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*Premium No Longer Active*

KinkyKat kinkykatlive


  • Naturally sexy. 

  • Gorgeous. 

  • Great ass & boobs. 

  • Hot body. 

  • Great communication. 

  • Interactive with members via the story. 



💰Payment type: 

One off payment


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play, with or without toys. 

  • Play with her partner.

  • Anal play.

  • Some public flashing/sex.

  • Sexy stripping routines. 

  • Shower snaps. 

  • Sexy dancing.

  • Occasional cosplay


📷Screenshots/video msg saving:

Permitted  ✅


Kat came highly recommended to me, personally, by the boss of All Babes TV, plus I had seen her on a few takeover accounts and also shoutouts from another model who’s premium I love, Riley Velvet- so she had already been on my future premiums to get list.


Kat is a sexy as hell Canadian, with an incredibly voracious sexual appetite.

The thing I love the most about her account is the frenetic energy she provides in all her series of shows. Whether riding her sex torso with cock attached or the newly acquired big inflated black ball- with cock attached, or even when she plays with herself, the intensity is always high. Generally, sexy visuals are always arousing for most guys but also equally for me, are the ‘sex sounds’ and because of her pace of play, she generates a cacophony of hot smacking and clapping sounds, adding to the already great sights.


An example would be on my second day on her account; she had a hot shower session, which quickly turned into a sexy masturbation story, visually stimulating but also an audio treat. The combined sounds of the shower running and the sounds of Kat’s wet palm banging against her wet pelvis, as she speedily pleasured herself was brilliant. Her two middle fingers working while the index and pinky were pointing out (picture the classic ‘rock hand’ sign), all of that with her truly sexy & authentic moaning- never that over the top, annoying, generic porn style moaning.

I also love when she starts of a show with a sexy strip, she’s naturally very sexy and is very good at this. I especially love when she has her back to camera and she bends over to peel out of her panties and begins grabbing and opening her cheeks, letting them go & making them clap.

Her stories with her partner are high paced, audio and visual treats. He really gets involved… spanking, groping every part of her sexy body and smashing her doggystyle like there’s no tomorrow.


Kinky Kat lives up to her name. In a recent show, she enlisted the help of her sex toy torso, that I previously mentioned. While she was riding that, her spouse was eagerly taking her from behind anally. Kat joins the list of the very few that I’ve seen on SC who do anal with a partner, and fewer still who do it with the same pleasure and intensity as other types of sex. It wasn’t tentative, the pace didn’t slow up, and the sounds and sight of her sexy cheeks banging against her hubby (and his low hangers smacking against her) coupled with her sexy moans, was very hot to watch. The speed increased further when he was going in solo, replacing the torso. The story culminated in a very well earned and measurable load, sprayed expertly on Kat’s face.

Her stories are always jam packed, with at least one long xxx show a day, but mostly two minimum. She also shares some of the happenings in her life which are always interesting to watch too.


Kat’s account is a great purchase.


(Jul '16)

UPDATE: Mar '17

Kat was made for premium snapchat. If ever classes could be taught in what makes a great premium, she and a few other models would be the professors, showing the aspects that make their premiums great. in the 9/10 months that I've been a member, she still delivers the same high level of quality and it's got even better in some ways.

She has her regular, perfected shows with stuff like solo play being one of the more frequent ones, while still trying out different things like public sex, which took place a while back when she and her fella were vacationing out of the city. There was also a period where she would set up voyeuristic type shots in her bathroom.


Oftentimes she'll combine the two, adding something new to her regular act. For instance, during solo play she'll sometimes solely use her hands/fingers, sometimes a dildo, other times a combination of a dildo and vibrator and a few times it has been double penetration etc. The same variety happens in her always ridiculously hot sex shows with her partner. They sometimes incorporate light bondage into their shows and because their sexual dynamic has always had Kat in more of a submissive role- what with the hard and fast paced doggystyle sex which is always accompanied with the ass smacks, hair pulling, assertive grabbing of her butt cheeks, forced BJ's etc - as well as the use of bondage which further reinforces that. Incidentally some of the best money shots have happened with Kat being restrained, including one where he pulled out to blow several jet streams of jizz, landing on her stomach, boobs, on her face and way past her face... all from a considerable distance away. The response from Kat was very appropriate, "OH MY GOD! It's in my ear... and hair". More soft restraints were used during the Christmas season when they put on another show but in keeping with the festivities, they used their Christmas lights as the rope. The regular lights were dimmed to make the festive lights really stand out and it looked great wrapped around her body, especially illuminating her sexy butt. This time the happy ending came in the form of a creampie which poured out of her the moment he pulled out, flowing down her sexy ass cheek.


The camera work in Kat's stories has always been brilliant as they both have a great eye for what works visually and the shots are great in handheld or mounted on a surface.. She films most of her solo shows prerecorded and usually mounted, with the camera's position changed every so often. She also has the camera mounted in the sex scenes but only for a few snaps before entrusting her hubby to shoot the majority of it and he always delivers. Great POV angles that bring you into the action and capture the gorgeous sight of Kat's arched back on all fours rocking back and forth to his forceful banging. Like I said the 1st time, they're fantastic at creating and more importantly capturing the great visuals and audio in the snaps. Also a couple of months into my membership Kat upgraded her phone and the look of the already brilliant content became even better. 


One of the benefits of the phone upgrade was that her trademark beautiful red hair looked even more glowing and radiant as a result. Her hair definitely adds something to her shows, she will sometimes subtly play with it during solo performances, casually and suggestively holding it up slightly as she's leaning back grinding on a dildo. It also gives her the opportunity to dress up as characters with similarly striking red hair like Jessica Rabbit on Halloween or Poison Ivy. She alternates between it being curly, straight or in pigtails the latter making her look ridiculously cute.

Obviously, Kat's attractiveness is not just limited to her hair. She's naturally gorgeous, looking just as cute first thing in the morning, when we wake up to her in the shower, to when she's dolled up for shows. She has incredibly sexy lips that I love watching in any scenario- talking, blowing kisses (love the selfies where she blows a kiss with a wink) or when it's expertly wrapped around her guy.

She's also in possession of a petite, sexy figure that's especially evident during her sexy shower snaps where she will often pour her white shower gel generously over her body, taking stills of it covering her boobs and ass- inadvertently taking you back to the many times when that same ass had been similarly glazed by her husband.  

Kat's voice is also one of her sexy attributes, doesn't matter if it's coming via her sexy moans or when she's speaking. She has a natural, sultry and seductive tone in her voice- even hearing her say good morning is sexy. I'm sure it's totally possible to get off listening to just the audio of their sex snaps- with all the sexy sounds of Kat's various ways of moaning, the sounds of their bodies hitting, the sounds of her deep throating etc.


Kat is also an interesting person so that the brief 'everyday type snaps' which are interlaced with the raunchier snaps, are entertaining too. She will sometimes take us on errands, share celebratory news like the modelling shoots she'll be doing or have a rant. The naughty and the everyday stuff will sometimes merge,. A great example of this was during a solo show at home, Kat was interrupted by a delivery man- this actually happened on two separate occasions with her responses to those disturbances being very funny and I love that she keeps moments like that in her story. Similarly in a different solo show, she was backing up into/riding a suction type dildo when it fell off causing her to shout out "oh for fuck's sake... son of a bitch", another funny moment that was also kinda hot. I think if ever Kat wanted to film Domme type content she could easily do it as she has the voice, looks and personality to do so. There's been a few instances when I've seen her fiery side come out, usually in the rare times a member pisses her off or snapchat is playing up. She also once happened to film a brief moment where she confronted a guy who was following her in the supermarket.  


Kat has always been super interactive and engaging in many ways. From always personally responding to DM's- not sending a copy and paste/generic response, to doing things like Q&A's and poll taking so that members can decide what can happen in any particular naughty scenario she has in mind.  

A recent example of this was a poll she posted, asking her members to determine the type of public play she'd get up to at the mall, with the result being a changing room show. A few minutes of sexy and muted fapping took place but as she was nearing orgasm, she was once again interrupted... this time by a knock on the door from one of the store workers asking something. Watching Kat having to slow down her breathing to try and give a relaxed and nonchalant response was hot and exciting to watch. Public naughtiness is only bettered when there's a legit chance at getting caught. 


Other pluses of joining Kat's premium is still the fact that she posts daily unless something major happens and with the memories feature, even on her days off something great is posted. More pluses come in the extra content or services she provides, she treats tippers individually but all members get a special type of show if the 'tip jar' is filled. You can still take a passive role in her premium and watch the hot shows she post daily if that's all you want, but you definitely get the full Kinky Kat experience if you engage with her.  


Still a highly recommended premium snap to get.

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