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🇬🇧Helen Heights🇬🇧

Helen Heights Face | The Premium Reviewer


  • Sexy

  • Incredible Ass

  • Cool personality

  • Great with DM's



⭐Standout aspect of premium snap: 

Personality and ass snaps


💰Payment type: 

Reoccurring payment


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play

  • Shower snaps

  • Some public flashing

  • Public play

  • Ass play

  • Twerking/ass shaking/clapping

  • Striptease/Nude dancing

  • Some cosplay


📷Screenshots/screen recording:

No rules stated




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Piracy is often portrayed in a negative light and I agree, for the most part. Obviously if someone does it with the intention of profiting off of someone's work that's never good but I can also see the positive aspects of it. 

Back in the day when downloading was popping and streaming wasn't really a thing yet, I would often download albums and if I liked it would buy the CD.  I also did the same with porn, and that's when I first came across deep throating legend Heather Harmon. 


Now years later, I got the chance to have a Q&A with Heather and I asked her if she thought online sharing had played a part in her success and she confirmed my assumption that it did indeed help. That's why, these days, some models 'leak' their own content in the form of putting it on porn streaming sites like Pornhub etc, the smart ones making sure to watermark it too, all to help bring awareness of them and their content. 


All this to say, this is how I came across Helen Heights. A video was posted of her shaking her bum, in various positions for around 10+ minutes, on a forum dedicated to ass. Helen had thankfully watermarked her video which led me to look for Ms Heights expeditiously and was delighted to find that she offered a premium Snapchat as well as videos on ManyVids. 


Helen is a cammodel, video content maker and also snaps on Snapchat. She is pretty, statuesque, slim-thick/athletic and has one of those bums that I've occasionally talked about as being sculpted by the Gods of Ass. From the moment I saw the recoil and jiggle of her cheeks in that video, I could tell that it was natural, definitely not surgically enhanced but also not purely gym made. From her physique and stamina in that video, its apparent that she is definitely a gym go-er but being a self certified expert in ass, it was obvious to me that her bum is mostly down to genetics. Something that she later confirmed, saying that her mother has a booty too. 

Climbing On Board

From experiences, that I've noted in the past, I'm usually dubious when it comes to getting a cammodel's 'premium snap' because they usually seem to operate it in a completely different way, but Helen's derriere made me forget all of that and proceed with buying. 


The only way to get her premium is through MFC by first buying an item that gives access to her snap account for life but to be added to the naughty story you will have to get an additional cheaper item, which will grant you access for a month. You buy it manually, it won't automatically come out of your account like a membership site.


One of the first bunch of snaps I saw on her premium was her showing bites from midges or gnats that came as a consequence of the hot weather. After showing the bites, in the next series of snaps, she turned those proverbial lemons into lemonade by making a mini show out of it. It opened to a view facing her bed, with the sound of a vacuum in the background. Helen moved into the frame, with her back to the cam revealing she was bottomless, wearing only a small top. She begins to crawl on the bed to start vacuuming her mattress, in a natural/voyeuristic way -  with her ass cheeks shaking and swaying from the motions of her hoovering. She slowly kept on backing up till she reached the edge of the bed where she stood up, bringing those blessed cheeks achingly close to the camera, while still continuing to clean. She eventually walked of showing a beautiful side profile of her protruding bum. 


This style of voyeuristic content has been my favourite type of thing that Helen posts and is also up there in the type of content I like in general, and she sells a few videos with this theme too.


Helen’s Premium

Helen semi recently posted a funny TikTok that spoke on the different type of Heights and I think that it will be a good way of describing aspects of her premium.


Disco Heights

Helen is a naturally great little mover, I was surprised to find out that she hadn’t attended dance classes or some kind of performance school as a kid. You can often see her boogying, on both sides of her Snapchat. 

On the XXX side, there's been many examples but around Halloween, Helen put out a great dance sequence where she cosplayed as Joker, coming in to the frame kicking her legs to the beat, like he did in the film, with the same song used in the film too (by the artist that shall not be named). She freestyled the rest of the routine while expertly stripping off, all with a fake cigarette in her mouth. 

There was also a funny clip where Helen was dancing surrounded by her work related equipment with the caption “When you finished filming like..” In these snaps she was dancing nude while unscrewing a cock from a fuck machine and compacting her tripod.


Gym Heights

This is another of my favourite type of snaps from Helen’s premium. Ever since she switched gyms the amount of sexy related content from there has increased. The new found space and facilities has allowed for incredibly sexy shower snaps and changing room shenanigans that are always hot to watch, especially when there is a chance of being caught.

There was a cool gym snap that actually started from her home, where she appeared on screen under an initially cryptic caption, “No one will know”. She did the “shhh” motion before pulling down her sweat pants to reveal what looked like a regular pair of black panties from the front but when she turned around it looked like something from Victoria Secrets, with parts of it purposely cut out and a lacy bow affixed on the top. The caption made sense when the next snap jumped to Helen at the gym, kneeling down and quickly flashing the panties underneath before she ended the snap


Hustling Heights

Most people know that working independently is more often than not a laborious job, and an independent adult content creator is no different. Out of all the little glimpses that Helen shows of her life on snap, the aspects of work is probably the most shared. From her sharing when her camming website's not working, speaking about weird interactions and requests with fans in her DM’s, noisy neighbours putting a halt on being able to record, to talking about the duality of 2021 being a highly successful year but also the first year where she got taxed heavily. 


Helen hustling is also a reflected in the content she puts out, as time is something that has to be managed well when working for yourself. Meaning that, if she’s at the gym we’ll get sexy snaps from there, if she’s shopping for clothes we’ll get dressing room naughtiness, or if she’s showering or waking up, we’re sometimes in the midst of that too.

Even her camming is linked, she has posted mini snap shows after camming where she has shown the creamy aftermath of a camshow or has just wanted to continue the fun of getting herself off, on Snapchat.

Shows where she gets herself off are never longer than 3 minutes, they are super to the point. Any planned theme or snaps with a longer running time is left for videos and camshows.


Helen always comes across as someone who doesn’t like to half ass anything.

You see this in:

-the seconds of food snaps that she posts, all of the meals look incredible and some are served up to look like Michelin star level.  She bakes cakes where you can see that actual time and skill was required to make it.

-the recent videos that she sells have a high production value (can even be seen it in her seemingly abandoned YouTube Channel)

-the snaps of her watching back the content she is making/editing, show a level of commitment to putting out something good (it also cracks me up when she laughs at some of the dialogue or acting). It’s also another example of a great use of her time by simultaneously previewing content while providing some extra content for the snap members.


Hippy Heights

I’m not sure if I’ve seen too much off this type of Helen. I think that perhaps in the summer this side may emerge more. She’s posted snaps of her walking around her streets showing stuff that catch her eye and she’s also a bit of a green-fingers. There was a series of snaps where she was talking about various stuff in her garden like it was a nature show, while picking blackberries.

I think another hippy trait is public flashing, which is something I love and there’s been a couple of moments where Helen has dabbled in this. One was when she was walking down a path and she flashed her boobs and a quick looping snap of her doing it in her car. There’s also the gym moments that I mentioned earlier.


Ya Gurl Heights

This sometimes comes out when she’s speaking or in captions she will write in the snaps. She will also sometimes say slang or randomly say something that you would only get if you’re into or are a fan of hip-hop culture. For example, in what’s becoming a funny reoccurring segment on Helen’s snap, she will read out something sent in her DM’s, this time it was a phone request that she was unsure about. Right at the beginning of the snap she said, “message!” in a way that could only be referring to the comedy spoof, Don’t Be A Menace… There’s been other instances like that too and Helen is also fond of randomly speaking in an American twang.


Not A Morning Person Heights

She sometimes streams on cam late at night/early in the morning, so I could see that being a thing but I do know that I love the snaps of her waking up in bed, where she will film her body -  sometimes playing with herself or just filming closeups of her bum, allowing viewers to marvel at her ass, on occasion making it audibly clap while lying down.


Chilling Heights

Helen’s stories shows moments of her down time, she snaps herself laughing at clips of shows that she’s watching on her TV or on her laptop but have also seen her going out with friends or family.

I’d also include the moments where she's kicked back, talking to us about the funny interactions she has.


Another Heights

There is an element that wasn’t on that TikTok video, and that’s her great eye for detail and ability to know what looks great aesthetically, on camera.

One of the early snaps I loved was a fixed shot of her body, where she was only in frame from the neck down to her knees. She managed to use natural light to illuminate her gorgeous physique while she moved her body in a super seductive way. It wasn’t a fluke as she’s filmed similar shots in various places in her house, one time making it black and white. On every occasion making great use of the lighting and using great camera placement. I’m sure this comes from her years of experience shooting content, but I do feel that it’s oftentimes something that is innate and can’t necessarily be taught.

She puts slow motion to great use too - not only does it look great, it also inadvertently makes the snaps longer, prolonging the sexy views that members get to witness. 

Her great eye is also seen in other aspects such as the cosplaying outfits she sometimes wears, the food and cakes she makes. Also, in Hippy Heights, i touched on her videoing the stuff that catch her eye when walking on the street, on a couple of occasions I remember her paying particular attention to the artistic graffiti and tags on the walls.

The Heights of Helen's Premium

I think I touched on my favourite parts of Helen’s premium, but i’ll list my top 3 here, more definitively.


1) The voyeuristic style content, where she doesn’t acknowledge the camera at all and the actions she does are naturalistic. I already mentioned the bed cleaning snap, this one was bathroom tile cleaning. I can’t remember if there was a similar prelude to this scene, as she did with the bed one, but it had a similar camera setup and a similar boner causing outcome. Her cheeks probably rippled, jiggled and swayed more than the other video, as she scrubbed the hell out of those tiles. and it was so beautiful to watch. I’ve always noted in reviews that bathroom lighting always hits different, probably because of all the reflective surfaces - and it made the scene and Helen’s tush look even more incredible.

Love when she does these and always look forward to when she randomly drops those type of snaps. She also sells videos that have this type of theme. 


2) Great DM responder, will explain more about that at the end.


3) This was obviously going to be included… anytime Helen displays her bare buttocks is always going to be a win for me and anyone lucky enough to view it. The shape, the crack, the waves and ripples when it moves or is touched…. Her naturally ability to dance goes hand in hand with her twerking skills, and that usually brings out the audible cheek clapping which makes me start grimacing, shaking my head and sending thanks to the ass gods.



Helen's premium is great, she provides some insight of her life and some of what she experiences as an adult entertainer. This is coupled with the naughty snaps, sexy moments and mini shows. Like I mentioned, its a reoccurring monthly fee that you pay to see the sexy aspects on her snap and I'm definitely on course to stay for the foreseeable future. Her ass brought me to her but her vibe and personality has definitely kept me there…. her ass too...


I mentioned that from my previous experiences, models who are predominantly cam models, haven’t had good premiums, it was always treated as a secondary thing, a promotion for the camming or the same principles of tipping were brought to the world of snap. It’s not like that with Helen’s premium, she does briefly announce when she’s online but she seems to treat snap as the separate experience that it is, and not something that’s completely intertwined with camming.


Helen is definitely one of the best in DM responses and conversations, I think I heard her mention on cam liking or being cool with dirty talking and receiving dick pics, if you're into that.

Even though camming is not really my thing, personally, I have gone into her room to tip and listen to her convo with her regular fan base. Occasionally some of the things she talked about there will show up on her snap story but nothing that would confuse you if you never ventured to her cam room and only wanted to view her snap.

There was actually one time she was discussing clothes shopping and jokingly asked if someone could remind her to get some new lounge wear. Later that day, when I saw snaps of her clothing shopping, I DM’d to remind her and she later responded with a personal video message, showing her looking through some comfy bottoms. On the story, we were also all treated to a hot lingerie try-on haul, from inside the store changing rooms.


She pretty much posts something daily, probably only weekends are off but I’m sure I’ve seen snaps on those days too.


Oh, and that video that I talked about seeing on a forum, the one that introduced me to Helen Heights, I ended up seeing it on her page and had to buy it.

- TPR (Feb '22)

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