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I was made aware of Paki Cam Models through a Twitter account @Aishapak, seemingly ran by the model, Aisha, herself or jointly with her partner. The tagline for the account is "Pakistan's Number One Online Hijabi Exhibitionist" In the limited tweets Aisha posted, her face is often hidden but she bares her ample bosom and her ass as well as some short clips engaging in some play with her partner. This account re-tweets a bunch of stuff including tweets from PakiCam Models, which is how I started following them. 

The account promotes Pakistani models that exclusively work for/with Paki Cam Models, providing pre-booked online shows for clients. Until relatively recently that's all the were doing but within the last 2/3 months, their tweets started promoting a Premium Snapchat too, which caught my interest as a lot of the models promoted were attractive and I also wanted to hopefully see more of Aisha.


The account manager (who I think is a guy) has payment methods for customers who are local as well as those abroad and after payment I was quickly added to the account. The Premium was/is relatively in it's infancy so I wasn't expecting a lot of content to be on there. Before I joined, there was a tweet that said that those who joined that month would get a another month free due to the lack of content there, which I thought was a good gesture.

As far as the content goes, it follows the same look or aesthetic that is shown on the clips posted on Twitter. Some kind of filter is used that creates an artificial vintage-esque look, with"@pakicammodels"  placed on it as well as the @ name of the model on the screen. I don't think any of the models log into the account to post themselves, instead it's posted by the account owner and any interactions are between you and him.

I think only one model had her face shown on there and the rest had on some sort of face covering or the camera was positioned in a way to prevent their faces from being seen. I think that in this case (because they are from Pakistani) it may be done from a real concern of having their identity revealed but it also could be for the purpose of creating an allure or mystique that is often used in porn- catering to a middle-eastern/Islamic women fetish. Either way it is fine, as most of the women featured have sexy, curvy, 'mom' bodies. Some clips were more suited to my tastes, one model in particular, @cammodelzeenia had a stunning figure and in her clips she loved to shake and show off her ass cheeks. 

Most stories featured the models solo, but there were two female models who played with each other, nothing too explicit though. The only time I saw boy/girl content posted was when the sexy Aisha made appearances. I remember a brief doggy style clip and a BJ clip- which was a slightly longer version of what was posted on Twitter. I also noticed that some of the snaps from other models in the story, featured the words, "An @AishaPK Presentation", alongside the name of the model. I don't know if Aisha has an involvement with the PakiCamModels company or just possibly helps in recruiting some of the models.

I was notified that my monthly subscription had come to an end, through my snap DM's and was offered a discount for being an early supporter, whenever I decide to come back. He also announced the launch of a website,

Those who've read my stuff, know that i'm normally more hesitant in buying Premium Snapchat accounts from a model who is predominantly a cam model (especially if it's subscription based) because in my experience, you're basically paying for promo for their cam shows with only the lightest of titillation occasionally thrown in- I've had one model in the past who was an exception to the rule though. This would be fine if I was a user of cam sites but because it's not really my thing, a snap account with just promotion is a waste of my money.

With this account, I still felt that it was somewhat of cam promo but not as much as others I've experienced. With all snaps in the story having "PakiCamModels" emblazoned on them, you're always made aware of it; Coupled with the fact that the models do not log into the accounts and interact with members themselves,  adds to a lack of intimacy that I like from Premium Snapchats.  I don't hold that against this account, as I came into it knowing that this would more likely be a cam model snap type experience, and not necessarily the standard Premium Snap type experience.

I think for what is currently offered, the price for a subscription may be a little too high, although I think a subscription based payment for this account is still justified. Especially, if in the future, it's possible for models to log into the account themselves and provide longer live shows as opposed to clips. As the number of models joining is growing at a good rate, one or two models could have an assigned day for them to perform, so that members can come in and watch their favourite model's snap story on a particular day.


What made me rate this as a good Premium Snapchat and not average was the level of interaction that the account owner always provided and delivered. The account owner tries to make the account interactive and frequently asks members to request more of what they would like to see. After the snaps from Zeenia, that I mentioned above,  I asked for more ass play and probably the following day I got more of it on the story. She did what she did before plus more- grabbed, shook and parted her cheeks and placed her hand within her deep crack which was beautiful to see.

Other highlights for me were models dancing to traditional music and showing off their bodies (especially ass). Although they don't show their faces, I feel that in this scenario it's warranted and not something that I could hold against them, as their circumstances are different from models working/born in the West.

I also mentioned before that I like the vintage look of the content uploaded, it helps give it a continuous look and also helps in giving Paki Cam Models a branding style of their own.

I'm looking forward to re-subscribing at some point, as I see the progress they're making and the account owner seems to want to provide a good service and have satisfied customers, plus the models are hot.

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