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🇺🇲Natalia Mackenzie🇺🇲

*Premium No Longer Active*



  • Cute/pretty. 

  • Hot figure.

  • Nice ass.

  • Naturally entertaining/funny. 

  • Good communication.

  • Decent amount of b/g content.

  • Has pubes. 





💰Payment type: 

One off payment/ subscription option.


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play, with or without toys.

  • Play with various partners. 

  • Bath/shower shows.

  • Nude selfies/strip shows.

  • Squirting.

  • Some peeing.

  • Occasional public play/flashing.


📷Screenshots/video msg saving:

Screenshots Not-Permitted 🚫


I normally find that when great snap models regularly shout out a particular model, they're usually good too. This was the case when I discovered Natalia- a shoutout from Bratty Bella on Instagram brought me to her page where a few posts of her pretty face, a great ass pic and a preview of her going down on a guy was enough for me to wanna get her premium.


I think the first show I saw was with a guy who'd I'd later find out was one of the few guys on her rotation. It was a regular fuck show with the camera in a fixed position. It was a gradual build up of speed, culminating in him finishing inside of her. As soon as he pulled out, she repositioned herself, with her legs spread far apart facing the camera, where she then pushed it all out of her with a wide grin and cute chuckle.

Not too long after, she replayed the advertised BJ show with a different guy, who she mentioned was a weed dealer. I love BJ shows and this was a good example of a BJ show done well. Lots of eye contact given to her partner with some twisted stroking and dick-cheek poking thrown in there. I also like it when normal occurrences or bloopers are kept in and not taken out of the scene. While she was going down on him, the guy mentioned not knowing if he could talk while she's recording and she replied that he could say whatever he wanted. He then briefly became more vocal, complimenting her on how she sucked and other such sexy talk. The head then progressed into missionary sex, where he soon sprayed his load on her chest and top half of her stomach. 


Due to Nat not having a live in partner, obviously the majority of her shows are solo and my favourites are when it's solely cllt play. She has gorgeous protruding lips that start to slightly swell and part as she reaches climax plus she has super sexy moans; and most times she varies the shots so it doesn't become static in the same position/angle through the scene. Another solo show, she pleasured herself to porn; reading out the title to us before starting, "Step sister forced anal threesome". For those into squirting she does that and also shows peeing for those who are into that too- always with a warning beforehand for those who aren’t.


Natalia is naturally gorgeous but with a glamour model type look, with big doe eyes that pop- really noticeable in the previous mentioned BJ story. She has a big enhanced rack that she loves to show off and a sexy ass that I would love her to show off just as much (with a crack that goes on for days). She also has a nice bush that I think may have been longer at some point before I joined, she calls it a "Mom bush" which is not only hot but factual, as she is technically a MILF too. 

She has a pretty much open book type personality that's seemingly real and unforced. She talks about her life or stuff going on currently- anything ranging from the guys she's seeing to something like losing her credit card and everything in between. She sometimes talks about going out to find guys to smash on snapchat, saying that she's "scouting for cock" and that she's a dick slayer and has talked about the problems she encounters trying to get some of them to be filmed. When she can't film she will verbally retell the story of the encounter she had- a great one was when she started off a snap story just showing marks on her ass that she received the night before. She then told us how she met two guys at a bar and when they came back to her place they spanked her as she crawled across her coffee table. They never actually did the dirty but I think she mentioned one of them going down on her. Whenever she sends pics to one of these scouted guys, explicit or not, she oftentimes posts the same pic(s) in the story too- telling us that she just sent it out to them. 

Like I said, she is technically a MILF too- despite her not looking like the stereotype of a MILF- and has talked about her daughter in the context of trying to free up time to put on a show but more times than not, it's never been a problem. She's stated that  on Wed-Sat her kid is usually staying with her dad, also Nat’s a student studying a degree in clinical psychology and again this hasn't stopped her posting regularly. 


Natalia is one of those models that always gives off the energy of enjoying what she's doing and enjoys getting off to an audience. She's a cam model too and a few times has performed a cum show on snap before going on cam... only to get off on there again. She also sells videos, some of which she's shown on her premium stories. 

A recent trip to Las Vegas for the annual Expo was another chance to see her enjoying the world of adult entertainment. She shot a great amount of footage of the event, including her interacting or watching other models, or testing out new sex toys and sex dolls. As usual, Nat told us about stuff happening to her during that time. There was a whole incident with an ex who she was potentially gonna film some content with for premium which ended up not happening- with a whole story that should have been on a reality show. But that's one of the best parts of her premium, her willingness to be open about some of the eventful happenings in her life.

In the end, in what was a cool closer to the AVN trip, she still got what she wanted and what she promised we would see- some boy/girl action. Before playing the clips she explained that she had met a male pornstar at the Expo and they got together later that evening in her hotel room, with him recording some stuff for her to use on premium. It was a funny coincidence that the girl who calls herself the dick slayer was now doing a scene with Jax Slayher. The clips shown mostly showed Nat getting the prone bone treatment- lying flat on her stomach, head in the mattress while he sorta straddled her legs while banging her. Obviously being a pro he shot it well, all handheld. Some varied angles were used, POV shots as well as some overhead but all capturing her sexy ass swaying to his thrusting with good enough sound to capture her moans. I think they filmed a longer scene the following night, so that's something that members should be looking forward to in the future.


Nat's pretty good at replying to compliments and messages too, always responding within the day sent.


I hope Natalia will be doing this for a while, I enjoy watching her life as well as her sexcapades, definitely a premium worth purchasing.


(Jan '18)

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