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🇺🇸Cherokee D'Ass🇺🇸

*No Longer on model's Premium *



  • Naturally gorgeous.

  • Sexy thick figure.

  • Incredible ass.

  • A lot of snaps.

  • Ass made for worshipping.

  • Replies to DM's.

  • Posts daily.

  • Crazy cheeks (great ass)

  • Encourages dick pics.



💰Payment type: 

One off payment


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Occasional shows with her partner (non-explicit)

  • Bath/shower shows.

  • Nude pic & video selfies.

  • Nude Twerking/Ass shaking.

  • Dildo BJ's


📷Screenshots/screen recording:

Permitted ✅




I mentioned on a recent review how I'm beginning to find models with premium snap accounts from Instagram too now. This time I acquired a premium from another legendary pornstar, Ms Cherokee D'Ass.


Cherokee should be familiar to all but especially those with a similar taste for women with incredible butts. This sexy LA native has been making films since 2000, working with a bunch of different companies and performers. Some of her scenes have been beautiful spectacles to watch, where her ass has always taken centre stage in whatever scenes and positions she has been a part of. I've seen anaconda's disappear between her cheeks, just from assjobs (prior to penetration) and her co-stars faces have received the same outcome too. She has cheeks that move hypnotically in doggystyle, on her side, riding a guy, prone bone- there's literally no situation where her derriere doesn't look magnificent. 

She's either slowed down or ceased making content in the regular way but still finds ways to please her large fanbase, and has been for a while now, She has her own website(s) and puts out content featuring other performers. Plus she is also into camming, sexting, selling merch, club touring, putting up XXX clips on Onlyfans and of course Snapchat.


Getting a premium from models has for the most part been straight forward. You get the details or go to the site they're using for access and make a transaction. For Cherokee, to get it you have to first subscribe to her Onlyfans account, DM her there about your interest in getting it where she'll then instruct you to tip her a certain amount there to get it. From her standpoint, I can see it as a good way to go about it in terms of building up her Onlyfans profile and possibly a potential way of keeping all the individual snap usernames in a central location for easy access in case of snap deletion. But for potential buyers it may be a process that will put them off, I.e. having to create an account on a different platform. I've already been on Onlyfans so it wasn't too arduous of a task for me... and I was added to her premium within a day or two.


I sort of knew what to expect on her snap, from seeing some of the content she posted on Onlyfans, and so wasn't surprised in regards to the way she filmed or the style of content (usual hand held) but was pleasantly surprised that she had so much snaps posted and this is a consistent thing you'll find. There hasn't been a day yet where she hasn't posted or her story wasn't fully packed. Cherokee is obviously most known for her incredible ass and most of her snaps are a reflection of that. If she's taking us into the shower, twerking, walking outside, even sucking on a dildo- she will bring the focus back to her big batty.

The content she posts doesn't really deviate much from what I just wrote above, it's usually:- 

  • Bath/shower shows- occasionally her partner will film her in there, so it's one of the times you get to see all of her sexy body in a single frame.

  • Some dildo BJ's- since I've been on her snap, I've only seen her use her dildo for BJ's. I'm not sure if she has or will use it for solo pussy play, or maybe that's something reserved for her cam shows. She does this great thing of nestling her pink dildo between her cheeks, almost completely making it disappear.  

  • Public 'flashing'- this is usually only done in the outside confines of her house. So any degree of being spotted is minimal. She will usually pull down/up her top to reveal her boobs and obviously her butt, oftentimes pulling on her shorts and effectively giving herself a wedgie- causing 97% of her shorts to disappear into the vastness of her sexy crack.  

  • Twerking/booty shaking- she lives up to the 'D'Ass' moniker tattooed on her right cheek. So she'll often be shaking those colossal cheeks in the shower, when getting changed, while she's changing, after she's changed, in her back yard, lying on her bed etc. The music accompanying her rump shaking has ranged from, classic funk and hip-hop to modern trap hip-hop tracks.  

  • Occasional behind the scenes snaps- she'll often posts little previews of what she's getting up to on her cam shows but doesn't really advertise the camming, which is good. Recently, she took us behind the scenes of a girl on girl porno shoot, for her website, at a picturesque location with a swimming pool. She showed us the initial photoshoot before the two ladies got it on, inside and outside the pool- one put her strap-on to great use.  

  • Occasional Boy/Girl snaps- Cherokee has a partner and is obviously not shooting scenes any more so any sex we see will only be with her partner. She told members that she will only occasionally snap some B/G stuff for her members as it's not something she wants to or can film every time that they do the dirty. Plus she travels a lot and isn't always with him. On a recent trip to New York, she said she would film something, but I missed a day on her snap, so can't really confirm that she did. The lack of sex doesn't bother me too much as the majority of Cherokee's overall adult work that I've seen her do over the years has involved her with other guys.


Apart from that moment of her talking about the B/G snapping situation, Cherokee isn't very vocal but during almost every story she'll welcome new members before warning them about saving the stories to the DM. She's pretty adamant about this and it would result in you getting permanently blocked. She talks about her block list- and for some reason almost always uses Snapchat's funny face and voice filters when doing this 😂.  

She also encourages members to write to her in the DM's and send as much stuff as they want, ("jacking off, getting head" etc) she says that she likes all that nasty shit and she'll snap a pic or video back. I haven't sent anything rude yet but she has briefly replied to messages quite promptly and has sent pre-recorded video clips and pics too.

There was a recent day where she talked about what she was planning to do for the day and discussed other miscellaneous things and stated that she was gonna do more stuff like that, which I hope she does as I like to hear her speak and see some of her everyday life.


Great premium for fans of the legendary Queen, Cherokee D'Ass. Also great if you love MILF's and/or are a big booty connoisseur. 

(Jun '18)

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