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Written: Mar 2020 -PSR 

I wrote about the ways you can avoid getting scammed (here) and mentioned some of the sites that are a good idea to use, either when verifying a model's legitimacy if buying directly from them, or via the platform itself.

Below is a list of some of these platforms. (Click on their respective logos for direct access to their site!)

Click For OnlyFans

Onlyfans is a platform that although is open to all creators and influencers, it grew in popularity with adult content creators especially. I think this was partly due to the apparently good payout rates and the speed at which a creator can achieve payout with them (ability to withdraw the money earned). 

It operates as a combination of a social media platform and a subscription for content based platform like Patreon. I say social media only in it's aesthetics- it has a scrolling feed type feature popularised by Twitter, Instagram, et al- and I say like Patreon because that was the first popular platform, I noticed, that created this subscription type platform, that was open to all creators, with a fanbase, who wanted to provide more exclusive content to fans, at a premium.

Patreon started 3 years earlier but, at the time, I remember them not being too keen on adult content being on their platform. This has seemingly been reversed, possibly because of the popularity of Onlyfans.


ModelCentro is a site that has been in existence for a while, probably around 2014, being one of the first to provide models with the ability to independently host their own sites, with custom templates, to sell content- all with the added bonus of utilising ModelCentro's billing capabilities. In recent years with the popularity of model's using social media to sell content directly, they created another additional/separate platform...


This platform was FanCentro- if I remember correctly it was SnapCentro but was probably changed either to distance themselves from problems with Snapchat or because they realised this format could be applied to other social media platforms that have the ability for a model to create a private account. I've seen some models on FanCentro with private Instagram accounts too.

As time has gone by, they have implemented other features to the site, that are common to most of the popular adult content platforms out there- such as a section allowing models to upload some of their Snapchat stories or other XXX clips for individual purchase. Or a social media type scrolling feed, where some of the pics or videos appearing on there, will require you to subscribe to the feed if you want to see it. All those functions are not used by every model on FanCentro but to get a sense of what I'm describing, you can take a look at a model like Amber who uses all the features.

Most of the time, if a model has a FanCentro method of buying her Premium Snapchat, that will usually be my first choice for getting it- other type of content is varied on where I will buy.


Models interested in using this platform will need to go through the parent platform first, ModelCentro



Manyvids is another early adult content selling platform that I have used for a while and have never really had any complaints with them. Since their came out circa 2015-ish they have continually improved the platform, getting more mainstream attention within the last few years. Helped by the co-signs and collaborations with some well known, adult supporting celebrities.

Their main business model has been providing models the ability to sell their clips but added an online store for them to also sell items, ranging from panties to their Private Snapchat account. Like other rival platforms, they've also implemented other features common with other platforms such as tipping, live camming and an additional subscription feature with 'Manyvids Crush' but in more recent years they've added much more unique features such as curating an online magazine, discussing all things adult related, and furthering the live cam experience and Snapchat takeover experience by having 'MV Takeovers', where models can talk online for a specified amount of time and people in the room can get to know the model while still having the ability to tip.


AVN Stars is a new platform (March 2020) that was launched by the established company AVN, who are more synonymous with their awards show and the Expo they sponsor, than they are for being the adult trade magazine that has been around since the 80's. I haven't used the platform yet but from what I can see, it looks pretty good aesthetically. It's a subscription type platform, similar to Onlyfans, but they have definitely implemented the social media look more effectively than the other platforms I've mentioned.


They have a scrolling feed page and Twitter stylised accounts (profile banner, general button layout etc) where models can post to their feed, with it simultaneously appearing on your home feed if you follow them- some of the first post replies can be seen directly underneath the post in a similar way to Facebook. Like Twitter, they also have an explore page but this is shown as another scrolling feed which currently seems to show the post of every model on the platform, in real time.

This is a good thing as other platforms seem to only show (and effectively promote) the most popular models or those who have sold the most, leaving you to have to search or be directed to the page of a model.

AVN Stars also provide the ability to buy a model's clips from their account.

--------------------------------- is another new platform, that launched in late 2019. A few years back the founder also launched a site for models to monetise their premium accounts and I reviewed the snap account of a model, Bonnie Tonic, who used the platform. At this time, I haven't used the platform enough but just from checking out Bonnie's page on there, it shares the social media look and familiarity of the other platforms but looks sleeker and more stylish in comparison. says they "offer multi-level private access, the best payout rates available, starting at 80% and free, daily, no minimum payouts using a secure, internationally recognized, payout provider with 24-hour support."



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