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🇺🇸Jenna Tsukino🇺🇸

Jenna Tsukino bunheadusagi


  • Great ass. 

  • Great figure.  

  • Gorgeous.  

  • Interactive. 

  • Great communication. 

  • Pubes



💰Payment type: 

One off payment and subscription option


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play, with or without toys.  

  • Play with her partner. 

  • Nude ass shaking/Ass worship type shots 

  • Anal play.  

  • Some rope play. 

  • Cosplay. 

  • Role play. 


📷Screenshots/video msg saving:

Permitted (with permission only) 


I first saw Jenna on a takeover, (now from looking at my phone gallery I can say it was in May '06) via the great Booty Optics. I only caught the end but she piqued my interest enough for me to follow her on Tumblr but shortly after Tumblr deleted my page, so I stopped using that site for a while.  

Some time later I was reminded about Jenna, when Sucia mentioned, on her story, a desire to have a couple of girls' premium accounts and Jenna was one of them. I followed her public snapchat and soon after signed up for her private account.


I remembered why I initially took an interest in Jenna- her ass... it's a thing of beauty. On the first day, after joining, she put on a very sexy show where, at least in my mind and recollection, her ass was the star of the show. She was in a bath/tub resembling something similar to Tony Montana's one in Scarface, with her ass slightly elevated from the water. I think her partner was in the bath with her shooting and getting great camera angles of her from behind, as well as showcasing the backdrop-of the gorgeous black marble-looking tiling, surrounding the bath. Her wet, sexy butt was glowing from the bathroom lighting, showing off how sexy and perfectly shaped her ass is. She spread her cheeks, grabbed and spanked it and her guy also briefly slipped a finger in her butt, all super hot to watch. While still wet from the bath, she finished off the story by riding a dildo, with a great handheld shot from an angle behind, providing a great view of the dildo going back and forth.  

The following day was again great, this time with her fella properly involved. Jenna put on a hot BJ and handjob story, jerking him off to a big finish, with her cutely grinning as he was nutting. Then it cut to a few snaps of Jenna riding him, again she somehow shot an incredible handheld angle of the action from behind/side, which looked just as great as the one where she was riding the dildo, from the previous day.


Jenna is beautiful and has got a great figure. In certain shots and without the snap filters she kinda reminds me of Kaya Scodelario. She also seems to have a creative/playful mind, she's a cosplay aficionado and dresses up in a lot of different costumes. I think almost every day that I've been on her snap, she has a different outfit,- from Lola Bunny to Hermione and even in the takeover that I 1st saw her in, she was some kind of Anime character. I think even her performer name comes from an Anime character. I've always been familiar with cosplay but it's never really done anything for me but I admit, I liked it when she dressed up as Cammy from Street Fighter, (above pic) 


Her snaps won't always be xxx, she shares some of her day to day life with us, be it snaps of a picturesque location that she's at or just saying something that's on her mind- and because she's a stoner you'll catch many snaps of her inhaling and blowing out smoke in the sexy way that ladies innately do.  

She's great with communication too, taking the time to respond to compliments and queries. She kinda reminds me of Jasmine, who I've previously reviewed- if you like her snap, you'll like Jenna's too. And if you're a fellow butt connoisseur, this is definitely the one too.


(Sep '16)


UPDATE (Apr '17)

It's getting close to a year since I became a member of Jenna's premium account and she is still one of my favs. Super stunning cosplay specialist, with more costumes and wigs than Roger from American Dad, everyone of them looking cuter and hotter than the last. if an Anime could be personified she would be it. Cute as hell but incredibly sexy with a hot but hidden Domme side that only comes out when she's annoyed.All of my favourite premium models either provide/showcase the kind of things I like to see, to a high level or have put me on to new things that I wasn't previously interested in or possibly dismissed- and Jenna is one of the only ones who have done both.


I was first attracted to get Jenna's premium because of her gorgeous derriere and her beauty, so I could happily only watch snaps of her shaking or grabbing her butt all day and similarly I could just watch for the moments where her gorgeous face is all that's on screen- moments like when she's blowing smoke into the cam, pulling funny faces, talking to us or taking selfies. (when she looks directly into the lens it's easy to get lost in her stunning eyes). When she puts on shows with her partner you get the best of all those things because the majority of her BJ's are set up for you to see her face up close and the majority of their sex shows are set up to capture her sexy ass, among the action.

And there have been countless snap stories where she's purposely made it the centre of focus during sex and one story in particular springs to mind. After an insanely hot series of snaps involving Jenna writhing, moaning and squirming wildly on her partner's lap as he was spanking her (with her butt facing cam), the next bunch of snaps showed her now on top of him, in a cowgirl position, as he was lying down. Parts of her bum was still red from the spanks but she rode him like she was on a mission which inevitably caused her ample ass cheeks to repeatedly open and close as she bounced on him.


She really went in on him, not letting up for a second even when he accidentally popped out of her due to the frenetic pace, she still grinded it between her cheeks for a while, before putting it back in. I loved the switch in tone from the previous part of the show where she was in more of the submissive role and now he was the one moving and moaning from the relentlessness of Jenna's dominant riding on top- at one point he began to slightly raise his knees, probably as a way to slightly control the tempo but she skilfully forced his legs down with her feet without stopping her pace at all. As usual, the whole scene was shot perfectly with perfect lighting and a perfect angle capturing her perfect ass as well as all the action. The finish was also perfect, with Jenna leaning back to jerk him off on her ass, where he shot his wad. I'm sure I remember her saying that she called that non-stop riding her Finisher Move, which is definitely an apt name.


Those type of shows were the things that I hoped to see on her premium when I signed up and she has more than delivered on that. Also, these kind of shows alone would still make her premium one of the best because the content is consistently at a high level and shown frequently but, like I mentioned earlier, she also put me onto new things that I hadn't really taken an interest in before, namely cosplay. I touched on the fact that she's influenced by the world of Anime and characters/costumes in general, in the original write-up.


She often looks like a real life Anime herself, with her big striking eyes and colourful hair (pubes included) and it was probably because of that, combined with her genuine love of cosplay, dressing up and being creative that made me take an interest. There's been times when she has mentioned a particular character that she's contemplated using in her shows, one that I had no knowledge of and then had to google to find out. She once said that she was getting a chameleon and was excited about the chance of shooting a Ms. Frizzle cosplay with it- even commenting on the fact that it wouldn't be as authentic because it wouldn't be a Jackson's chameleon like the one the character had- which was another thing I had to google because I didn't remember the whole Magic School Bus cartoon nor the different types of chameleons. She also hilariously told us that she thought about doing a Tangled cosplay but because she didn't like the movie, thought it would be selling out to do it. Although told half jokingly, these kind of things show that she has a true passion and that it isn't just a ploy to attract fans who are into the scene.


She has a great eye for the way things look and really puts an effort into the look of it. This was really evident in her various Christmas themed shows where the background looked as great as the sexy outfits she wore. In one of the shows she was dressed as a sexy reindeer where after another super hot spanking, she gave another mind-blowing BJ while on all fours. This time he was standing, positioned in the background with Jenna facing him, again purposefully giving us the gorgeous sight of her, slightly red, butt in the foreground but turned at an angle to allow for a clear view of her blowing him. This time, we didn't see the money shot but it was still clear he was climaxing because of his response, as Jenna softly moaned sexily and eagerly swallowed it, direct from tap. Jenna prepared a lot of shows to upload, to keep her members happy during the Christmas period, even posting a solo show on Christmas day dressed up as the sexiest elf, you'll ever see.

Similarly, I've never seen a onesie with a butt flap look so sexy in my life... she performed an epic anal show with her guy, with the buttflap revealing her sexy butt before he glided himself in- gradually increasing the speed till he gave another of his massive loads that sprayed way past the butt flap, landing on her back (on the onesie)  and the surrounding carpet.


Throughout my time as a member, her BJ shows probably remain my favourite of her sex shows. She's varied the angles and positioning since the 1st review- from handheld snap by snap shooting to uploading a pre-recorded show shot in a fixed position. Sometimes it will be held from her guy's POV, sometimes with Jenna holding it from an angle, and sometimes shot from a distance so that their entire bodies are in frame- all the different styles are done very well. The thing that I'm glad has remained the same is her technique. I love the way she sucks and strokes at the sane time, oftentimes taking her mouth off just to stroke while looking lustfully at him or at the camera, while he quietly moans and twitches- her petite hands just about managing to wrap around it. With BJ's she always gets him off herself, I've only once seen him finish himself off (and I think that was just to do with the theme of the show), she always brings him to a big climax with ropes shooting way off screen. (depending on the positioning of the camera)


In the first write up I also talked about loving hearing Jenna talking, not only because she has a sexy voice but because she's interesting and funny. Her thoughts range from discussions on cosplay (like i previously talked about), career aspirations to random thoughts like reminiscing on DMX's crazy antics from the past and other things too. You'll see her miming and dancing to her varied selection of music, pulling cute faces and blowing kisses, showing off her culinary skills or chilling watching TV shows like It's Always Sunny,,, or Louie. She still takes time to respond to compliments or queries too.


Jenna is still one of the best on snapchat.

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Jenna Tsukino bunheadusagi


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