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🇺🇸Emeleb ( Emily B)🇺🇸

*Premium No Longer Active*

Emily Stairs


  • Pretty

  • Gorgeous figure

  • Master tease

  • Sexually open/free

  • Good communication

  • Exhibitionist

  • Quality content



⭐Standout aspect of premium snap:

Queen Exhibitionist

💰Payment type:

One off payment

🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Occasional solo play.

  • Play with partner (m/f)

  • Some shower/bath shows.

  • Nude selfies.

  • Stripping.

  • Public flashing.

  • Some public play

📷Screenshots/screen recording:

Not permitted 🚫



PREFACE: This review was originally written in 2017. Not too long after, Emily decided to discontinue her premium and seemingly step away from making content, so I didn't post it. But as I've seen her promote an OnlyFans, I can safely assume she's back to creating content, albeit more openly... you'll understand what I mean by that when you read the review. (Dec '21)

Unusual Suspect

The quote popularised in The Usual Suspects, "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled, was to convince the world he didn't exist" is kinda fitting for Emily and her premium. If you take a look at her Instagram page you'll see nothing advertised and nothing shown there that would give any indication to her naughty snap. Her rare snapchat takeovers are probably the only inkling one might have of it and not because she ever alludes to a 'premium' or ever does anything really provocative on her duration there, but because during it she'll instruct viewers to contact her on Instagram page to get details about "her snapchat"... and it's after contacting her there will she reveal that she only has a private snapchat and she'll list the things you'll see plus the ways to buy.

The first premium snap story I saw was during Halloween. Emily had on a super sexy costume and briefly modelled it for us before announcing she was going to a party. She was back snapping a few hours later now a little inebriated and amorous. She began modelling her really sexy outfit again but this time with a complete body view because she now had someone filming her. She proudly showed off the costume's "easy access" feature and proceeded to strip. There is definitely an art when it comes to the act of removing clothes and just seduction in general. I know that ladies taking off their clothes will be arousing regardless, but like anything there's levels and Emily stripped expertly- you could audibly hear the guys heavy breathing as he filmed. After removing the top part of her outfit and bra, she teased the taking off of the bottom half before stopping to drop to her knees and go down on her lucky friend. The sounds she generated while sucking was super sexy and after a bunch of snaps she stood up again to remove the rest of her costume. The general way in which she moves is real sexy. From her slow seductive waist movements to something innocuous like the way she unbuckled and removed the guys pants. Even the way she fell back to her knees after removing the last of the costume was boner inducing in itself.

She continued blowing and he soon gave up a load which she swallowed with a cute smile and confirmation of her delight by saying "That was tasty". She continued the story with a masturbation story aided by the same guy.

Like with most snap models, I think her shows go up a notch when she's with someone else- although she has stated that shows with others are not to be expected often. But not too long after that show there was another guest, this time her friend 'K', a gorgeous dark haired lady with a super nice butt. In the story Emily made use of said butt with some squeezing and oil massages and butt selfies- they also made out amongst all the other hot activities.

Master Teaser and Exhibitionist Queen

Throughout my time watching Emily. I've come to the conclusion that she is a master tease, in every aspect of her premium. I mentioned the moment in her first show where she paused mid BJ, to seductively remove items of clothes or she will rub up on throbbing members. Every encounter with guys, that I've been lucky to see, she will do something like this, so you can tell it's definitely intentional. She does it with her cute but cheeky smile knowing full well the momentary anguish she's causing the recipient as well as all her members watching.

Other forms of teasing come from her putting on solely strip teasing shows that only last the duration of a song. Sometimes the show will just be on the confines of her bed, other times it will be in the context of her stripping to get into the shower, walking us from her bedroom to her bathroom, closing the shower door just as the music ends and leaving us agonising for more... again smiling knowing exactly what she's doing.

For me the best striptease performed by Emily has to be the story when she walked through a public forest and casually started removing items of clothing along the way and throwing it to the side, while accompanied by someone filming. I always talk about my love of any kind of public displays of nudity or sex so this was super sexy to watch.

She has an incredible figure and the natural light and Emily's professional way of working the camera showed off her gorgeous physicality plus it was shot well, at times looking like an artistic short film. It was also shot snap by snap which inadvertently makes it look like it was purposely cut in a specific way, when watching it as a whole ( Btw, Emily hasn't used the memories feature to post since I've been on.) She commented at the end that she was disappointed that she didn't encounter anyone else during her nude walk and I totally believed her, as there have been past instances of her doing this kind of thing before. Someone shot a behind the scenes story of Emily in a modelling photoshoot and I loved watching  the casual way she would change clothes in front of the photographer. She also once talked about doing some kind of public stuff in the streets of New York too, which was on her premium prior to me being on there.

The other aspect of her teasing comes from the frequency of her posts. She has another job and she's also a student so because of that you're not going to get full on shows everyday. There's been times where in a week she has posted for 3 days back to back, and other times once or twice a week; but when she uploads it's usually top notch.

Free Love

Emily's premium stories give off a sense of spontaneity and complete sexual freedom, like in the snap story of her nude forest walk, but there are a couple more examples of this I want to share.

The first was a snap story in New Orleans which opened to Emily removing her top to get her body painted by a professional; the background ambience and noise suggested that she was in some kind of club/bar having this done. The next snap, we see her now sitting down on a stool while the artist worked- the camera panned away from her to reveal the crowd dancing offstage. The artist finished the design and with a huge smile on her face she stood up to show off the artwork which covered her boobs as well as the words 'Mardi Gras 2017' written on her stomach.

We later see her on stage dancing with other ladies including the host of the event who was shouting her out and promoting her Instagram. While dancing she allowed a couple of the spectators and the guy filming her, for premium, to grab her boobs and ass, while she continually held the shorts in a way to suggest that she was flirting with the idea of removing these tight gold hot pants she was wearing... that barely kept her cheeks contained. Lots of snaps followed of her shaking her ass and dancing with her back to the audience, one female in particular playfully spanked her for a while. At one point, Emily stopped the teasing and did eventually pull down the shorts long enough to see her butt cheeks fully, with the only thing stopping everything from being on display was the sexy thong she had on underneath.

She stepped it up a notch when she went on the dance floor and started dancing with two guys. In both instances Emily was dancing in front with her back to them, grinding and getting them to place their hands on her hips as she danced. Also in both cases she grabbed their hand and placed it down those sexy gold pants and it was the second guy who actually started to rub on and play with her kitty when she did this. It wasn't on full display but because of how tight the pants where, you could definitely get a sense of what was happening underneath.

The other example of her seemingly sexual free-ness was shown in a snap story, that took place at her home. It was a b/g sex show which isn't anything new but the way it went down is something that a lot of premium members fantasise of possibly happening.

She started it off by informing us that she had just come back from the gym. She then said, "..And then one of you guys hit me up saying he wanted to come over so... why not!?" The next snap Emily informed us that he had arrived and then the show started. We see the lucky guy sitting on a couch (where he stayed for the duration) while she began with her brand of flirtatious teasing. Moving her hips while feigning to remove her gym shorts, grinding into and sitting on his lap, grabbing his crotch over his jeans. She eventually removed his jeans, pulling it down slowly and close enough to his body so that his boner popped out and smacked him in the stomach, flailing briefly before just standing to attention.

The next series of snaps featured her going down on him, with lots of slow, lustful sucking with cheek poking as well as licking of the entire shaft, top to bottom. The teasing once again continued when she paused to fully remove her clothing, the lucky guy filmed a great point of view of Emily removing her top over her head, from his seated position. And again, like in the Halloween encounter, she super seductively fell to her knees, getting straight back to oral with a long lick from base to tip. She later sat astride his lap, genitals in close proximity, stroking him close to her pussy before briefly putting him inside her. The snap that followed, quickly changed from the slow and deliberately teasing tone, with Emily now rapidly jerking him off into her mouth. Her mouth was stretched wide open but 2 or 3 ropes still passed her mouth landing on her lips and the tip of her nose. Just like the Halloween show, with a different guy, she swallowed up the rest that landed in her mouth before the show ended.

I don't know how spontaneous that meet really was, or if some kind of vetting happened before hand but it's a pretty hot scenario. (Since my time on there, I've seen this scenario happen about 3 times) The only other snap model who has done something similar is Juicy Lucy but in her case it's not snap fans but rather people she finds online and I think she once stated in a Q&A that linking fans is probably unlikely to happen. Jenny Jizz and Naughty Alysha are popular indie pornstars, so I can't include them. Emily is different, like I said she barely advertises her premium and going by the pictures she posts on Instagram, never ever really gives off any indication of this kind of sexiness. A lot of her pictures are sexy but not overly so, not to where you where you could picture her hooking up with fans and swallowing their loads. She's not a snap model per se and doesn't promote that. She's more-so a model who happens to shoot premium snaps, so being a member has an extra feeling of exclusivity and inner circle-ness because of that.

Her free and exhibitionist behaviour sort of clashes with her more structured and regimented side. The times when she talks to us never seems to be off the cuff or freestyled, it seems kind of structured and almost rehearsed like a TV personality/presenter talking to their audience. Every sentence falling perfectly within or before the 10 second snap limit and even her cadence and voice inflections sound like a pro. A great example of this was a nude cooking story she did. The story itself had that free, exhibitionist feel coupled with the more thought out TV presenter type persona as she described the process. As usual it was a gradual thing with Emily, removing her clothes little by little, after every other ingredient was added.

That's part of her appeal for me, premium is this almost secret life where she does it just because she likes it and shares it with her members for the same reason. Which was something she later pointed out in a post but under different circumstances, which I'll come to later.

...And Just Like That... She Was Gone...

Before every story she posts up her three rules:

1) Be nice

2) No screenshots

3) No saving pics or vids to chat.

On a post after Mardi Gras she followed up with some additional rules and details for members, including being open to some requests, having DM conversations when she has time and only showing closeup shots of her pussy for those who sign up for private sessions.

About a month ago, Emily posted a snap saying that she was gonna be absent from snap a while, insinuating that the reason for this was because of a rule break. She didn't really go into details but she seemed a touch disappointed and pissed off. That's where she brought up the thing I just mentioned about her doing premium shows because she loves it- which to me seems like an honest statement when going off the nature of her stories and the relatively low price she charges for access to it, coupled with the very minimal promotion of it; and since that post she hasn't uploaded anything since.

Emele "Verbal Kint" B

A fun realisation that I had, relates and ties up the point I made in the beginning - in relation to her Instagram and her persona outside of Snapchat. You'll start to realise that some of the pics on her gram are pretty much snapshots from her premium . To the casual observer scrolling through the pics on her 'gram, amongst the professional modelling pics, you'll see the self taken ones too. There's one of Emily and her friend 'K' who took part in the g/g show, there's a couple pics of her in that sexy Halloween outfit from the 1st show and there's a picture of her in New Orleans too. None of those pics look out of place or give any indication to the more adult activities that took place behind that single snapshot - it's not promoted as a snippet from a premium show. I love the contrast of her being this regular model with a boyfriend by day, where the only raunchy shots you'll see are of her in a bikini but then 'after dark', she has this other secret persona on Snapchat.

I hope she eventually comes back because I love her brand of premium. Emily actually gifted me this premium, for a review, because I'm sure she was proud of the content that she makes... and I'm glad she did because I probably never would have came across her and had an insight into Emily's naughty world.

(Jul '17)

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