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🇨🇦Katy Churchill🇨🇦

Katy Churchill


  • Great ass. 

  • Sexy curvaceous figure.   

  • Pretty. 

  • Funny/has a personality.

  • Very interactive.  

  • Great communication.  

  • Bush in natural state.



💰Payment type: 

One off payment


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play, with or without toys. 

  • Occasional play with a partner 

  • Anal play.  

  • Double penetration.  

  • Bath/shower shows.  

  • Nude ass shaking./selfies.

  • Nude tv watching w/ commentary

  • Some nude behind the scenes action. 


📷Screenshots/video msg saving:

Permitted  ✅


I can't remember exactly what takeover account I first saw Katy on because shortly after adding her, I took a break from snapchat for a little while. When I did get back on I watched her public stories and remembered why I had added her in the 1st place- and not too long after, I ventured to her manyvids to get her premium... and a couple of videos.

Within a few hours I was added and was sent a personal video message welcoming me to her premium and explaining the type of premium account it was. This wasn't a pre-recorded video, it was a personal, just recorded snap video, the kind that expires after you view it. It was an unexpected surprise and something that I haven't seen done before- and that is kind of a reoccurring experience on her snap.


A thing to note is that Katy has a quirky and animated sense of humour, which can be seen in the majority of her public snaps and it continues on into her naughty snaps too, although on there 99% of the time she'll be in the nude. I mention the humour because initially it kinda felt like the funny would overrun into the sexy moments too much, but she always has the balance correct- sometimes merging the funny with the sexy, so you'll may be hard as a rock while still chuckling but she also knows when to focus on just the sexy which comes easy for her because she's naturally hot and gives off a confidence which is super sexy. 


The first all nude experience with Katy came via a shower show, which had the above described combination of hilarity and sexiness. Most shower shows that I've seen on the majority of premiums are usually a no talking affair or at least very minimal dialogue but Katy narrated throughout hers, describing (with great comedic timing) some of the feats in trying to shower and snap simultaneously. From the steaming up of the lens, the bathroom lighting choice, to the fact that trying to wash with one hand while the other one is in use was near impossible. "Washing my ass actually takes two hands, I can't hold this stick and scrub my ass at the same time... because holding the cheek takes one hand and scrubbing takes one hand". The next snap cut to her bent over washing her feet, "Washing my feet is a one handed thing...". I'm not sure if she even realised how funny that was because she delivered it in such a deadpan kind of way. 

Other than Ona, Katy is the only other model I've seen use a selfie stick often and she uses it like a pro. Selfie sticks are like the equivalent to a steady cam, allowing for movement that looks more fluid and she mentioned wanting us to feel like we were in there with her and she definitely succeeded in providing that personal/intimate feel. Plus the shots she captured were great, especially the shots at the end of her drying off her sexy butt, purposely over drying and wiggling to make it wobble.


I love bums and I love bush and Katy has them both in abundance. Snaps of her peeling out of her panties, spanking her butt, drying her butt in the shower or any kind of ass display is bliss and anytime her bum is heavily featured in a story I'm ecstatic as she's great at capturing it via HD pictures and also in the video snaps she takes- always making great use of the natural light. There's a brilliant video snap in particular that she took towards the end of a super hot anal play show. She was bent over while standing, with both hands managing to spread her cheeks, exposing the butt plug nestled in between... and also all the beautiful surrounding pubes. The whole show was great from beginning to end, even the way she inserted the butt plug was boner inducing- she had one leg up on a seat while attempting to spread a cheek but had to reach at it for a second time because she hadn't gripped enough of said ample cheek, to fully move it out of the way for insertion. (True ass lovers will understand why that is hot asf.) There was also another super arousing butt plug show where she brought in a hitachi and her dildo, culminating in such a powerful climax that she pushed her butt plug out.  

She also has this unique thing that I've dubbed, 'Katy's 180', where at the end of almost every show she uses the selfie stick to make what, at first time viewing, looks like it could be a complete 360° swoop- where starting from her head, the camera follows her curves all the way down, passing through her legs, travels up again but stopping short at a brilliant angle looking up to her butt.... kinda just another example of her humour mixing with the sexy.


When getting herself off, Katy gets very into it. I already mentioned the butt plug ejection from a more recent show but there was even more of a noticeable reaction during one such solo show with her hitachi, especially after she switched it to a pulse setting that she liked because it reminded her of "a guy thrusting". She was very into it, so even when a phone started ringing during the show she continued while breathlessly telling us that she couldn't pick it up because she "needs this"- and it showed with the intense climax that followed. (She always makes this very sexy, intense, guttural sound when orgasming- kinda similar to Chelsey.) 

She's another of a select number of models that's pretty confident in her ability to get guys off with words too because at the end of that hitachi session, after a little break, she began using it again. This time it was shot from her (first person) point of view, with a downward look of the vibrator running through her generous pubes but instead of the moaning that we heard prior, this time she was saying dirty stuff in a hushed, sexy voice. After a few snaps of this she revealed she was having phone sex with a guy, (she also operates a sex line btw)- almost definitely the guy who rang earlier, nearly interrupting Katy's previous masturbation session.


Physically Katy is very curvaceous, she mentioned in a bio about her having all the big B's- big boobs, big belly and a big butt. So guys into at least one of those things will be in for a treat and if you're into all 3 then this will be the perfect premium for you. Her untamed bush is also super hot. She's also naturally really pretty with striking eyes that weirdly for me are more noticeable when she's fresh faced. Like I alluded to previously, she's an avid sports fan (baseball and hockey) and an avid beer drinker so there's another topic of convo you can have with her; And a convo is something that is totally possible to have with Katy as she's very responsive to messages and compliments.  


Due to her having one of those premiums that is intertwined with a public account, she does another thing that I haven't seen other models with a similar set up do. She sends a message every time she has a new show up in the story. Obviously on premiums where there's a separate account this kind of service wouldn't necessarily be needed, but for this type of account it's definitely a welcome addition although in my specific case, it's not entirely necessary because whenever I'm on snapchat, I enjoy watching her snap in its entirety. 


On a side note for those who like pets, similar to Chelsey with her dog or Sultry Sins and her two cats, Katy's cat Lewis is a character and will sometimes feature in her stories. You'll find him falling into spaces and gaps of furniture or interrupting one of Katy's speeches by passing through the shot, casually walking on her chest to get to the other side of the bed or playing dead when she attempts to make him leave a particular room. Sometimes, we also get to witness behind the scenes footage of her, from photoshoots with other models to the planning and filming of custom videos and the occasional sex call. I always find it interesting watching how models operate their business and Katy always keeps it interesting. She's also a blogger and a vlogger, she has a YouTube page where she discusses baseball.  


One of my new go to premiums. 

(Mar '17)

UPDATE: Aug '20

Katy is still balancing the sexy with the entertaining and funny. Full on shows are not as regular but she is almost always nude or topless when she is snapping her audience. She has recently suggested that she will have someone else upload some more solely explicit content on a couple of days a week, which she has been doing. The snaps have been sruff from past shows, some of which I haven't seen and the ones I have have been a welcomed re-watch.

At this point the explicit shows come secondary to me when it comes to viewing her snap. If I want that I go to her Manyvids and she has an OnlyFans- but I doubt i'll use that because I'm not the biggest fan of the platform. It's Katy herself that makes her stories enjoyable. She is one of like a couple of models that provide a certain insight into the workings of what an online sex worker does, without it being preachy or a purposefully teachable moment. At some point in the past, I think she even showed us a glimpse of offline sex work, showing some of the processes of escorting and the time-wasting that can occur in that too.

Drunk or tipsy Katy is still funny. She blessed us with an award winning snap story that involved her drowning her lockdown blues with some booze then having to go on Skype with family- while still drinking, something happened where she had to cut herself out of a dress and she told a fantastic story about not being able to transfer her Uni credit. Again, not as funny when I write it but watching all these events unfold  during a 24 hour snap in one sitting and eventually catching up to her snapping 'live', was the highlight of my evening and something I would pay to see again. You can tell when something or someone is forcing funny and I never get that from Katy, it's all genuine.

She also hasn't waned on her great communication and interaction, she still replies to questions and comments in a genuine manner. We once had a quick chat about British comedians, I think I replied to something she posted about David Baddiel, and she told me about some stuff of his to watch. I also talked to her during the great alcohol fuelled snap story, mentioned above.

Oh and Lewis, her cat, is still a fucking legend and is probably my spirit animal.

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