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🇺🇸Bratty Bella🇺🇸

Bratty Bella


  • Gorgeous. 

  • Great figure.  

  • Sexy ass.  

  • Fun personality.  

  • Shoots and records a lot of content. 

  • Interactive/engaging.  



💰Payment type: 

One off payment and subscription option


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Playing solo, with or without toys.  

  • Playing with different guys. 

  • Girl on girl play. 

  • Shower shows.  

  • Nude twerking. 

  • Public play.  

  • Foot jobs 

  • Nude yoga.


📷Screenshots/video msg saving:



The beautiful Isabella came to my attention primarily through Sucia, either from watching their hot and fun sessions on her premium or from vids via Manyvids. The first day on her account, Her FapFriends and I (a term she coined for her premium members) were treated to a fully packed show that covered various xxx type stuff.  


It's always a great thing, for me, to see an opening snap involve some kinda booty shaking and her opening snap didn't disappoint, with a nude Bella bent over her bed shaking her sexy ass, before starting her bath that members would also be invited to. The bath snaps started with more twerking while she was waiting for the tub to fill, smoking and a couple close up shots of some solo play. This was followed by a pre-recorded girl-girl-girl, oil play story.  

Ever since snapchat introduced the memories feature, I was very interested to see how premium models would use it or abuse it. Bella is a perfect example of someone who uses it properly. Using it to show past stories that are both hers and her FapFriends' faves or using it to show classic snaps to a bunch of new arrivals who wouldn't have seen it. She uses this past footage, to add to her already good and lengthy 'live' recorded story, as opposed to constantly relying on it due to laziness, as I've seen from some. 


Like her name suggests, she portrays a bratty school girl/princess type persona, which she pulls off with ease and shown in the way she dresses and talks, the occasional eye rolls, her hairstyle, the rebellious Metal music she plays when cheekily shaking her booty to the camera or sometimes giving her patented middle finger pose while sticking out her tongue. Also, she has a poster of one of my favourite movies on her wall, Clockwork Orange which is amongst all her princess-y type pillows etc. Those who know the film will understand that juxtaposition which further adds to her naughty princess persona. 


She's also cool with receiving constructive feedback, good or bad, which is another very rare trait. N.B. I said constructive feedback, not whiny complaints. (Certain models, mostly the type who post the same monotonous shows, have been known to block people for any criticism that isn't the familiar praise that they can screenshot and stick on their public page). One criticism she commented on was a lack of sensual blowjob snaps which I personally disagree with. Her style of head directly fits into her bratty princess character, I love the fast, energetic and almost petulant way she simultaneously sucks and pumps, and in one scene, midway through giving head she just nonchalantly paused to ask the guy something. :-D


Bella is very interactive, always speaking directly to her audience and is also one of the few who, a lot of the time, seamlessly interweaves some of her daily happenings into the sexy snaps, as opposed to them being two separate entities. So for example, in this same snap story, she told us she had just finished a face time call with her Ex, which had caused her to become aroused. This led to a sexy bunch of snaps involving Bella getting off with her vibrator- which for the duration, was pressed up against her clit, allowing us to see her very pretty kitty gush out, with every orgasm. 


She's definitely from the same school of her naughty accomplice Sucia, in terms of providing an entertaining and personality rich premium account- with hot and sexy content. And I really dig the Clockwork Orange poster..  


(Aug '16) 


UPDATE (Sep '17)

Consistency is probably one of the hardest things to achieve but Bella has probably been one of the most consistent models on snapchat since I joined, over a year ago. New stories posted are still at a high volume and her cute bratty persona hasn't wavered either. She still mixes up the 'live' shows with the newly pre recorded ones and still takes a lot of pride and effort in editing those prerecorded shows, with closeups and slow-mo replays etc. She especially puts those editing skills to use in stories that involve her squirting, something in which she has become a Master in. She's able to squirt at will, she uses the technique of placing the vibrator intermittently on her clit while she simultaneously uses her fingers or another dildo to bring on that big finish. Squirting has never been something I have particularly sought out or enjoyed but after one particular squirting show from Bella, I started to understand the appeal much more.

Bella has always been one to do public stuff, and she decided to do this squirt show in her back yard. She started to get off in her usual way but when she started to squirt, it cascaded all over the floor and the phone which she had purposely placed on the floor. The dual sound of the vibrator and the sound of her juices splashing on the floor and hitting the phone, plus the fact that it was outside made for an incredibly hot story.


Other types of prerecorded shows get that same editing treatment too, like when she has long segments of just shaking and twerking her ass, something of which I am still a huge fan of Bella doing, its a beautiful sight. She has a deceptively stacked ass in that its only when she's twerking or grabbing easily more than a handful of a butt cheek, do you really get to see and appreciate the booty meat she packs into her tiny frame. If there isn't any music going when she's shaking her ass, you can hear her cheeks clapping and see the depth as her cheeks open and close. The post edited slo-mo and zoom closeups are great additions in these kind of shows. A great new addition has been her naked Yoga sessions. Her sexy body and ass on the screen for long periods of time is always a good thing.


Speaking of outside play, Bella's Backseat Taxi Play is another highlight for me. Almost every time she's in one, she'll flash her boobs and play with herself while getting into conversations with the driver. She'll discreetly pan the camera from her to the driver in the front seat- there has been moments where she's almost been caught. Other places of public play have included an aeroplane. Another new bonus to her premium is the fact she's got a guy now, so there has been more opportunity for B/G content- more of Bella's blowies and good doggystyle snaps. 


She's still very vocal and communicative on her story and replies to DM's, when she describes events or things she's planning to do in her general life or shows, some form of nudity is always included during the talking. Bella has also started giving members access to a Dropbox folder with pictures and clips also.


Bella is rightfully proud of her premium and every so often she'll let us know that fact on her premium. I initially gained access to it because she was proud enough of it to grant me access, for a review- and I ended up buying it soon after because of how much I liked her snaps and the effort she made and has continued to make, since the 1st story I watched.


Still a premium that is definitely worth parting cash with.

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