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Interview with SugarNadya

SugarNadya | The Premium Reviewer

Sugar Nadya is a breath of fresh air that doesn’t come around very often. Her content and brand is, for the most part, based on her waxing and/or sugaring her lucky clientele - allowing the viewers, with a penchant for voyeuristic content, to watch as some of them get visibly excited and in some instances, shoot ropes during the process of Nadya waxing them.

Being a fan of voyeuristic and exhibitionist content for a while, this particular subsection of the genre is something I’ve always sought out. There has been content made from various waxers/beauticians, who record their procedures and post it on YouTube… and also videos made by the person receiving the treatment - recording it themselves and also uploading it online.

So when I came across Nadya, a beautiful Russian woman, I instantly loved the content. She is clearly a trained professional and, for me, this only adds to why her content is so hot. Seeing a gorgeous woman focusing on her work, while still unintentionally getting her clients aroused, is super hot - coupled with the times they blow their load, unaided by her.

Nadya is quite prolific online, she has uploaded a lot of free videos on the major naughty tubesites like Xvideos, Pornhub and Xhamster all with thousands and millions of views. Like I just mentioned, Estheticians often post on YouTube and Nadya has done the same (which is where I first discovered her) - resulting in her original channel getting removed. She has since returned to YouTube, albeit with much more censored versions of the videos.

When you go to her fansite, currently on Fansly, the basis of Nadya’s content is the hair removal but it’s also so much more. She shows her fun and vibrant personality. I love the videos of her dancing, either solo or with a freshly waxed client. I love her great storytelling, spoken in her mother tongue with her sexy accent - with most videos having subtitles added. She has even performed skits and produced high quality videos that portray her in more of a sensual light. You will also find incredibly hot sex scenes with her partner as well as solo shows.

She always seems happy and shows a sense of humour that is not always present in all models/performers - which is even more impressive, being that her country is in the midst of a conflict that has dominated world news for a little while now. The only time she is notably serious, or perhaps more focussed, is when she is concentrating on waxing her clients.

She gives an insight into her life too, showing the swinger type life she partakes in with her husband, who is also a regular feature in her films and the only man she engages with sexually; she does engage with women though. She also goes to various parts of the world, bringing her special brand of waxing with her.

I’m super excited to get a chance to interview Nadya, who for the last couple of years has made a big impact and someone who, in the not to distant future, will surely be placed in the list of legendary independent performers.

(Mar' 2023)

The Premium Reviewer: Where in Russia were you born and raised?


Sugar Nadya: I was born and grew up in the Republic of Bashkortostan, in the village of Mozhary which is 2000 km from the centre of Russia. I studied in a rural school, so grew up curious/close to nature and was not afraid of insects and animals. As a child I played with cats, dogs, chickens, frogs and even cockroaches. We had a large plot of land. My mother taught me how to grow vegetables - from planting seeds to harvesting. I enjoyed gardening and being in nature. 

My mom is visually impaired and raised my brother and I alone; it was hard times. She was on a tiny pension and with almost all of that money, we bought gum and chocolate at the wholesale stores. I then sold them at school for several times the price, so we had enough money for the necessities. And my mother always bought many books and encyclopaedias for us, that we loved to read.

TPR: How long ago did you get your license to be a professional esthetician/wax specialist and what made you want to pursue that occupation?

Nadya: I used to work as an administrator at a car dealership for a long time, when my family and I lived in St. Petersburg. My husband suggested that I study depilation and start my own business, instead of working for someone else - which I did in 2019. I went to Arabia school and completed all the courses offered by this school in a year. 

After a month of practice, I started working with clients and the first person to turn up was a man. He wanted to do a bikini depilation so I asked my husband, if I should do it and he told me to just work and not worry. That's how I started working with men.

My first female client came in about a month after I started working. I quickly realized that working with men is not terrible because I’m in the dominant position, and their most expensive [prize] is in my hands. Plus it is more profitable because the price is higher for guys. I kept studying and soon went to one of the most famous teachers of male depilation, in Moscow. She also studied with other famous depilation teachers. The customer base and my price increased and I started to receive clients from other cities.

SugarNadya | The Premium Reviewer

TPR: How long have you been married to your lucky husband?


Nadya: We met in India, the state of GOA, while vacationing there. He wasn't my type at all but the heavenly powers brought us together around Christmas in 2009. Before him, I thought I was a nymphomaniac but he had a more voracious appetite for sex. We started living together and couldn’t imagine life without each other anymore. Our vacation was extended by 2 and a half months and after that, I moved with him to St. Petersburg. In 2012, we officially legalized our relationship and celebrated the wedding, with the honeymoon being spent in Greece.


TPR: Did you and your husband both know, from the beginning, that you wanted an open marriage/relationship?


Ellie: I've been interested in swinging for a long time, more out of curiosity than actual participation. About a year later, after the wedding, I talked my husband into going to a swinging party; but we immediately agreed that we wouldn’t do anything but watch. So we went and we talked to people, but had no desire to participate - I satisfied my curiosity. After that, there was no desire to attend such parties. Instead, my husband started hinting… and later more directly asking about a third woman in our bed. To which I always answered, “No way! Let it be a man!” But my husband did not want that haha.

In the summer of 2021, we got acquainted with a group of swingers who began to invite us to their parties. We went because it allowed me to make interesting content for my fans. It's been a long time, meetings have been a lot more frequent, but I didn't like it because my husband wanted to participate. Once, we even tried sex with a couple but I wasn't thrilled, I knew at every party that I wasn't a swinger at all. The woman was very jealous of her husband, was stressed and had tantrums. We have agreed that we would no longer participate in orgies.

In San Francisco, in our friend’s swingers club, we were frequent guests of parties but went there only to socialise and not have sex. I saw a lot there, haha. It was a pity that I could not shoot it on video.

SugarNadya | The Premium Reviewer
SugarNadya | The Premium Reviewer

TPR: When did you decide you wanted to start making adult content and when did you start to combine it with your waxing skills?


Nadya: We used different tools to attract customers. We first published before and after photos, customer reviews and other information on Instagram. But you can’t post the fully nude pics that everyone wants to see. So I started my Telegram channel where I started posting photos of genitalia "before / after". Soon I had foreign subscribers who advised me to register on paid platforms.

My husband registered me on OnlyFans and gradually began to populate the account. The fans wrote their fantasies to me; the biggest request was for me to give a blowjob after depilation. My husband thought it was a great idea to attract fans and began to persuade me to shoot these types of videos. At first I refused because what goes on the internet, stays on the internet. I thought it was shameful and thought about what people would say. 

My husband talked me in to it and we shot the first video, after a depilation- which went viral very quickly. This video earned us over $5,000 in its first month of publication. We continued to make different videos and our revenue started to increase. When I got a taste of the money, I didn't care what people said anymore! Because I know myself, and that's the main thing! 

Unfortunately, I can’t satisfy the fans who have requested for me to suck a big black dick haha. Sex videos I only shoot with my husband, sometimes with girls.



TPR: You have always waxed and shot content in different countries, but was the move to LA due to the Russian/Ukraine conflict, or is it only temporary? And how has the political climate personally affected you?


Nadya: We like to travel. At the time of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, we were in the Dominican Republic. We are against war and did not want to take part in it! We decided that we would not return to our country and instead continue our journey, because I promised my fans a world tour and I am expected in different countries in the world. I’ve only felt disgusted with a few Russians I have met. 

On my journey, I have met Ukrainians with whom I am friends with and don’t discuss the topic of politics, plus I have fans from Ukraine that I really like. I am sorry that ordinary people are dying on both sides - the ordinary people who need peace, not conquering of new territories. I hope all of this horror ends as soon as possible.

TPR: OnlyFans made a decision to remove you and other Russian creators from their site because of the conflict.

Did it affect you badly and how has your transition to Fansly been?

Nadya: Yes, OnlyFans has blocked our account because I am Russian. Of course I am upset but we didn't throw in the towel, instead we started again on Fansly - which is also a good platform. Many fans have followed me there.

SugarNadya | The Premium Reviewer
SugarNadya | The Premium Reviewer

TPR: You also have content that shows your Mistress/Dominant persona.

Is this a real fetish that you like to do in your personal life, or is it purely for content?

Nadya: As a child, my mother called me Mistress420. I have leadership qualities. I became interested in this topic more than 10 years ago. I had a fantasy of a big house in the basement of which my slaves together ha ha. At first I had virtual slaves but when I started depilating, slaves started coming to me in real life haha.


I like it - they do some work for me like, cleaning an apartment, washing windows, cleaning a toilet, going to a shop, washing a car. One day I had a "slave cleanup" and they were cleaning a lot of the area around my house. The rewards for them are humiliation, kicking, spitting, golden rain. But I am not a strict and evil Mistress - rather cheerful .It amuses me and I laugh at slaves, I do not beat them much hahaha!


Tantaly _ The Premium Reviewer



TPR: There are a lot of your fans who are outside of Russia. Is it a laborious task to provide the subtitles for your English speaking fans or do you have a team who help you with editing and uploading your content?


Nadya: I love my fans from all over and I want them to understand what I'm talking about. Yes, I have assistants.


TPR: I love that the guys featured in your content, are different in body size, dick size and ethnicity. 

Are all the guys normal customers or do you also hire professional talent?

Nadya: I also like that different people come. I am still genuinely surprised by the size of the penises of some guys. Mostly the people that take part in the shooting are my clients - ordinary guys and girls. They ask to be filmed on video and are looking forward to seeing themselves when the content comes out. I have also collaborated with porn actresses and other famous people, among them artists, courtesans, webcam models, winners of beauty contests and other interesting people.

SugarNadya | The Premium Reviewer
SugarNadya | The Premium Reviewer

TPR: What other countries and places do you plan on visiting? Is the UK one of them?


Nadya: I would like to visit many countries around the world. Every day I get messages from fans asking me to visit their country - so the list of countries goes up. Now I plan to travel all over America while I'm here; and later I plan to visit other countries, including the UK. I have a lot of good friends and fans there.

SugarNadya | The Premium Reviewer
SugarNadya | The Premium Reviewer

TPR: Thank you Nadya for taking the time to do this, is there anything new that you are planning or something that you want to share with your fans?


Nadya: I'm now learning English. Not knowing the language is a big problem, for me. I'd like to be in some good movies and I want to create pictures which haven’t been [made before]. I want to organize an immersive show in which everyone will participate. I want to meet more cool people.

I knew that this interview with Nadya, would be just as interesting and as funny, as I mentioned in her introduction. See more of her great content or book a waxing appointment at,


SugarNadya | The Premium Reviewer


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