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🇺🇸Allison Jones🇺🇸



  • Sexy in look and demeanour

  • Nice ass

  • Hot shows

  • Regular posts

  • Has some pubes (landing strip)


  • See full review

💰Payment type: 

One off payment


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play, with or without toys

  • Boy/Girl play

  • Some stripping

  • Foot fetish content


📷Screenshots/screen recording:

Dependant on purchased tier




Starting off on the wrong foot

When I initially saw Allison Jones' takeover and promotional clips, there was lot of emphasis on her feet, which is pretty much the only major fetish she kinda promotes. (Her handles for social media have feet related terms in them) But amongst the feet clips, I also saw a clip of her bare ass bent over with her guy caressing her cheeks. Thinking it would be predominantly feet, I decided not to buy her premium, but just enquire about ass related content instead.

I asked if she had something related to the type of ass content in the clip that I'd just seen- and she said she did. Sent the money and around 3 days later, she gave me a video that was primarily about… feet. There was a glimpse of her ass shown but no ass was worshipped- finishing with her partner spilling his wad on her feet. When asked whether I liked the video, I explained that it wasn't really what I wanted and she offered to make a custom of what I wanted for more money. 

I stopped communicating but continued watching her public account.

Her public account is great. By default public accounts are made purely for the purposes of promotion but Alison's never feels like most accounts today which are non stop repetitive infomercials, with no incite into what the model is about. A lot of the times her partner is filming, while Allison addresses the camera- providing live verifications as well as a kind of sultry and slow paced mini teaser show where she is often undressing and nude. It's not super explicit but it's still one of the few public accounts that actually shows stuff uncensored, for the most part.

The account has a regular life vibe- the type of feel that I'm particularly fond of, showing things like her emerging from the shower or a brief cooking segment that she did topless and also a nude yoga session.


Me and Mrs Jones

The way Allison acts or carries herself is very attractive to me. She has this duality of being a hippie who does yoga, is/was a florist, has crystals, big on coconut oil and loves being in the nude but also someone who has an air of being a W.A.S.P., a slight haughtiness- like the stereotype of someone who has come from money. The house she films in looks very nice and I think she might travel frequently, one of the first stories I watched was when she talked about being tired from taking a couple of trips- I think she said from from LA to NY.

That sort of character mix, at least from her, comes across as sexy to me- there is a certain free spirited-ness and slight bratty-ness that comes from having those qualities. She hasn’t necessarily even said anything that confirms my character analysis- like i said it’s more about how she carries herself- the look in her eyes, how she moves, walks and how she talks too. I see little examples of this in the way she interacts with her partner. Something as ordinary as the way she tells or gives him a cue to stop filming,

After watching and loving the vibe on her public snap, I asked if she does everyday life stuff on her premium snap she said she does but after our previous interaction I took her words with a healthy degree of scepticism but was still intrigued to get it…. I got it about a month later and wasn't too surprised to see that everyday stuff wasn't on there.

Allison's Premium

As you have noticed I’ve written more than I usually would about a free/public account- I do wish both merged into one... as a complete story on the premium account, they both compliment each other, even though they differ style wise.

The free account is more relaxed and is more-so stylised. I mentioned her fella filming mini shows of her undressing or snaps of her discussing her activities in the day or what is to come on her premium. He almost always has a moment where he will shoot a silent POV vignette, like a particular continuous shot where the viewer slowly moves from one room to enter another, to find Allison bent over- continuing then to bring the camera closer and closer to her sexy ass before cutting off the snap. He has also done things like filming her undressing using the reflection of the mirror and a recurring shot of Allison with her back to camera, slowly pulling down down whatever she's wearing, to reveal her tush.


The actual premium account is different in style and energy, focusing solely on the show and is shot in a more up-close, raw and intimate way with no theatrics or clever shots. On another review in the past, I’ve spoken about my love of content filmed this way just because it’s more real and intimate and less sanitised. I obviously have a huge appreciation for those who have have content filmed on tripods and have equally discussed my love of models who make an effort to have props and some set design but variety is the spice of life and this raw/indie style of filming is something that I like too. It also should be noted that filming in this style, is not the same as someone who snaps lazy content without any thought to lighting or angles. Some care should still be taken when filming in this handheld style. 

Allison's premium snap is reminiscent to me of the early days of snap before premium was really a thing , where you'd watch snaps of exhibitionist couples film in this similar way. The type of filming where you hear sounds that would most likely be missed if the camera is further away, or where the person filming is so genuinely into it that they may momentarily forget their filming and end up shooting the ceiling or the bed sheets. Both of these scenarios have happened on Allison's premium.


One of my favourite shows, so far, is where Allison, who has told of her love of being finger banged, was receiving said treatment. Because of how relatively close the camera was, the audio picked up the moment when he started to hit the perfect spot which caused her to get audibly wetter. The sounds caused by this coupled with Allison breathlessly saying, “oh shit… oh my God… that feels fucking amazing… what are you doing?… what are you doing?, was insanely hot.

Allison dirty talking is hot in general, not necessarily just because of what she says but how she says and delivers it with her voice, accent and mannerisms. 


Some highlights , from a visual perspective, have been a story that included a moment of seeing her partner's head between her cheeks and also stories that include Allison giving prolonged handjobs. Handjobs are underrated and under performed in general. 

To bring back the topic of how she acts, it would be fair to say that she is definitely the more dominant one. Even in shows where she is supposed to be submissive, it's never really convincing to me- even though the show itself may be still hot. For example, there was a scene where she was getting 'face fucked', with her head over the edge of the bed, It wasn't really the aggressive type of face fucking that people would be used to, it was a controlled affair with Allison still dictating the depth and  speed of his thrusting. The interesting part though was something that I don't think was supposed to kept in. Right before that snap ended, she kinda pushed his dick away and began to sit up. Her guy tried to demand that she open up but she quickly broke out of that sub character saying, "No". lets do it ri..."- It cut off before she finished the sentence but it sounded like it could've been "lets do it right here". The next snap scene was her lying on the bed, getting ready to receive a facial.

Allison's shows can vary in length, usually between 5-10 mins. But one show was close to 20 minutes long and featured some doggy with his thumb teasing her asshole, amongst a bunch of other stuff. Sometimes a show seems incomplete but that can be attributed to her cutting a longer filmed scene, into chunks to post incrementally during the week. Another reason is that money shots are only displayed on the higher tiers, which I only found out after the fact. On her tier menu that is not stated, only that the higher tiers will have an extra story- in every other premium I have been a member of, the base story is the same story for everyone but higher tiers can get additional stories.

Show features:

BJ's, Handjobs, Doggy and Missionary, Fingering, Footjobs/Foot worship, Eating from the front and back, Solo play, Some shower snaps Some submissive roleplay, Some public nudity



  • Allison is attractive and has a great figure, especially her bum

  • Makes great homely and intimate boy-girl and solo content

  • Regular posts


  • Public shows- I personally wish the everyday and general chatting stuff was a part of her premium account or at least a different or longer version done solely for premium members.of all levels.

  • Filters are used too much- I don't like the use of filters, it can be distracting and they generally reduce the quality of the snaps.

  • Mis-selling/Purposely unclear= Everyone who sells something wants to make a sale but there's a fine line between slightly embellishing your product/service and just stating stuff that isn't true. I've mentioned these things above but will list it here for clarity:

- claiming to have a certain video and then delivering something else

- claiming everyday snaps would be on the premium but it not being there

- not being clear that the different tiers would mean the ending of a show would be omitted (i.e no money shot)


I like Allison's premium account and that is probably helped by me liking her public account too. My initial thoughts that her premium would be solely (excuse the pun) or majority feet based isn't the case but foot lovers will still get a 'kick' out of her premium as there are many moments throughout a show when her feet are present, And because foot play seem to be something that her guy is genuinely into, there are many occasions when he uses her feet as the final resting place for his load.

For those not into foot jobs she provides all the regular sex and sex acts that you'd be used to- my personal faves being her HJ's. BJ's and doggystyle.

I picked a lower tier because sending dick pics, extra live snaps or sexting/talking via DMs wasn't something I wanted, so I can't comment on how well she performs in that regard. I'm sure you can still communicate if you want to upgrade etc, but not in any sexual capacity. On her public account she has also said that she takes requests, but again I don't think that is doable on my tier.

She posts around 5 days a week, since my time on here, I've seen shows replayed but didn't really have a problem with that because they were hot shos that I was happy to revisit.

Allison's premium doesn't get a top rating due to the stuff mentioned in the cons but I still think it's a worthwhile one-off premium snap purchase.

(Aug ’21)

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