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PSR- 2016
“Do people really pay for this? Why pay when you can watch porn for free” 

When I see models advertise about their services on Snapchat, Periscope or other social media platforms, there’s always some corny guy who thinks he’s cool asking that corny question. 

For me, one of the reasons I was attracted to this whole Snapchat thing because of the potential interaction and intimacy you get with this medium. You won’t get that from the ‘free’ porn you get on the net. I watch the stuff on the net too, but increasingly less and this has been a nice alternative from that. 
 I made this site, sort of out of necessity, after a bad experience with a premium Snapchat I purchased. I searched the net for forums or a blog/site that discussed snap models but having found none, I started this... initially on Tumblr. 

N.B. I'm an ass man, a sucker for a good bum, so if I mention butts a lot.. that's the reason. Also, because I'm paying for the majority of premiums I tend to go for those who I think will be a worthwhile purchase but will sometimes get one recommended or gifted to me. 
Thanks for checking it out 

Now also find submitted reviews on all other paid XXX Content reviewed by site contributors.



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