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Interview with Ella Kojiro

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The lockdowns of the pandemic brought about a bunch of change for people, especially when their regular employment became affected. Some people where lucky enough to find something that they liked to do during this time, some managing to monetise it too.  Ella and Kai Kojiro are a great example of this. Their natural inclination of public frolicking and exhibitionism led to them releasing this type of content on PornHub and they quickly racked up a lot of views and developed a following.

It must have been around that time when I first saw them too and joined their growing fanbase. Due to some of their earlier public content being filmed from Kai's point of view, I became really acquainted with the sexy, energetic and incredibly daring, Ella - who's face was partially obscured but yet still managed to showcase a great on screen presence and personality... also it doesn't hurt that she has the literal body of a Goddess. Their content was a tick-box of a bunch of things I like - real public exhibitionism,  risky public play (fucking, BJ's, facials, cumwalks), intimate couple content, filmic quality. 

As quickly as I discovered them, they quickly disappeared... and not really being a regular visitor of PornHub made it hard for me to find them again. Thanks to some fortunate events I found Ella's socials and found that they were back on PornHub but without any of the public content. In a YouTube video, Ella explained the situation of their initial ejection from PH as well as touching on some of the issues with their public content. But there was more questions I wanted to ask this Canadian beauty and I'm happy to be able to present it here. 

The Premium Reviewer: In your IG bio you have Quebec baby proudly written there. Have you lived there all your life?


Ella Kojiro: No I haven't, I lived in Ontario growing up - a little bit around Toronto - and Kai and I moved here about 2 years ago. I think we plan on staying here for as long as possible really, neither of us really want to ever move back to Ontario that's for sure. Quebec is just really beautiful, it's been an amazing place to live. It feels like you're in Europe, even though you're still in Canada.

TPR: How long have you and Kai been together and how did you meet?

Ella: Kai and I have been together for about 7 years now. We actually met when we were in high school, around 17 years old. We just met through mutual friends, we were instantly into one another and started hanging out almost everyday, pretty much right away. And within a month we were boyfriend/girlfriend and we've basically been inseparable ever since!


TPR: I initially had a bunch of questions that I was going to ask about how you first got into making adult content and some questions on the risky public videos you put out, but I just saw your YouTube video where you pretty much answered those questions perfectly. But I did want to ask if the public content was the reason you guys decided to not show your face, initially, or was it something else?


Ella: When we first started making porn, we were a little bit unsure if this was something we wanted to do long-term. We weren't really sure if it was going to be worth it or not, so that was the main reason why we didn't show our faces at first. We just didn't really want to risk any family or friends finding out and on top of that, once we did start doing the public stuff that was another reason to keep our faces private. Although, it ended up being that even though our faces weren't in it, it didn't really help - people were still able to figure out who we were. 

I think both of us just really wanted to be open with our families about what we do for work, so that if we did a face reveal and somebody came back to them and said, 'we saw this or that',  it wouldn't be as much of a shock to the system, basically. 

Ella and Kai | The Premium Reviewer

TPR: So what made you guys decide to start showing your face?


Ella: It was never really a full decision on whether we were or were not ever gonna show our faces, it was just kind of playing it by day or playing it by year, I guess. And eventually we just got to the point where we thought it would be a lot easier to start showing, especially since we were already open with everybody we knew in our lives, they knew what we did for work; And it would have made the video editing and taking pictures easier without having to blur out any faces and whatnot. So it was a pretty easy decision to start doing that, there wasn't really much behind it other than just wanting things to be easier.


Also just wanting to show a little bit more personality, I think that can sometimes be a lot easier when you show face. You know, even just facial expressions and things like that, I think people really enjoy seeing those sorts of things - in social media as well as in my porn content.


TPR: The public content was the thing that brought you guys to my attention. Being a big fan of this type of content I can usually tell when it's authentic or if someone's just doing it because it's a trend but are not really into it, and I definitely saw and felt the authenticity from you guys. I was going to ask if public sex would be something you would do without a camera present but you mentioned, in the same YT video, that you guys would and have done it away from the camera.

So instead I'll ask if you could please try to explain, to non-exhibitionists, the thrill that exhibitionists derive from playing in public or even just the inherent exhibitionism in putting out content that can be seen by a lot of people?


Ella: So Kai and I have basically been exhibitionists since the beginning of our relationship, it was always just such a thrill for us. I think there's something very exciting about when you're out in public and you're with someone who you're extremely attracted to and all you want to do is be as close and as intimate with them as possible… but there's people around and there's things going on are you in a situation where, you know, you shouldn't do something like that - something about that feeling of knowing you're not supposed to be doing it but then really wanting to do it - just makes it that much more exciting!


Even just doing it somewhere where you don't normally do it... because when you're inside and you're having sex on your bed or on your couch… I mean, it's all fine and fun but it can start to feel a little vanilla overtime. When we're out in public and we're doing something, it's just so much fun, it's so much more exciting for the both of us, sex feels so much better. A lot of times, even though we don't always go out in public necessarily, we also have a balcony so we do stuff there or even just by the window. Things like that are always just super exciting and anyone who hasn't tried stuff like that… I mean they're missing out! Haha

Ella Pornhub | The Premium Reviewer

TPR: Do you or Kai have experience in film or photography, the angles, lighting and camera quality is super impressive?


Ella:  One of Kai's biggest hobbies and passions, ever since he was very young in high school and even elementary school, was photography and videography. When we first started dating I never really knew anything about it all, I liked taking selfies and that was about it but at some point in the middle of our relationship, he started teaching me a lot more stuff with photography. We did some wedding photography together at one point, it was something we tried to do when we were a little younger and that was fun it was really good. He was the one who really knew what he was doing and I was just kinda taking direction a lot of the time. He has experience with film photography as well and develops his own film, he's really really talented with it! He has taken a lot of photos and has some film that he still has to develop, which I'm excited to see how it turns out!


When it comes to angles, he also knew a lot about that too but I think a lot of that we learned together, through trial and error and through just watching other people's videos, or seeing other photographer's pictures and things like that. You try to kind of replicate them as much as you can but make them in your own style and eventually, as time goes on, it just became a lot more natural for the both of us.



TPR: What are you and Kai's go-to equipment and tools to use for making content? - (i.e. Camera, toys, computer etc)


Ella: When it comes to filming, I prefer using a phone just for the ease of it. We also really like using the GoPro I think both of us like the quality of the GoPro a lot more but we both like the ease of a phone sometimes.  GoPros we really like for the angles and we will sometimes use professional cameras, using different ones from time to time. We definitely like those for the quality although Kai doesn't really like using them for POV because sometimes it's just bulky and in the way, but as a stationary camera those are really great to use. 


He will usually edit on his desktop computer and if I'm going to edit a video, it will usually you be on the laptop or if it's very very small video, I'll just edit it on my phone. Both of us have been editing for a few years now, so I think we both at a point where we've been getting a little bit tired of the editing, so we recently hired an editor and we'll see how that goes. It's very recent so we're hoping it goes well, and that it'll take some some weight off of our plates because it's definitely frustrating to edit video after video. Plus, it can really desensitise how we feel about sex and how we feel feel about our own porn, so I'm hoping this will be a good change for us.

For toys, we don't often use a dildo when making videos together, sometimes we'll use a vibrator and those are really fun to use. When I'm making solo videos I'll definitely use a dildo or buttplugs and things like that. Kai likes to use a vibrator on me but there's no toys that he really wants to be used on him, and we're still experimenting as well - so we're still trying to figure out things we like.


TPR: In the same YouTube video, you touched on some of the troubles you've experienced in the relatively short time you've been doing this. I think that all creators, regardless of the type of content they make, have a common issue with platforms either banning or demonetising them, with no fucks or explanation needed to be given. You're currently on OnlyFans, who have been known to be weird too.

Do you think you've developed enough of a loyal fanbase to where you could potentially make your own independent platform and have your fans follow you there, or does that not really interest you?

Ella: Social media is extremely hard on sex workers, we are all having accounts deleted constantly, pictures removed, oftentimes with no explanation or the explanation doesn't match. I myself have personally tried to be as safe as possible with social media by not post anything too risky, a lot of times I won't even post pictures in bikinis because I might get in trouble for that. I've had a picture of a blanket removed before without me even being in it… so it's pretty ridiculous. Luckily, with OF it's been ok so far and I think that I've definitely developed a pretty amazing fanbase, I have a really great community here and I think a lot of them would follow me if I were ever to start a new platform. With that being said, I think a lot of people would get lost along the way, unfortunately, that is something that happens a lot. Anytime you have an account or something deleted and you have to start afresh, some people just don't really know or notice.

I am currently still trying to expand on to ManyVids, I've always had a PornHub account as well and I may start posting on there, since I haven't in a while. I think I definitely have a good fanbase amongst all those platforms where, if I ever wanted to start my own platform,  I think a lot of people would follow me there, although I'm not sure that is something I'm interested in doing especially given the fact that I already have multiple platforms I'm using, multiple social media pages to run and I'm mostly doing it solo. Kai is a big part of the work that we do but he doesn't do much with the social media aspect since he also has another job on the side, whereas this is my full time job. If I was to ever hire an assistant, or something like that, maybe I would consider another platform of my own, but for now I am happy.

Ella Middle finger | The Premium Reviewer

TPR: I really love that you have a subscription model that allows people to view content on the feed, in full, that's generally been my favourite way of consuming content (mentioned here). People can pay more for extra content/customs and for other online services, which is great.

Why did you opt to use that system instead of everything being PTV?


Ella: As I already have my subscription price on my profile set at $9.99 instead of something cheaper like $3 or $6, I figured that it would be a more inclusive subscription that people would get. So they would get full access to daily pictures and 2 to 4 full length videos per month, usually. I will send some extra PPV content if there's ever a special video, such as the threesome one my partner and I filmed with a friend of ours last month.

I really just wanted people to get as much as they paid for, so to speak. I wanted it to really be enticing for people to stick around because they know they're getting a lot of content from me. If I were to ever lower my prices, maybe I would consider doing a little bit more PPV, but even so I want as much 'free' good content for people as I can put out there.

There has been a couple of times when I've done little questionnaires and polls and things like that, with my following, and I knew that was something that they wanted as well - 'free' content, they don't really like the PPV as much. I really just wanted to make it a place where my community felt heard, felt welcomed and felt like they were getting as much as they could get from me.


Tantaly _ The Premium Reviewer


TPR: I'm also happy that you're in the process of reposting your public content on ManyVids, which is one of my favourite platforms to subscribe to.

Are you also going to have a similar set up, allowing viewers an all inclusive subscription to stream all the content on there too - the 'Get My Vids' feature?


Ella: At the moment with ManyVids, I am currently just trying to get as much content up there as I can. I actually still have a lot more I have to queue and post on there… but I have been procrastinating! Once I have more videos on there, I'm going to look into the other features more. I'm not super familiar with ManyVids just yet but I do realise there is that kind of subscription program that you can have with them and that's something I'd definitely be interested in doing. I think I would maybe make the price a little bit cheaper than OF and maybe just not do the messaging or things like that on there, so they're just getting the videos and pictures. I think keeping all the messaging in one place would be a lot easier in that sense, but I'm definitely interested in utilising that feature.


When I was more active on PornHub in the past, they had a fanclub setting but I never had the chance to use it because they eventually removed MasterCard [and their ability to process payments], so they no longer had the features where people could buy videos or join your fanclub. That was something I missed out on but would really like to use for ManyVids, at some point… hopefully within the new year at least or within the next couple of months, or so. 


TPR: Canada strikes me as a pretty liberal country, so did you receive any hate from friends or loved ones when you first started working in the sex industry?


Ella: My friends were extremely accepting, I have some pretty crazy friends as it is so they were completely OK with what I did. There were really interested in it, asking a lot of questions and just super supportive. My boyfriend told his parents first - actually his mum technically guessed it and she's an extremely open person, so supporting and loving and she only really cares that we're happy, healthy and safe - so when she found out she was completely ok with it. His dad is just the kind of person to be quiet about it and not ask many questions… its not really talked about. Which is fine you know, everyone has their different comfort levels with those sorts of things.


Then I eventually told my parents who are religious, so that didn't go the best. They were not happy with it at first and they thought there was just so many things wrong with what I was doing. It was a hard conversation to have but I was at a point in my life where I didn't want to lie to them anymore and say I was doing this job or that job, making money and not really have any proof of it. I don't like lying and I'm not good at lying so that was something I knew I had to do at some point.

They definitely weren't happy about it but it's been a couple years now since I told them, and as the years have gone on, they've been progressively a little more open minded to it. They don't really ask or talk about it, the most they ever ask is, 'is money ok?… you guys making enough money?' because they don't really know or understand the business that much. But, they treat me the same, they don't treat me any differently. They still love and respect me, and that's all that really matters to me at the end of the day. We don't have to have the same beliefs but I'm happy that they’re still here to support me.


TPR: In writeups, I always sing the praises of couple-made content being generally superior to most other types. The fun and natural chemistry you guys have is great to see and I can see you guys doing this for a long time.

But how long do you think you guys see yourself putting out content for?


Ella: We don't have an exact plan of how long we see ourselves putting out content for. I think my partner believes that after five years, if we're not like super famous or super rich from it or something like that, then for him, it wouldn't really be worth still doing it. Whereas for me, I make more than I'd be making if I had a job in what I graduated college for, so I would be happy doing this full-time - for a long time. And if there's ever a point where Kai didn't want to be a part of it anymore, he would completely be OK with me just doing it solo.


I'm not entirely sure how long I plan on doing this for but I am also interested in trying to expand my different revenue streams, because I think to rely on your body for a job is something that comes with a lot of risk, basically. Anybody who plays sports or things like that, you're relying on your body in a lot of ways - so I am interested in trying to grow more on YouTube and other social medias or learn new skills so that I can eventually make money through those as well. But for now I'm really happy with this and it's been going really well for me so I don't really have a time or age limit on anything at the moment.

Ella and Kai2 | The Premium Reviewer

TPR: You've talked about being an avid gamer. It’s become a thing for models to utilise Twitch as promo for their adult content, making use of the site's Hot Tub and ASMR category. I recently saw you mention that you will also be streaming. How long have you been streaming on Twitch and will it be mainly games you stream or variety streaming?


Ella: I actually started streaming on Twitch about three years ago, I want to say, and I streamed for probably less than a year at first. Then I went through some really big changes in my life, had a lot of stress, then a pandemic hit and life just got super hectic… so for a couple years I didn't stream at all. It wasn’t until just recently that I decide to pick it up again and since then, I've only really been streaming for a couple weeks and I really want to try to do a variety of streams. I have to kind of familiarise myself a little bit more with Twitch and streaming, as it's not something I'm super natural with and I'm still kinda learning the ropes of it all.


For now I've been playing a lot of Apex Legends which is my favourite game that I've been playing for years now. That is definitely going to be the main aspect of my Twitch, at least for right now, but I want to do some food related videos, like the mukbang videos… even just playing new games, fun games or horror games... things like that would be fun to do. I don't have a hot tub, if I had one I would definitely do some hot tub streams - I'm just going to figure it all out.

I have my discord setup and I have a channel called, 'stream ideas', so any of my fans and followers can go there and leave me different ideas, which is great because I'm always, always interested in figuring out new things and I definitely want to cater to my fans as well.

TPR: When needing a break from work, what other hobbies and recreational things do you like to do, aside from gaming?


Ella: My hobbies include anything that allows me to create. I really love crocheting cute lingerie, drawing, painting, etc. I can never stick to one hobby, I get bored fast and switch to a new interest, then circle back to old hobbies. And i don’t know if this counts as a hobby, but I love smoking weed too lol!

TPR: What is some future plans and desires you have for yourself and as a couple, in and outside of porn? (Any particular business, travelling etc)


Ella: In the future, I'm not sure when because we're still pretty young, we definitely would like to get married and have kids at some point, although we're both 50/50 about kids because the world is kind of a crazy place and its a decision that will come if we think it's right but if not, then that's not something we'd be missing out on. Travelling is definitely something we want to do, we're always interested in that and there's so many content creators that we would love to go and meet, so we're really hoping to plan some trips at some point.


We also recently got into the Airbnb business, so that is kind of the main area that we're focusing on right now and where a lot of our expenses are going to because it's quite a big investment - so travel plans are on hold at the moment.

As for our content, I would definitely like to start doing more collaborations with other creators that's one of the biggest plans we have. Which again is hard if we're not really travelling right now, so I'm trying to think of ways I could kind of do it virtually, where I can work with some my favourite creators, to promote each other's work. Otherwise, I think the biggest thing for us is to save up so that we can buy our own house one day, I think that's one of our biggest goals.

TPR: That's all the questions I have, thank you for doing this. Anything else you'd like to add

Ella: I really appreciate you taking the time to ask me these questions and that I was someone you were curious enough to interview. I had a lot of fun answering these questions. Thank you.

This is definitely one of my favourite interviews I've had, thank you Ella for taking the time to do this. Hopefully some of your fans got a deeper insight to you and also current and aspiring models/performers gleaned some great info too.

  If you're not familiar with Ella and Kai's work, please treat yourself to a subscription on one of their platforms to see their content. Or check out some of their content on PornHub, here.

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