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  • Gorgeous figure.

  • Sexy butt.

  • Big boobs.

  • Has a personality/fun.

  • Sexy smile.

  • Regular play with her partner



💰Payment type: 

One off payment or subscription option


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play, with or without toys.

  • Regular play with her partner.

  • Some public play.

  • Anal play/DP

  • Occasional food play.

  • Nude selfies.

  • Sexy dancing/striping/twerking.

  • Shower/bath snaps. 

  • Explicit takeovers from other models.


📷Screenshots/video msg saving:

Permitted for VIP & GFE premium members) ✅​


I rarely watch many takeovers these days, just because a lot of the people featured follow the same formulaic, no personality having, 'gimme your money quick' style that gets kinda boring. But this day I happened to catch a takeover where I was first introduced to Aquarius, with a takeover that instantly stood out and made me want to watch the rest of her time on there. I liked her open and happy demeanour and when we were later introduced to her partner it further cemented the decision for me to get her premium.

The most memorable point in the takeover came when they were getting frisky (with strategically placed emojis) and in the process broke the chair they were humping on, with Aquarius getting creampied too. One of the things that I was impressed with is the fact they're a couple that seem to be genuinely fans of this format or way of sharing their porn to the masses, because she later spoke on the fact they watch other snap couples before shooting theirs and similarly during the takeover, she turned the camera to her guy in the background who was watching their current takeover on his own phone.


When asking about her account she sent a clear list of the different levels of premium snap services she offers, with the basic one allowing you to view the story, but with very limited to no chat (questions excluded) and no screen shots/video message saving. The higher you go, the more perks and time/attention you'll get from her.

After being quickly added to her premium account she sent a personal written welcome message attached with a list of the premium rules.


There was a already a bunch of fapping material on her account by the time I was added. They put on a steamy sex show culminating in a creampie, a thing that I've discovered is their thing and their money shot of choice (though occasionally they'll treat the lovers of the traditional money shot with snaps of his load on her stomach, on her back etc). There was lots of close ups of the action prior to that and after... as she captured it dripping out of her at the end. Not long after that, she recorded something else for the story, a sensual striptease showing off her amazing sculpted body- not overly so like that of a bodybuilder but a more natural and softer one, attributed to her doing yoga and probably due to her past profession. Her sexy body, sexy moves and confidence has almost definitely in some way been developed from her time as a dancer/stripper, her confidence and personality too. It was one of the first things that I first liked in her takeover and she pretty much carries this on into her public account and to some extent, her premium. She's great at talking to her viewers via the story, communicating what she has planned, or recording the funny dialog that they both engage in during the day or during sex especially. They have a great rapport and great chemistry, both sexually and on a friendship level. I'm not sure how long they've been together, but they act like a new couple who can't keep their hands off each other.

Lovers of big boobs will be bowled over by her pair of enhanced twins, which she almost always has out and if she's not feeling them up her fella will be. As well as the creampies, another recurring thing is her dancing/stripping which is very seductive. She knows exactly how to move her sexy body and will wear hot outfits that she takes off expertly. Aquarius bending over and peeling off her panties to show off her peachy tush is a beautiful thing to see.


One of her premium rules is to not ask when she's posting next, "'s fun, unscripted and spontaneous". And that's true, especially when they play together you can tell it's more of an impromptu show that you're getting to witness and be a part of. One of their recent shows was a great example of this. It was a strictly BJ show, with a seemingly more stronger focus on her stimulating the tip. Her mouth very rarely strayed deeper than the head, while she would intermittently pump his shaft with her hand. She gradually sped up making those hot sucking sounds causing him to moan as his load began to cascade out her mouth as she continued sucking. She intensified his orgasm by licking the underside of his head making him shoot out one long last rope of nut. Not sure where it landed but she let out her sexy chuckle that can only come from those type of natural moments.


I mentioned before about them being fans of this particular way of putting out adult content and I feel this is another thing showcased in their premium. The majority of her shows are not prerecorded, it's shot in the original way that snaps used to be- shooting a story snap by snap - this also lends it self to her statement of keeping it spontaneous, as it would probably be less believable if every show the camera was strategically placed at a particular angle on a tripod, table or something. (As I've mentioned before, I don't dislike pre-recorded content- especially if it's well put together mini movies like 5ucia does, if it requires continuity or if you're shooting away from home with limited Wi-fi etc). When they shoot together, they have a kind of guerrilla style of film making, in that it's not polished just more raw and intimate... and almost always shot in hand held.

This could also be because they don't show their faces and having to conceal their faces with emojis would be time consuming and isn't always fall-proof. Though occasionally, Aquarius will wear a mask allowing us to see her pretty eyes but also allow for more varying and wider shots during the shows. Other than that, her face not being revealed doesn't take anything away from her premium as she has enough personality to make you forget. Plus, she posts a great amount of content, daily- a mixture of replays and brand new content.


They also have something they've coined called Pasture Porn, which I think they described on that initial takeover as them doing it in the outdoors. (They have a property, with a huge backyard); But as of yet I haven't had a chance to see that on their snap but look forward to seeing it when they do.


(Feb '17)

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