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🇺🇸Dani Daniels🇺🇸

Dani D Face -The Premium Reviewer

*Premium No Longer Active*


  • Great ass

  • Very attractive

  • Has pubes/bush

  • New shows 6 days a week

  • Posts 7 days a week


  • Videos uploaded in landscape (reduced quality)

  • No responses to DM's

💰Payment type: 

Subscription payment


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play, with or without toys

  • Boy/Girl play

  • JOI

  • Ass Worship

  • Some Bath/Shower Shows

  • Some public flashing/play

  • Stripping/seductive dancing


📷Screenshots/screen recording:

Not Permitted 🚫




At some point I'm gonna write about why Fancentro is underrated. It was actually through them that I found out who Dani Daniels is. It's kind of shameful, I know, as she is/was quite a popular mainstream pornstar but my excuse is that I haven't followed mainstream porn for a while. But still, with Dani having two of my most desired attributes a bum and a bush, she should have really been on my radar... but better late than never...

But back to how Fancentro introduced me to Dani. I had bought a premium account through scrolling on the FC site but that particular model wasn't actively using Snap anymore ... so after contacting FC, they offered me a bunch of model accounts that I could use to replace this inactive one. I recognised Dani from always seeing her in the top sellers portion of the Fancentro feed but before getting her account, I wanted to actually see what she was about. I did my Googles and found some of her work, as well as a cool interview she did with the True Geordie Podcast.  

 I informed Fancentro that I would like Dani's account and I was added within the day, with a show already on her account.


Some of my favourite shows have unsurprisingly been ones where a lot of her ass is in display for the majority of the time. To Dani's credit there aren't many shows where her beautiful booty doesn't get at least a cameo but it's a better time for me when her bum is top billing. Here are some of the ones that stick to mind.


  • A show where she entered the frame that with a red backdrop and lighting. She sexily welcomed viewers, " the best ass worship ever".  For around 10 minutes, she talked in a subdued, sultry and sexy voice while caressing, jiggling, spreading and continually spanking her ass. When she removed the bottom half of her clothes to reveal her divine bum, she continued slapping it and in doing so, she accidentally showed the secret buried deep within. One of the things that highlights a great ass is the depth of the crack, and because she's blessed with abundant cheeks, it wasn't even noticeable that she was sporting an anal plug, that was only visible when she accidentally parted them. The countdown at the end with her cheeks sooo close to the screen, as she furiously jiggled it and ordered viewers to eat her ass.... was beautiful to watch. 

  • A JOI show that brought in the new year of 2021. The better half of this show, for me,  was the first part, where her ass was literally in the spotlight as she spanked, twerked and bounced her cheeks while talking sexy and encouraging viewers to cum. The later half involved her getting herself off while counting down.

  • Pretty much every show with her partner is hot because of the POV doggy that is almost always displayed. Love seeing her ass ripple as he bangs or when she rides in reverse cowgirl.

Show positives

  • Shows uploaded every day, 6 of them new

  • I don't know how she does it but I think that 99.9% of her shows seemed to be filmed in different locations- I don't know if she lives in a mansion with a lot of different rooms... or maybe she just goes on a lot of vacations and shoots content in the different hotels and Airbnb's that she rents. Regardless of how she does it, it is very rare to see her in the exact same backdrop.

  • Obviously there is a finite amount of porn categories that exist, so they'll be genres repeated but usually she performs it with an entirely different theme. You'll find everything that she probably did in her mainstream career, from solo shows to b/g shows- solely with her lucky partner.

  • The replay shows at the end of the week is a cool addition to her premium. She ends the week by playing the top 3 shows, I don't know how that is decided as I'm not sure if she communicates with fans via snap- but more on that later.

Show negatives

1- For some reason almost every show uploaded has been in landscape, which on Snapchat's static, portrait interface, means the show is reduced to a small square in the middle of the screen surrounded by black bars. I've seen other models upload something that was shot in landscape and manage to flip it to full screen, portrait- requiring the viewer to only turn their phone sideways, to enjoy the full screen experience. (I also managed to do that a few times, when personally using snap.)

I'm guessing that one of the reasons that it's shot in landscape in the first place is because it's not made solely for Snapchat and she uploads the same content on other platforms and/or sells the vids separately, where that framing would make sense. The shows can still be seen but it's not an optimal viewing experience. It might also be uploaded like this to dissuade piracy.

Earlier on into my membership of her premium, she was advertising Brazzers+ as an alternative to Snapchat- I don't know if the screen quality has always been like this in in the days before I joined or if it's in this format now, to encourage people to go to Brazzers+, where it will be displayed correctly- but in recent times it hasn't been promoted anymore, and the shows are still displayed that way.

2- The next point probably isn't a negative to most of Dani's fans but for me it is something that I don't like in general, regardless of the model. Dani is from the world of mainstream porn, where they're generally encouraged to be more 'over the top' and vocal and Dani brings that same energy to Snapchat. I don't really like that and usually prefer scenes with natural moans and climaxes.


I tend to only give models' accounts negatives on something they say they will do but don't deliver on. So if a model only charged 1 dollar for 'lifetime' access only promising ass shaking- no chat, no engagement or certain amount of posts... and if she delivered on that, I would rate it highly. A model who charges the same 1 dollar but promises the earth and never delivers, won't be rated highly. The price of access is inconsequential. How much you charge is not really my concern because after joining and seeing consistently great content and delivery on what was advertised, I will always tip, especially if I feel a model undersold on their premium, for the level of content that has been provided.

 In the case of Dani everything she offers on her FC page is accurate- from her posting daily with new content to the type of content she posts- but to the part where she says members can "chat with me", that doesn't seem to be the case.


When I first joined, I quickly left a message that wasn't responded to. I thought it could possibly be lost in the multitude of messages someone of her status is probably bound to receive. A week or so later, with no response, I caught a show just as it was being uploaded, I said something in the DM's and it was opened but not replied to. 

I'm feeling there could be two reasons for this.

 1- It is not Dani actually uploading on there- a lot of popular and busy performers have people that do that for them. This has become even more so the case with the emerging popularity of OnlyFans, where mainly influencers or those with a large fanbase, will only provide content to managers/agencies who then do the running of the account. Subscribers often find that they are not talking to the actual model but some random person.

 So if Dani is using someone to upload, it's actually a good thing that the person doesn't try to talk with fans.

 2- I know that Fancentro has it's own messaging service, so when you subscribe to a model you also have the ability to message them there... so maybe its only through there where you can message her. If that's the case, that wouldn't really work for me as most of the time messages that I send are directly in response to a specific snap and also the level of spontaneity and intimacy is removed having to go from one platform to another to communicate.

Dani D

Aside from being sexy, pretty, having a great ass and a beautiful bush, I kinda wanted to learn more about Dani, as that is what a platform like Snapchat can bring across better than other platforms. So instead of the thematic, porn-esque type shows, maybe just a natural shower show with no 'scripted' talking orsome kind of behind the scenes... basically anything devoid of smut and just instead just showing real life. She did mention on her premium buy page "...this is the only place to see me candid, being my natural sexy self!". I don't know if this was something that was true when she initially started selling premiums but it's not the case now.- it's solely shows. Maybe she meant that the candid and natural comes from the shows now being shot in homely settings and not the mainstream sets she used to shoot in and instead of male leads, b/g scenes are solely with her real life partner- but I guess I expected more stuff that showed things partly based in her everyday life- her businesses, creative projects etc.- without having to necessarily look outside of Snapchat to see that..


For those solely into consuming XXX content, content made by a top performer and especially Dani Daniels fans, this will be a perfect premium subscription... if you haven't already got it! The story is never empty and the shows are Dani-esque in terms of her performance and enthusiasm. Since I joined. I have only just recently seen a show that I think was a repeat. Her bum is incredible and her bush is magnificent. I love the way she gives a BJ too.

 For those who don't just want pre-recorded content with no interaction then you probably won't want this, or at least not stay subscribed for a long time. If some everyday life content was added, this would get an excellent rating, because the content is good- even with the videos not being shown in the proper ratio.

 There was a snap show where she was giving a BJ for a considerable length of time, and just before the end of a snap she paused... let out an exasperated sigh and said something to the likes of, "oh come on babe!", seemingly because he was taking too long to finish. I liked that because it seemed to be something that wasn't meant to be aired and displayed a moment of realness, from Dani. I understand most of her fanbase come from and know her from mainstream porn, so she has to give them the Dani Daniels they are used to seeing, but I would personally love a bit of Kira Lee mixed in.

-TPR (May ’21)

UPDATE (Jan '22)

Dani no longer offers a premium snap, she started to announce fazing it out a month prior to it coming to an end, before the new year. She still offers content on her FanCentro, under the same subscription.

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