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🇺🇸Blue Smoke🇺🇸

Blue Smoke face @bluesmokes0thic


  • Pretty/Sexy

  • Great b/g shows

  • Responds to DM's

  • Good story engagement

  • Regular stories



💰Payment type: 

One off payment


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play, with or without toys

  • Play with her partner

  • Anal play

  • Fantasy scenes

  • Squirting

  • JOI

  • Some shower shows


📷Screenshots/snap msg saving:

Permitted with higher tier packages


During her slot on a group premium, I saw a show by Blue that made me want to get her premium as soon as was humanly possible. 

It was a roleplay show with her partner, where they were pretending to be having an illicit encounter, under the nose of his wife. 

For someone who doesn't overly like acted/scripted porn, especially from mainstream productions, I loved everything about this. The look of her ass repeatedly backing into his cock was super hot, especially when she did it with the same high intensity when he put in her butt- to just the way it was filmed and with the exciting suspense I felt- even knowing that it was obviously staged . At the end of the scene, after he finished in her ass, I enjoyed the fun and creative way they ended the story with Blue jumping off his cock and swiftly leaving the bedroom, followed by a seamless cut as we hear his wife shout out from the en-suite bathroom, asking what the noise she just heard was.


Blue's Blue Movies

She posts roleplay shows either with her partner or by herself. The solo role play shows have her talking to her audience in a variety of different scenarios that are well acted and have an authenticity to it. Blue also has roleplay shows that are also more fantastical in nature, for example a solo show with her as a therapist. In this particular show she utilised great editing to portray a sexy dream sequence that had taken place during a session. And with the recent Halloween season there was a show where she was Batwoman.


Like I stated, she posts roleplay shows with her partner but they also have great moments of just regular couple smashing- something which is generally one of my preferred genres of porn and is undoubtedly my favourite style of shows on her snap. 

Since joining I’ve seen a handful of them but the one that comes to mind is the night-time show, with Rick and Morty playing on the TV in the background. It was shot in a similar way to the 1st roleplay show I mentioned- in the bed, shot POV style by her guy but this was more natural and couple-like. Loved the hot sensual BJ, the playful quips and natural dialogue. There was a fun moment when he impatiently attempted to remove her PJ bottoms with his feet and I even liked that they kept in a brief interruption when their kid started crying from the other room.


There was another great show that was more of a mix between the performative and 'real' and again I loved everything about it from the way it was shot, to her face during climaxing. For this video she used an overhead angle to capture the scene, I’m guessing through the use of a selfie stick which she was holding off camera. This allowed her partner to have free use of his hands to pleasure her- first by spreading her legs while penetrating her in various speeds and depth, sometimes using one hand to gently choke her while the other played with her clit before he brought a magic wand into the mix. This scene was completely about getting Blue off which made it great as it was super hot seeing her face in ecstasy as she climaxed numerous times. Was great to watch the natural and funny moments of dialogue between them.


Some other standout shows from Blue:

This was another intimate scene with her partner. A predominantly handjob scene, (another of my favourite porno genres) where her beautiful face stayed close to his cock as she lay between his legs. Her guy again filmed in a POV angle. It was more than a handjob and more of a sensual cock worshipping session, mixed with edging, where she would stroke and lightly touch every inch and on occasion seemingly forget that the camera was there… and in other moments stare into the camera and also glance at her guy with her gorgeous eyes. The teasing not only came from the light, sensual touches but also because she held his piece so close to her mouth but only put in there for the briefest of moments, when needing lubricant for stroking. It all culminated in a truly explosive finish.


The one where she used her fuck machine to get off- with camera in a slightly elevated fixed position, she lay on her side in a spooning position while bouncing her ass in a way that her soft jiggly cheeks would open and close beautifully as she continued to increase the speed of the machine, for another powerful and messy orgasm. (Those Into squirting will be happy with her premium, I think every solo performance finishes with a puddle underneath her. )

Also, most of her shows are of a good length, varying from around  6-11 minutes and she usually posts 5 days a week. Shows are a mix of newly recorded scenes and past shows.


Bonus footage

Blue also has an OnlyFans so I’m sure that the Snap show footage is used there too, with the only ‘live’ uploads being the ones in between the XXX shows, where she shares everyday life type snaps which I'm always a fan of. It can range from her talking about her vanilla job (sometimes taking pics of herself at work) to showing a funny moment at home, where she was struggling to remove waxing strips from under her arms. This helps in making the Snap experience different from what I imagine she posts on her OnlyFans.


My preferred shade of Blue

I personally prefer the elements of 'normality' that her Premium brings- from the everyday snaps, like the ones i just mentioned, to the 'regular' couple sex or even the roleplay sequences when the viewer takes the place of her partner- like in a cool solo roleplay show that she posted, where we woke up in bed to a view of her juicy ass before she continued with the simulated BJ and sex with a dildo.

Obviously she has members with different tastes, so has to offer different things and she does succeed in covering all grounds in a great way. Shows that are popular and/or tipped always get reposted the next day. She responds to messages, tips and requests- different tiers will give you different chatting privileges

She has a tagline that she has used in promo and a line that I'm sure I've seen similarly used by other models, "Your new addiction". And  in conclusion of Blue Smoke's Premium review, I'd say that's a pretty accurate statement.

(Nov ’20)

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