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🍍Pineapple PussyPoppers🍍

(Group Premium)

*Premium No Longer Active*


💰Payment type:

One off payment or sold as part of other deals/offers.


Model's currently featured:

Natalia McKenzie, Riley Velvet, Julia Jay, Bratty Bella, Milky Luciano, Amber Dawn, Onyx Cums, Ellie, et al


I purchased this and another group premium from Luscious Baphomet, a model who I followed after I saw her either shouted out by another model or maybe after she performed a takeover on another model's premium account. I actually briefly talked to her before she started officially premium snapping so wanted to see her content as well as a couple other models who were on there. She was offering a combination of deals and I just opted to get both groups, which at that time was the same price as just her premium by itself. I figured I would also get to watch her snaps as well as the other models I was keen to see, killing two birds with one stone. It was also a good excuse for it to be my first foray into a group premium.    


I got it just at a time when I was taking a hiatus of Snapchat so I didn't watch much initially and can't really remember some of the earlier stuff I viewed but here are some of the recent highlights/reviews of certain models. A few of the models in the group, I already have their premiums, (Natalia, Bratty Bella, Riley Velvet) so their shows on the group premium pretty much reflect what I said in their reviews.  



🇺🇸Bouncy Britney🇺🇸



Britney is a sexy, blond, thick in all the right places model and Sin City native who has been camming, making naughty content and snapping for some time. I was actually briefly on her premium, eventually getting it sometime in mid '17 but her account unfortunately kept on getting deleted and she was understandably unable to add me back for what was like the 3rd time in a few days. So I couldn't really do a complete review because I wasn't on there long enough but I remember that what I saw was good and Britney was one of the reasons I wanted to get this group premium.  

On a recent Pineapple PussyPoppers story, Britney posted a show previously shown on her own premium that featured a guy who she informed to the viewers, was not her husband, Mike. She was giving the lucky guy a great BJ on her knees while he was laid back on the sofa. It was initially filmed more from his point of view before the focus was moved to a sideways shot closer to her pretty face, capturing her big gorgeous eyes glancing at the camera for a couple seconds at a time, while she sucked and simultaneously employed a swivel stroking technique. 

A few snaps later the scene switched, back to his POV, with Britney now riding him with great views of her booty beautifully filling up the screen with every other riding motion. This was then followed by some promo with Britney speaking on what potential buyers could expect from her private snap.

For me, Britney's appeal comes from the unassuming quality she portrays. She gives off a suburban, all American, stay at home wife vibe, a gorgeous stay at home wife that if you were lucky to be her neighbour, you'd secretly lust over while never really suspecting the xxx things she gets up to. Watching the trailer she created in promotion of her snap, reminded me of some the stories I watched on her personal snap back then. Some of my personal favs, are when she strips, dances and squats before shower shows, positioning the camera on the floor so we are looking up at her cheeks that envelope the screen with every squat. In keeping with my perception of the suburban house wife vibe, she also has a great looking house and also uses that to her advantage in her snaps and general video content- creating pristine and serene, picturesque backgrounds for the naughtiness and filth she gets up to in the foreground. She and her partner own or have access to a boat that has also been utilised in her shows and content, as well as a couple other moments of public play in different settings. I'm sure I remember seeing a public BJ, but the location escapes me. 

She mixes up the snaps with recorded live snaps, like the BJ one I talked about above, to pre-recorded videos that look like something she will probably post/sell on her site or Manyvids. These shows are in widescreen and more sleek, with transitional cuts, slow-mo effects, different angles and still camera shots. An example of where all of that was used was in another recent show from Britney, this time solo. Lots of various angles from whatever position she was occupying but she managed to keep the intimacy of a good premium snap, by talking to the viewers in between the different stages of her getting off, starting from sensual boob play before gradually working her way up to using a long double headed dildo. Some nice closing shots of her riding with ass to camera ended the story well. (Mar '19)

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