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Amber Spanks Face (AmberDawn)


  • Gorgeous.

  • Natural red-head.

  • "MILF".

  • Sexy ass.

  • Great quality snap stories.

  • Interesting everyday snaps.

  • Responds to DM's. 





💰Payment type:

One off payment or subscription option.


🔞18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play, with or without toys.

  • Shows with her partner/ occasional guests.

  • Bath/shower snaps.

  • Nude selfies.

  • Roleplay

  • Jerk Of Instructions

  • Striptease/nude dancing.


📷Screenshots/video msg saving:

Permitted only with upgrade ✅


In a review of the premium snapchat of Amba Dawn  (now Sofia Dark), a relative newcomer to the adult world, I briefly mentioned Amber Dawn aka Amber Spanks aka SpankAmber, who in comparison is a veteran of the adult world and is also the recipient of my latest premium snapchat review.


For those of you who've been cool enough to check out my reviews for a while, you'll know of my love for public nudity and naughtiness. Amber first came to my attention with a video I found of her walking around completely starkers in the once incredibly liberal streets of San Francisco, with the confidence of someone completely clothed. She is a striking beauty, with her gorgeous red hair (another of my loves) and milky white skin. To me, she kinda bares a resemblance to the beautiful actor Jessica Chastain but even without that comparison I would still bring up the old romanticised Hollywood starlet look she has about her. I delved into more of her videos and saw a couple more of note.

One was with her just lying on a bed, wearing a short colourful dress and moving her hips and bum very sensually on a bed with the only light coming from an unseen window, off camera. Slowly she lifted up her skirt to reveal her beautiful round rump, at times arching her back while still gently grinding and moving, other times grabbing handfuls of her cheeks only to let it go- making it ripple and sway in the process. She then sat up on all fours, arching her back while still moving seductively- seemingly looking like she was positioning herself to be taken. Cue her partner who came in to frame as she further presented herself for him. There was great use of slow motion used that captured the waves her cheeks made with every thrust, while the natural light coming through, illuminated the scene but also created a spotlight that shined brightly on Amber's ass, more so than anywhere else. Truly great stuff.

The second was a scene with a different guy. No penetration occurred just mutual masturbation but once again it looked great aesthetically. Amber was laid out on a bench, while the guy stood over her and played with her while she reciprocated, continually stroking him while cupping and grabbing his balls. I loved the layers of colour- from the room's white background followed by his ebony complexion and then in the foreground Amber, with her fair skin, created a gorgeous look on camera. That one particularly reminded me of the type of look that the hegre company kinda popularised.

I joined her site for a while to watch some of the other videos.


Fast forward a few months and I came across her public snap and found out she was putting on a sale so immediately snapped it up and was added back pretty much instantly. She sent a nice welcome message also informing me not to screenshot or save stories unless an upgrade is purchased- which was fair enough as it was a relatively cheap price for membership.  

I lucked out and seemingly joined at a good time because the week was to culminate with her meeting up again with the guy from the video, who I now know as Major Lee Baller. They planned to shoot more content together and Amber would post some of the behind the scenes on her snap. 

Amber's stories have a mix of 'live' snaps mixed in with some re-uploads from Snapchat's Memories feature. The first day of snaps were brilliant, in fact the whole week was great and had everything that I personally like in my snap shows and if like me you've watched her content, it doesn't deviate to far from what she's known for and is great at.


Some of the story highlights and things I dig about Amber's premium: 


- Amber herself

Like I mentioned earlier Amber is super gorgeous and being a redhead, especially a natural red-head, makes her that more special. Plus, she's also blessed with a nice tush and overall gorgeous figure with flawless porcelain skin. I get the feeling that she's super proud of her butt as she shows it off at any opportunity- dancing or when in the bath etc and I'm grateful that she does. She even had a '365 days of ass pics' theme on her Instagram- meaning everyday a new ass selfie would be posted.

 Ms Spanks is a MILF only in the non strictest of terms as she doesn't have children but has this sexy mature thing going on- plus a whole Hollywood of yesteryear, pinup-swag in how she moves and talks. When she occasionally does mini stripteases or dances, its often accompanied by music of that era. The kind of music that has been re-popularised by Burlesque dancers in recent-ish years. Amber is great verbally too- not only in terms of the sexy talk that she employs especially well during BJ's but also with the Q&A or quick biography type snaps that she does from time to time. She has been pretty open about her upbringing and the vast contrast to what she's doing now, (I'll touch on that a little bit later when discussing aesthetics.), also she will sometimes talk on everyday life stuff and her interests relating to gardening, veganism, walks, working as a adult content creator, asking members to request things they'd like to see and tipping,  etc. She also does this super cute/sexy thing where she will just stick out her tongue in such an inviting way- but at times it's as if she doesn't consciously do it which makes it hotter.


- Aesthetics 

I mentioned how they make an effort to make their shows look great. I say "they" because Amber's husband actively participates too, in front of and behind the camera- for her premium as well as for video content. She mentioned in her Q&A snaps that he is also a photographer which makes sense and Amber herself has mentioned that in the past, she has done some adult modelling too (Hustler Taboo Magazine, Leg Sex Magazine)- which is again evident in some of the poses she adopts in her snap. One of the photographers she worked with ended up being the lucky guy in question, who she's now with. Also she's been on a reality show for Playboy and did a bunch of other adult and vanilla related stuff before deciding to create her own content with her husband, circa 2007- all of that to say that they're both pretty knowledgeable in how to make content and make it look good. 

I think for the shows, an iPhone or at least a high end Android is used which I think works the best on Snapchat in terms of quality of video and definitely in picture snaps. They sometimes try to switch the angles up never letting the camera stay in the same place for too long. I like the angles she uses when giving her man BJ's- especially the closeups of her face when she is at the point of getting him to climax and also when the camera is underneath, forcing us to look up her blowing with little droplets of saliva dropping down in the process, narrowly avoiding the camera. I also always enjoy his POV as he takes Amber from behind or films her crawling to reach his cock, with her tongue outstretched. They also employ good lighting for scenes both indoors or outdoors, but also decoratively in shows where coloured lighting is used and an example of that is in the next paragraph.


- Mistress of Switch 

I think it was on the first day that I joined her premium, Amber had up a lengthy (11+ mins) throwback show to where she was in a bedroom which had lighting that changed intermittently. She took time in showing off her gorgeous body including the gorgeous pubes she currently no longer has. She initially started off in a dominating type fashion, instructing viewers to get their cock out to worship her while letting the camera linger on her ass. She then told members about said "perfect ass and deep cheeks"- the type of talk that let me know I was on the right premium. She then switched the mood, her partner now appeared in the frame with Amber now on her knees, blowing him. She is one of those performers who can genuinely and convincingly move from a Domme to a Submissive effortlessly. The rest of the story continued with her going down on him, finishing with him... finishing inside her. Creampies are a thing that they regularly do and have been accustomed to them doing, from watching their videos. (I personally would love to see more facials or loads sprayed on her cheeks)

She is often submissive with her partner, shown most in the long sessions of him spanking her over his knees till she's red raw or even just during sex. The closest I've seen it reversed is when he went down on her with her being more dominant in the way she received it- grabbing and moving his head etc. Amber's Domme side usually comes through her JOI (jerk-off instructions) type stories, aimed towards members. while with other models that she fools around with she can be a switch. In scenes with someone like Cassie Curses, a semi regular feature on her premium, she often is more naturally the dominant one. In fact in a recent fun filled live story with them together, Amber responded to a premium member who wanted to know who was the more dominant. After informing the rest of the members of the question, in the following snap she placed Cassie over her lap and proceeded to give her a few hard spanks, asking if that answered their question.


- Roleplay 

Another thing I've been familiar with them doing is role-playing, a lot of their video content has them doing it in some capacity and that continues on snap. Most models tend to roleplay solo, in the form of JOI  or ass/boob worship type fantasy roleplays, which is great and something Amber does too, but I rarely see roleplaying with a model and her partner and rarely is it moved outside the confines of one room. Amber and her guy create mini stories that can involve them starting off in the living room before making their way to the bedroom and sometimes, like in another story I saw that first week, they carry the story on for a little bit after the money shot, which was a nice touch. 


- Having a partner

Pretty much from the start, I've talked about my personal preference of seeing models engage with someone else on premium. There are some models were my preference isn't really an issue for them specifically, as their content is so great. Even so, I still do like to see it and in the case of Amber, she's blessed to have a guy that not only performs but also works behind the camera too- and lucky for her members too. Often I've watched a show where she will be holding the camera or have it placed on a fixed point while she either undresses, moves around sexily or plays with herself- thinking that it will be a solo show, before he comes in to participate. Sometimes he will just be holding the camera for her as she does her thing which is a cool addition or benefit to have at your disposal for a solo show.



A few months in to me being on her premium, it got deleted. In the few weeks prior to the deletion she informed us that someone was reporting her snaps. Anyway, I wasn't on Snapchat for around a month and came back to find that she was gone. I asked her about it on her public snap and after explaining what happened, to my surprise, she very quickly added me back without any fuss. That doesn't tend to happen all the time as people who have purchased premiums can attest to and have attested to on this site, so that also added to the things I love about Amber.

Only thing that some people may have an issue with is her semi-regularly asking for tips but with the seriously low prices and continuous deals see has for entry to her premium, it's not a unfair request. Plus the quality of shows on its own should be cause to give something and anything given is always received with thanks both publicly and personally.

She responds to messages and queries too, the depth and length of the reply will obviously depend on what you say.


Amber's premium is one I'm seriously happy that I eventually joined.




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