previews, then subscribe to one of his fansites HERE

WheelchairCutie _ The Premium Reviewer



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