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🇺🇸Ona Artist🇺🇸 

*No Longer on model's Premium *

Ona Artist Premium Snapchat Review Onlyfans


  • Pretty

  • Sexy figure

  • Cute bubble butt

  • Good story length.

  • Artistically shot


  • ​No response in DM's

  • 1 show a week

💰Payment type: 

Subscription type.


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play, with or without toys.

  • Striptease.

  • Nude 


📷Screenshots/video msg saving:

Permitted ✅



Ona Artist first came to my attention when she was introduced to the masses via mainstream media (on the Internet and television) as Sarah White, a sexual therapist. (Watch her interview here)

Fast forward a few years, she’s now probably more recognised as Ona Artist. Her recent fans have probably encountered her from her Instagram account, where she poses in various stylish/arty poses- with her tush getting the majority of the compliments in her comments.


A paid subscription to her site also comes with access to her premium snapchat account.

Her premium account is similar to her public account in terms of the stylish poses and snaps, except she’s in the nude. Picture a life drawing class with slow sensual movements… and Ona’s own music playing in the background. You should probably watch the public account to get a taste of what to expect.


The 1st month I was on, she only posted on both her accounts maybe around 2 times a week. But currently she’s on a “Southwest Selfie Tour” with a photographer and whenever she does this, the snap stories are jam packed almost every day, and shot in various gorgeous outdoor landscapes.

(Jun '16)

UPDATE Jun '20)

Almost 4 years to the month since the first review and in that time Ona Instagram presence has increased, she released more music and has continued providing erotic content for fans via her own website.

I always recognised that Ona, real name Leah Schrager, was more so an artist than the traditional sex worker, though of course the two don't have have to be mutually exclusive- I've encountered models who wouldn't necessarily talk about themselves as artists but still produce content that in my view would be considered as art- both aesthetically and in the quality of the content they produce; and I don't think it would be fair to say that women themselves have bodies that have been and are considered works of art- often been cited as muses and just general sources of inspiration for the longest time.

I say all of that to say that Leah's persona as Ona has always been mysterious and more fitting with a persona that is more old-school celebrity like, in that I never ever really understood what she's about, in all of the many hats that she wares -from being a naked sex therapist, painter and musician to sex worker. A lot of the models that I like oftentimes share at least a glimpse of their lives or personality, I never seemed to see that with her. 


Years later, after reading up on her a bit more, it has become slightly more clear that all of this is supposedly some kind of art project and/or art experiment. Ona is a persona that will apparently be concluding this year. 


From what I gather, the whole character of Ona is supposed to be the stereotypical IG model, solely concerned with amassing a large following and using that to leverage 'success' or money. Posting sexy pics with witty or innuendo laced captions to attract more comments. The stereotype of the model only interacting with followers to get more engagement from followers, who comment in the hopes of getting a reply. Or dropping comments on other popular model's posts, to gain more followers.

If that's truly all it is, I'm honestly interested to know what she presents as an artistic revelation at the end of this experiment. I don't really see her deleting her Instagram and all the followers that she has amassed but she may try to re-purpose her following- I recently saw her promoting another IG account as a coach, teaching people how to build an IG following.

Back To Ona's Premium

Gaining access to her Premium was similar to the first time, she still has her own website and upon paying for access to the site, access to her XXX Snap account is included.

The Snap show is now a once weekly event, the previous time i remember it being at least twice. The snaps are still shot well, in the same artsy style as last time. I was actually moved to get her Premium again because she posted videos on her IG where she would flash her bum to the camera in public- in the store or gas station. I figured 2020 Ona's content might feature some of this style but it didn't or I missed those posts. 

The first show I saw was actually fitting, as it hearkened back to how I first encountered her- as a Therapist. Like my previous time on her Snap, the show was split between her public account but the Therapist suggested that the "private session" be shown on her Premium account. Throughout the Snap story,  Ona performed her trademark seductive sultry poses while  asking questions a therapist would, "How are you feeling?", "What do you think?", "How does this make you feel?" which was pretty damn hot, especially as it kept on getting repeated.. When she continued on the private account, the therapist insisted that we move to the bedroom to continue the session- continuing the sexy line of questioning  while posing in sexy positions that showed of her tush in the incredible lighting.

Something that is different about her shows now is that she goes much further than just the seductive swaying and sexy stripping that she used to do, and with this show, it culminated in quite a lengthy period of her pleasuring herself with a dildo. As attractive as her long legs are and watching her spread them to insert her blue dildo, I more so enjoyed watching her pleasure herself when her back was to the camera, either bent over on all fours or lying prone, because she has a sexy ass. Loved  hearing her get wetter as the scene progressed and also really liked that fact that she now has a gorgeous bush. 

It was also great seeing Ona get more animated leading up to and during her climax, as I said earlier her persona has always been more controlled and deliberate- which isn't a bad thing- but it's sometimes cool to see another aspect of a person. On her site, there was an outtake clip of a music video and in that, I again caught this other side of Ona (or maybe Leah), a kind of normalcy and not the usual poised version I'm accustomed to.

Speaking on her site, like I mentioned it is still the same one that I signed up to initially. More videos have also been uploaded since that time but because the platform doesn't date-tag the videos, It's hard to navigate properly and I couldn't find where the previous Snap shows were situated ( I mainly wanted to see if she uploaded any of the public butt flashing, shown on her IG). The photos were categorised properly though.

I was going to praise Ona for still having her own platform after all this time and not following the majority of models in flocking to Onlyfans but she has very recently joined the platform. I read somewhere about Leah's, Ona character having some kind of benefactor or patron, so maybe her retiring 'Ona' may include retiring that site. I'm sure she will do very well on OnlyFans, as other model's with a similar IG aesthetic and popularity have seemingly done so.

The snap show is a 'live' show but you would expect that for only a show a week and is more on the lengthy side- the Therapy Snap show I just mentioned was around 15 minutes, not including the extra show on the public platform- other shows have been similar length or were slightly shorter. I did expect there to be more than one show, especially during this current lockdown situation.

She still doesn't open DM's in her Snap and there wasn't a clear option to communicate on her site so maybe she plans to do that on her OnlyFans.

I'm interested to see what happens for Leah and her Ona creation by the end of this year. All her alter egos have been sex positive, so if a new character emerges, it could possibly be in that same vein. Will Ona disappear replaced with a new alter ego, or will there be a more raunchy Ona 2.0 who will explore her sexuality even more- and maybe in another 4 years will even provide some content with an on screen partner. 

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