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Interview with Grace Emily

Grace Emily Interview | The Premium Reviewer

It's a blur in my mind as to when I first found out about Bristol's own, Grace Emily... and there's also a slight blur on the timeline of the platforms I first watched her on. But I did remember watching her more consistently when I discovered she had a Snapchat. I was actually in the process of buying her premium Snapchat when her account got deleted and I think around the same time, her other socials faced the same demise. 

It wasn't until a fan submitted a positive review of Grace's OnlyFans did I know that she was on that platform. Grace is a published model, being photographed in risqué, artistic and glamour shoots, so I wasn't shocked to see pictures and even videos of her nude - but she slowly kept on upping the ante as she became more confident… even so I never expected her to go completely to the ‘darkside’. A second submission to The Premium Reviewer site, captured my thoughts as he described his elation in finally seeing Grace with a guy.

Obviously part of the excitement in seeing her make this type of content, comes from thinking that Grace wouldn't film anything in that vein… the other part of my excitement is that the content is actually good.  

The boy-girl build up and rollout was great. Firstly she put out videos of her guy only touching her, then ones of him being fully aroused next to her in the shower, with Grace teasing but never touching it. Then came an incredible video of her holding it, putting it near her face while having it achingly close to her mouth - without even so much as kissing it. Now we have Grace doing everything you would expect a mainstream pornstar to do, including receiving his voluminous loads to the face and ass. The aesthetic quality of her content has steadily improved too, recent oil based fuck vids show the artistic side that has been seen throughout her photographic career. 


I wanted to ask Grace about her current work, as well as her past and future goals.

(Feb' 2023)

The Premium Reviewer: Can you please give some background on how you got into photographic modelling?


Grace Emily: My sister got me into it. Once her fans found out that she had a twin, they kept asking, “when is she going to start modelling?... she’s amazing". At the time I was just doing my own thing, making jewellery and doing regular jobs here and there. When I realised I wanted to do modelling too, it kind of took off from there. She had contacts and helped me set up my Purple Port portfolio but I still had to work hard - organise shoots and set myself up as my own model. 


I definitely had a unique selling point, being I was Rose’s twin but I still had to arrange tours and studio days. I had a lot of photographers wanting to work with me because we were twins and were curious, but I feel that I brought something unique to the table. My face and eyes are slightly different and I pose and move in a different way to Rosa.

TPR: Around sometime in 2021, you changed your stage name from Grace Fae to Grace Emily, was there any major reason for that?

Grace: I just felt that the name Grace Fae was quite immature... also when I Googled it, a strippers name came up. At the time I wanted to be taken more seriously, so I changed it to Grace Emily, because Emily is my middle name and I felt more connected to that name… I didn’t really feel I resonated with Grace Fae or Lola Fae to be honest. I’d evolved as a person and I just wanted to have a normal name.


TPR: You were actually on OF way before it became popular during the lockdown, having signed up around 2017.  You currently have two accounts - one that is a free to subscribe account and the other you have to subscribe to, for access. 

Can you explain to aspiring models the benefits of having both and to fans, what they can expect from each?


Grace: So yeah, I have 2 accounts. My main account is free. That is to give everyone an opportunity to enjoy my content. The content there is very sexy but obviously because it’s free content there is always something left to the imagination… there is something for everybody. There’s more explicit videos there for purchase and I charge for customs and private chat. I think I’ve hit around 1,000 posts, so there is a ton of free content on there.

My X-rated page has all the explicit stuff, it’s nude only, no teasers or PTV. The only thing that it doesn’t include is my boy-girl content, I wanted to keep that exclusive for my main account. So that’s the place to view all my explicit solo content.


For models, you’ll find it a lot easier to get fans to join when you have a free page. When people are paying a subscription, you’ve got a lot more pressure to provide content. I don’t feel that pressure on my free page because I already have a lot of content on there when they join, leaving me time to relax and enjoy making new content. Also, like I said, you have a lot more fans to chat to and engage with… but I think if you charge, you restrict how much money you can make because you’ll have less fans signing up.

Grace Emily and Rosa Brighid | The Premium Reviewer

TPR: Do you personally operate both of the OF accounts or does an agency assist in managing one or both?


Grace: Yes I manage both, I don’t have any agent. OnlyFans is already taking 20% of my earning so I do recommend not having an agent, unless you’re a celebrity with a million fans. But if you’ve got a decent amount, you should be able to manage it yourself and keep all of your earnings.


TPR: I remember at some point you touched on the breakup with your previous partner and fast forward you're now with a new partner who you're making content with. 

Was it just a coincidence that your new partner was 'porn ready' or did you consciously seek out someone who'd be willing to be on camera with you?


Grace: So, I broke up with my ex, who I was with for 8/9 years. He was kind of a leech basically, he didn’t want to earn his own money and relied on me… so I lost respect for him. He was also weird about me doing modelling… one minute he was ok with it but in argument he would talk down to me about it. He would say he’s fine for me to do this and then all off a sudden he would degrade me and call me names and make me feel bad about it.


I met someone else a year later, we hit it off and fell in love. He was working hard in his regular job but not very well paid. Our sex life was just amazing, so I saw an opportunity to make content but I was very hesitant because I didn’t want to ruin the relationship, But it kind of happened naturally. We just started talking about making videos together, as long as we kept it separate from our personal sex life… that was very important - and so far, it has been working out. So it kind of just happened, we weren’t really looking for each other.


It also just happens that he has a really nice sized penis, haha. Which is great because his confidence is very high, he’s not insecure and he knows that I don’t have a personal relationship with my fans - it doesn’t clash with our relationship and that it’s just a business. But yeah he’s got a great porn dick, so we definitely took advantage of that. We both really enjoy filming these videos together, especially when one is really popular and sells well. It’s kind of something we can do together… we have our relationship but then we have this thing we’re working on together that helps us solidify our future together. We have that separation between personal life and work, that just works for us.

Grace Emily Interview _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: Boy/Girl content was something that I wasn't expecting in a million years from you! I’m sure fans were begging for it and that's probably part of the reason why you started making it.

But why did you ultimately decide this type of content was something you wanted to pursue?


Grace:  Yeah I know, I didn’t think I would do boy-girl content and I don’t think I would have, if I didn’t meet my current partner. I wouldn’t have gone and just found someone to do videos with or put an AD out for another performer. But I’m really glad that I was able to branch out into that, because a lot of fans do want it, it’s very popular and you make a lot more money when offering that. I was still making money without it,  but it’s another string to my bow and I’m really happy to be able to offer that content. I don’t do girl-girl or orgies or anything like that.


I do enjoy it, but only because I do it with someone I trust and they trust me. I’m not interested in being in the porn industry… I like the homemade, amateur/pro content I make. 



TPR: Did you feel any trepidation or nervousness when it came time to release it to fans?


Grace: No… well… only trepidation in terms of someone taking my content and sending it to my family. But I’ve kind of come to the realisation that if you’re gonna do something, you’ve got to own it. If my family found out, I’d just be like, “ Well I’m a pornstar… it’s not illegal” I’m making money and i feel like my time is valued. So yeah… trepidation because anytime you post something on the internet there’s a risk it could get posted somewhere else. In terms of it being wrong, no not all, I don’t think sexuality is wrong, I don’t think showing flesh is wrong.


TPR: During the lockdown you obviously couldn’t travel for modelling gigs, so I’m guessing OF became your main hustle.

Now the lockdown is over, is modelling still as important as putting out your own content?

Grace: Even way before lockdown, it has been my hustle because it pays me better than shoots ever did. Obviously time is money, there’s less expenses when you’re making content from home and now it’s my only hustle, as I’ve given up doing shoots. It was fun, i’m glad I got published, had some great times and great photos but now it’s all about putting all my energy into OnlyFans because it’s doing and growing well. 

Grace Emily Interview _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: You always openly talk about things important to you on your various social media. Body positivity is one such topic that you often bring up, especially in relation to yourself. I really love how you're embracing how your body is changing and I, as well as a lot of your fans are loving the thicker Grace.

Is it a conscious decision to get curvier, or are you just embracing your natural body changes?


Grace: I’m actually currently working out to lose some weight. When you meet someone and you’re happy in a relationship, you tend to eat a lot more because you’re just cooking food together constantly and enjoying life. My boobs have grown from when I first started modelling, so I definitely don’t want to lose so much weight that I lose my boobs… but I am working on toning up and being regular with my yoga and workouts - just being a healthy version of thick. But it does feel good to have a bit more weight and more curvy - and I do think my fans find it a lot sexier as well.




TPR: I loved your public Snapchat. Loved the positive vibe and energy, the workout snaps and the everyday snaps, like seeing your interaction with your dog.

Do you think you will ever bring a Snap back or possibly do something like a YouTube channel?


Grace: I loved doing Snapchat but my accounts kept on getting removed, which was so annoying, so I just gave up with it. Now I just put most of my energy into Twitter and my site. Also, PayPal shut me down, for a few years, for accepting payment for my premium snap so it just wasn’t worth it. Snapchat isn’t set up to make money on… it’s against the rules. So, I don’t think I will use it again, only Twitter and OF, even Instagram is the same way for sex workers.


TPR: I can't remember if it was on your Snapchat or somewhere else where you talked about you being bullied in your early years in school.

With all of your success over the years, have people from your past ever tried to contact you, either in a positive or negative way and how have or how would you react to that?


Grace: Yeah I was bullied for 10 years, I had a broken nose because of it. I was beaten up by 6 girls on prom night… I didn’t go to prom but it happened at an afterparty. That really did change me, I kind of became very very independent after that, I stopped trying to be friends with people and didn’t want to put myself in a situation to be hurt anymore. Me and my sister went through a lot… it went on for 10 years, you know. It was everyday… I was scared to go to school, scared to walk home from school, I was spat on, had chairs thrown at me, rumours spread. It was just really really horrible and has definitely affected me, even into my adulthood… but it has also made me extremely strong and thick skinned.


I’ve bumped into former bullies, I’ve had a couple apologies, not from the girl who broke my nose - and the police did nothing at the time - but I’ve stopped trying to get apologies from people who are just fucked in the head. You’re not going to get the apology that you want and you kind of have to take the high road and just try to enjoy your life… and that’s exactly what I’ve done.


And because I was so used to being hated, now with the modelling, it just doesn’t affect me. If someone judges me or thinks it’s wrong, it just rolls off me. So in that way, I’m very lucky to have had those experiences because it allows me to handle doing what I do.

Grace Emily Interview _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: Is there any other areas of the adult content world that you still want to venture into? e.g  camming, etc


Grace: I think definitely exploring the world of kink and seeing what amazing content I can create around those type of ideas. Camming has definitely been a curiosity, but I think the setup will be too stressful because I want everything to look good. I also don’t know if I like the idea of a live performance, I like to pre-record stuff so that I know it’s perfect and send it to fans… I guess I'm shy haha.

Grace Emily Interview _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: As I mentioned above, you like to share your interests and passion on social media - from dancing, drinking, music, health, beauty, nutrition and exercise.

Is there anything that you haven’t shared, that fans will possibly be surprised that you like or are into?


Grace: I think I’ve pretty much shared everything, aside from the fact that I’m an ambivert, in real life, I’m in between introvert and extrovert. There are days when I’m really introverted, although people probably think I’m always crazy or dancing around all the time. I like to do a lot of meditation to ground me and focus on gratitude… especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed. So I come back to my sites with a great energy. There’s lots of things they don’t know about me but not everything is meant to be shared, you know.

TPR: Modelling in all its forms, is usually something that can’t last for ever or may even be something that you want to stop doing, at some point.

So in what ways are you preparing and investing for life after modelling?


Grace: I know how to make jewellery, wire wrapped feather cuffs used to sell really well, before I started modelling- I did really with that, the business was Lairy Fairy. So I could learn to be a silver smith and learn to make all types of jewellery because it really is a passion of mine.


I would love to get into more e-commerce, or maybe buy and rent property… or just creating things. I could make jewellery and my partner could do whatever he wants to do. My plan is to just use the modelling to set myself up, for my future, so that I've got a house and I feel secure

Grace, thank you for the interview and for providing some great and insightful answers. Check out her OF HERE, to see all of her naughty content. 

Grace Emily Interview _ The Premium Reviewer

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