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🇺🇸Efi Bean🇺🇸



  • Beautiful

  • Slim-thick

  • Great ass 

  • Has pubes

  • Replies to DM's

  • Regular live snaps


  • No explict shows

⭐Standout aspect of premium snap: 

'Stories filled with cake


💰Payment type: 

One off payment


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Some solo play

  • Bath snaps

  • Stripping/nude body reveals

  • Some mini shows/teaser shows


📷Screenshots/screen recording:

No rules stated




Sometimes my brand of long reviews is not necessary, sometimes a model just performs the fundamentals well. They don’t do anything that necessarily pushes the envelope in terms of creativity but the stuff they do, will still gets a rise out of you and make you want to see their story every time they post. This will be one of those reviews.

I’m almost certain that I first saw Efi, short for Stephanie, on Twitter. Sometimes you get deep into Twitter looking at various accounts and clicking on one retweet that leads to another retweet… etc. And again, I’m almost certain that it was Efi’s ass that caught my attention and made me stay on her account for a while and browse through her media tab.

As well as all the ass pics and clips, I was happy asf when I saw that big yellow square - Efi’s snapcode - which indicated that she had a Snapchat and fingers crossed, a premium snap too. Double checked that she was on a verified platform and quickly added her snap. After being added back I viewed the public story and quickly asked if she offered a premium. She did, it was a one time fee and I got it.


Efi’s Premium Content

Like I mentioned in the intro, Efi doesn’t really do shows or do anything really elaborate. She will occasionally post a teaser of a dildo show that will be posted outside of Snapchat, but the teasing I resonate with the most is all the ass related snaps, posted throughout various times during the 24 hour story.  Her premium caters to my tastes- ass and more ass. Blood sugar raising levels of cake displayed. Ass jiggling, ass shaking, ass clapping, ass squatting over the cam, ass spreading, ass facing cam while bent over, ass to the side in bed. It’s also mostly ‘live’ snaps, something that I love and that is rarely done anymore. 

Secondly, video and picture quality is almost always great, sometimes using snap filters will degrade the quality but it’s used very rarely.


The only example I can bring up of something akin to a show, is a series of snaps, that wasn't live this time, where we see a sexy Efi, sitting on a chair/stool with her feet on the seat and her knees on up to her chest - completely covering her top half. When she eventually brought her legs down in the sexy way that she did, it was properly revealed that she was completely nude. It was a short segment but super sexy and very well filmed- I think the light from a nearby window illuminated the scene perfectly. 


I know I’m an unashamed ass fiend and that’s my favourite part of Efi’s account, but her snap is also blessed with vids and pics of the rest of her gorgeous body, including an absolute stunner of a face and gorgeous hair - thinking back,  I think that the other reason I stopped to check out her Twitter was because of a well taken face selfie, showcasing her great looks and red hair, snapped in a car. She has since confirmed it was only dyed, which I really should’ve known - because if I wasn’t so focused on her bum, the obvious indicator would’ve been the beautiful dark bush that she also has in her arsenal of sexy attributes.

Other stuff to view on her snap:

-nude pics

-clips of her playing with herself

-chill clips of her smoking or doing chores things around the house, practically naked

-she is also a nurse or works in a hospital, so you get the occasional mirror poses of her in work attire -  a sexy nurse will never not be hot.


She has commented on her snaps, stuff that insinuate her partner banging her but no boy/girl content has been posted. I don’t know if that’s because she only posts that outside of Snapchat, like she does with full solo shows, or her guy doesn’t like to appear on camera- but that's always something that I like to see, if possible.


Efi also displays some of her personality on snaps too, you’ll find this in some of the stuff she writes on the pictures and even in the silly/goofy clips she posts. That chair story that I just mentioned had a funny blooper version where she wasn’t as sultry as in the first… concluding with her having to end abruptly because someone may have been passing by her window.

If there's a slight criticism of her snap is that there aren't any full shows. I personally don't mind it for all the reasons I mentioned above but because it's sort of alluded to that she does this in her premium at the time of asking and seeing it mentioned in subsequent snaps on her public snap,, I feel it's something that should be included at least occasionally. Also, her OF is apparently no PPV at $10 per month and obviously when you join there is a bunch of vids there that can be viewed repeatedly. Access to her premium snap is currently at least 3 times that, with content that disappears and doesn't have repeated viewing. The snap price is a 'lifetime' price though but she has mentioned people tipping so that is seemingly an expectation on her part, so I don't think a full show - even if it is old or just posted occasionally, is too much of a an unreasonable request


Streaming Meta

I’ve seen snaps of her talking about gaming or seen selfies where she’s wearing a headset etc, so I think she also may have aspirations to move into professional Twitch streaming - which is now becoming very commonplace with a lot of people, including those making adult content - with famous pornstars like Mia Malkova becoming popular on Twitch and streamers like Amouranth who blurred the lines in her streams, now doing X rated content outright.

She’s also good at responding to compliments and questions, in the DM’s. Tips are obviously welcomed and received with a personal thanks in the DMs. She recently set up a gift wishlist, where among the sex related things you’d expect to be on there, she also has some items related to gaming/streaming, which relates to what I said in the last paragraph.

Random fun fact- even amidst a hurricane or tornado that was going through her part of town, Efi still posted cheeks on the story that day.


- TPR (Jan '22)

Update: May '22 

About a month and a half of being on Efi's premium, she decided to create a new account and charge everyone again, which is a practice that I have scrutinised for obvious reasons. It was disappointing as I had tipped during my short time on there, so had assumed that maybe I would be let on to the new one. But the level of snap stories, had started to fall off towards the end and she often seemed to complain about people not tipping, so maybe that was the reason for reneging on her 'lifetime' option. If her account was deleted or even it wasn't but I was on there for a considerable amount of time, it would be less of an issue. As I've said in an a writeup, sometimes the best bet for certain models is to charge a subscription instead of a lifetime, which can benefit both the model and the subscriber. The model benefits from consistent revenue as long as she delivers and the subscriber gets the benefit of knowing the model will be trying to retain her members by dropping consistent quality content, and will only pay to see more of it.

Safe to say, I won't be re-joining, just because of that weird action, and from past experiences that behaviour is almost always repeated again at some point, especially as it's validated by new people buying it or people paying again to re-join.

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