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🇺🇸Ashyy Rose🇺🇸

*Premium No Longer Active*

Ashyy Rose @ashyy.rose


  • Hot body. 

  • Sexy ass. 

  • Very pretty. 


  • Moments of disappearance

💰Payment type: 

Subscription option


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play, with our without toys. 

  • Occasional play with her partner 

  • Twerking/ass shaking 

  • Nude snaps. 

  • Sexy shower snaps.


📷Screenshots/video msg saving:

Permitted  ✅


Ashyy Rose is pretty much, at least to me, one of the original snapchat girls. When I first discovered this whole premium thing, she was one of the few that was always on the takeover circuit (I think maybe even doing takeovers on Bosstanation too). 

I never got her naughty account at that time but I followed her public account which I think got deleted and around that same time I wasn't seeing her on takeover accounts. But by luck, maybe close to a year later, I saw her on periscope and after enjoying her stoner antics (she was debating, with herself, whether or not to go out to get food), I got her snap details again and followed her.


Anyway, fast forward a couple of weeks and the premium deal was sealed, when I saw her on a takeover account shaking her ass in slow motion. The string of her thong kept appearing and disappearing in between those sexy jiggly ass cheeks of hers and I just had to get it. 

As well as having a nice butt, Ashley is very cute and has got a gorgeous figure- tiny torso and thick from the waist down. Also love her red hair, always suits ladies with her complexion.


My first day on her page I was treated to the same similar views that got me to join up, but this time no thong getting in the way of the beautiful sights. I could literally watch those cheeks open and close all day, and her sexy thick thighs add to the sexiness of the ass shaking too. I also love when she glances back while doing this (probably just to check on the snap timer, but it's still hot 😀.) 

She then performed some anal play, again shaking her ass with a shiny butt plug firmly attached, and later brought a dildo into the mix, to change it into a series of DP related snaps. All of this on her massive bed- the camera positioned in one place, static.


She's not really interactive or communicative on premium, unless you message her about buying other stuff. Don't get me wrong the stuff she posts is explicit and sexy and for some guys that's probably enough, but without a personal touch it kinda becomes anything that you can see online for free and especially being that she's offering a subscription based service, I feel like interactivity and a rapport helps retain your subscribers, at least for me. She has her public account though, as well as her periscope where you can see what Ashyy gets up to, which is fun to watch especially if she snaps a proper story. 

When looking in to getting the xxx account, she said that she posts Monday to Friday- since I've joined, there's been a few weekdays missed- At the start of one of those days, she did say that she wouldn't be posting. But it was said via a snap on the story of her public account, instead of via her premium too.


I enjoy the stuff she posts. When she posts, the stories are of a good length, well shot (lighting etc) and like I said its sexy. She also said she will be joining Manyvids soon, so hopefully we'll see more videos and variety from the sexy Ashley. 

(Jul '16)


UPDATE (Aug '16)

Ashley's premium is pretty much back like clockwork and she's also much more interactive on the story. Stories are as hot as they've always been and recently there's been more involvement from her partner which can only be a good thing. She also has her Manyvids page up and running, link is on her Instagram page..


UPDATE (Oct/Nov '16)

Ashley informed us that her boyfriend broke up with her (crazy guy) and since that time she hasn't been on either accounts much at all.

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Ashyy Rose Ass @ashyy.rose


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