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🇬🇧Ava Austen🇬🇧

*Premium No Longer Active*

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  • Pro porn star. 

  • Gorgeous 

  • Thighs and ass combo perfection. 

  • Incredible figure. 

  • Great dirty/sex talker. 

  • Great communication.  

  • Has a personality/witty. 

  • Pubes intact.  



💰Payment type: 

Subscription type.


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play, with or without toys. 

  • Multiple/various partner play (m/f) 

  • Foreign insertion. 

  • Anal play 

  • Some public play.  

  • Role play/JOI. 

  • Nude selfies.

  • Behind the scenes from porn sets/cam shows.

  • Ass shaking.  

  • Shower/bath snaps. 


📷Screenshots/video msg saving:

Permitted ✅​



I've known of Ava for a while (around 3/4 years), she's worked in the adult industry selling content and camming but I and a lot of others probably came across her first from her work as one of the UK's finest adult actresses. She was one of the stand out performers on the Fake Taxi series, so when they made a porn spin off with, Female Fake Taxi, it was only right that she should be one of the reoccurring hosts on it.


It was probably around early to mid last year (2016) when I discovered that Ava was now on Snapchat, either through her takeover on Pornhub or it might have been Redtube or Xhamster but regardless she was sexy, fun and entertaining- as she always is during every takeover. I did however put off getting her xxx snap for a while because I thought it may not be good... I was questioning why a top pornstar would be offering her Snapchat for such a relatively low price for a lifetime, plus she works on cam too so I figured she wouldn't post much and use it mainly to promote that and the content she sells.

But none of those things transpired. It's a testament to her character how much effort she puts into it when potentially just the fact she's Ava Austen is enough to get most people off. There are snap models with less clout and fame that do way less.

Obviously, most porn watchers have seen her nude and seen her doing everything online, so that wouldn't necessarily be the selling point. (It still is though). Bigger selling points could be that you can communicate directly with her and get a different filming perspective/style from what you usually see of her in studio porn, where directors film in the traditional style. With her premium, she's in charge and can shoot in different angles and locations and because it's not a studio produced affair, you get a kind of intimacy that you won't see from her online videos.

The stories are varied- almost entirely solo but ranging from dildo use in various locations in her home, public play in a toilet cubicle, occasional girl on girl play, to showing some behind the scenes footage on the sets with the people she'll be fooling around with. She also has a partner but he doesn't appear on snap with her (at least since I've been on the account), but she will show scenes with other guys from some of the sexy movies she sells on Manyvids.


One of the things I love the most about Ava's is her mouth... not only because of her brilliant sucking and spitting abilities but because of the filth she utters- and it's not just because it's filthy, it's the way in which she says it, with her posh but not posh accent. Lots of pornstars say dirty stuff, but most say the usual clichés and boring lines that have been repeated since naughty flicks began. Ava's witty way of talking coupled with the natural sexiness she displays in her movies has carried on into this. On one story she was dressed in a naughty nurse outfit; and while riding a dildo with her gorgeous bum towards the cam, she said nonchalantly something like, "stick your finger up my arse.., test the temperature". You would have to see the snap to see how simultaneously sexy yet funny it was.


Physically, she's incredible. I feel that she appears taller than she actually is because she has this statuesque/ Amazonian goddess type look. Her thighs are perfect, all the more highlighted when she wears her tight yoga/ jogging pants. One of the 1st snaps I saw just after joining her premium was the beautiful sight of the camera being on the floor looking up at Ava's sexy bum which she was wiggling and shaking, her face peering over the top looking into the camera with those gorgeous eyes and that perfect smile. She then grabbed more than a handful of her cheeks, briefly spreading them before standing directly above the camera. Her thick, powerful thighs standing either side of it allowing us to see her gorgeous lips and the underside of her "fat arse", as she always calls it. She then used her two middle fingers to go to town on herself, causing the always beautiful sight of her cheeks rippling and moving.

Ava will also occasionally do some semi-public stuff, like get herself off in a toilet cubicle- in what I think was a supermarket. Lots of great views of her juicy bum, and her gorgeous smile reappeared during a hot moment where she could've potentially been caught. The sounds she was generating from her speedy fingering was definitely loud enough to be heard by the person occupying the neighbouring stall.


Her premium is definitely worth it. In the beginning I talked about the effort she makes- Ava posts at least 6 (mostly 7) days a week with the majority of the posts being new stuff. Over Christmas she went overseas and informed us that communication would be limited, and understandably so, but she still prepared a naughty Christmas themed video to be replayed during that time as well as replays of some of her greatest hits. Her snap stories are never just a couple of lifeless and static in-outs with a dildo; she does use dildos but you'll see her bouncing on it in various positions- on her massive couch or have it affixed to a wall while she backs up into it; with the camera perfectly capturing her perfect curves from below. Sucking, stroking and spitting on it and on her boobs- all the while saying the sexy stuff she says in only the way Ava Austen can.

(Jan/Feb '17)

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