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🇺🇸Pervy Sage
(Shinobi Sage | Goddess Sage)🇺🇸

Shinobi Sage


  • Gorgeous

  • Sexy figure

  • Great in DM's

  • Great ass



⭐Standout aspect of premium snap: 

Ass and DM interaction


💰Payment type: 

One off payment/Subscription


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play

  • Some Girl-Boy play

  • Shower snaps

  • Ass play

  • Nude dancing/twerking


📷Screenshots/save to DMs:

Allowed on the higher tiers




The premium Snapchat world has continued to evolve and one of those evolutions comes in the way of more models opting to use payment tiers. I initially gave some pushback to it because with some models, I saw them using it solely as an upsell, just as a way to get people to pay more, as opposed to doing it for the actual purpose of providing various packages that will suit different buyers' needs and wants. Some would post little to nothing, on a low tier, in attempt to get the buyer to upgrade to a higher one, with the promise of more shows posted in a week. Some created so many different tiers, that I saw times when they confused themselves as well as potential buyers.


For the most part, I now actually like the tier system, because for me unless the model produces high quality shows that have variety and just a general level of creativity or art, there's rarely a need to upgrade. Some of my recent purchases have been from models who I'm primarily there to see the art that's solely derived from their beautiful bodies - as I get that not everyone is a natural in creating great content. As long as they managed to put out everything they said they would do, for that tier, its a worthwhile purchase. The upgrade won't be necessary for me but obviously tipping will still happen, when great content is put out. 


My latest reviewee uses a tier system too. I saw her on a group premium and quickly fell under a booty hypnosis, a condition that meant I quickly got her premium as soon as was humanely possible. 

Sage had a tier system that was straightforward enough, and I opted for a mid range tier that would satiate my appetite for seeing her cheek heavy style of Snaps, something that I got glimpse of from seeing her on a group premium, as well as on her preview Snap. 



After payment, I was added quickly to a story with a mashup of various clips that almost always had an abundance of her booty on display. 

The snaps were and still are almost always a mashup of past recordings and 'live' or very recent ones. Her premium is an ass guys heaven…

Sage singlehandedly keeps the baby oil business alive with the way she generously pours and applies gallons of the stuff on her rump - making the ass shaking and twerking an even more beautiful experience to watch, as every ripple and cheek-quake gets accentuated.

The grabbing of her cheeks and ass spreading is one of my favourites of her go to moves and its something she does repeatedly and expertly, to purposely get a rise out of the viewer.


Anything that can be possibly shot, in regards to ass, is done expertly, from twerking to anal and everything in between.

Speaking of in-between and doing anything regards to ass, my favourite content from her to date was an oily assjob show, which is almost definitely the first time I've seen it done by any Snap model that I follow - at least not as a whole and complete act. When I first saw it, I was in the middle of writing a review on Magic City Sleaze, documenting my love of the assjob content they put out, so this was a perfect coincidence. Assjobs are not a new thing but still seem to be relatively niche, and in querying various caked up models about seeing content like that, most didn't know what it was, so it was incredible seeing Sage do this without me having to ask - possibly another of her ass fanatical members asked or Sage is just clued up.  


It started with Sage appearing on her knees, wearing a cherry patterned onesie. She touched and played with herself over the clothing before turning around and showing us that this onesie was one of those with a 'trap door' or buttoned flap, which she started unfastening to slowly reveal her caramel cheeks. The inevitable twerking and Sage Spreading occurred and then came the oil, then some more twerking before it cut to the wall-attached dildo, sliding between her oiled crevasse. 

She used a bunch of different angles, purposely staying longer on the angles that looked the best, ones that showed the dildo sliding deep within her cheeks, with only the head re-emerging to the surface just at the top of her crack. As she was sliding back and forth, she would sometimes push one side of her cheeks, providing more resistance and causing the dildo to go deeper…. beautiful stuff.

The only thing that would've made that show even better would have been if a direct shot from behind was used, but I understand the complexities that would come from doing that solo, I've seen b/g content that she posts on group premiums, so hopefully her doing it with a guy, will be something to look forward to in the future.


On the subject of boy/girl content, Sage had a show that I was super impressed with the way it was filmed. Most of the b/g shows that I've seen, have been shot by the guy she's with and they have been ok, but this one was entirely shot by her, seemingly using some kind of selfie stick that she somehow managed to reach around enough to film an almost perfect POV shot, while the guy was banging from her behind. This allowed the lucky guy free use of his hands to caress, grab and spread her cheeks, with a long period of time spent pleasuring her by rubbing his meat on her clit. I think shooting like this took some of the pressure off him to just focus on performing, and the scene benefited from that. 

I'm not sure if she used her phone or it was shot on a camera but it was so impressive seeing the various angles she managed to use while being in such a compromised position - pretty much face down, ass up. The camera shook with every one of his pumps but she still kept it focused on the shot and I loved the whole shaky, raw guerilla style of it. 


On the solo side of her content, a lot of it is filmed from a fixed position, with the camera almost always looking up to her, regardless if she's standing or sitting which lends itself well to the Goddess part of her name. And when viewing the many snaps of her displaying her ass from this angle, you inevitably feel the desire for this Goddess to smother you with her abundant and deep cheeks. 


3 Sage

Since being on her premium, I've seen her display her name in various ways. Goddess Sage, I touched on in the previous paragraphy, but I'll add that her luscious body, the way she carries that luscious body and her sexy slightly husky voice also give off those Goddess vibes, without it being just because of the camera positioning. She probably also makes content that is in that domme category but I haven't currently come across that on Snap.

She also has another moniker of Pervy Sage which, on the surface, seems pretty self explanatory as Sage posts various naughty clips and shows that cover the sexual gamut - anal, vaginal, sexting, video calls. boy/girl, some public nudity and on higher tiers the levels of fetishes she posts is supposedly increased. However, this second name also refers to an anime character called, Jiraiya, who also has a bunch of aliases, one of them being, Pervy Sage. 


The other name she uses is, Shinobi Sage.


Tiers of a Ninja

As I mentioned in the beginning, Sage has a tier system, with the mid range tier I'm on being perfect for me, for what I came to see. But to see regular or complete shows, upgrading to a higher tier is a better option. On a couple of occasions when I've seen a show that I like, I've just purchased it directly from her, instead of going up a tier.


Some models label their tiers numerically, some label it in a way that differentiates the spending habits or wealth of potential buyers, eg broke cuck to zaddy big spender. Sage has opted to use ones rooted in Ninja culture or probably more specifically as an homage to the anime show, Naruto. Shinobi is another term for Ninja and Naruto was a Ninja…. who was also a Sage….


Genin is tier one, in Japanese basically meaning low ranking or commoner. 


Chūnin is the name of the second premium tier, literally meaning, Middle Ninja.


Jōnin could've been the next tier name, but she instead chose to label it with the simple, VIP, Very Important Perv.


The various tiers obviously come with various privileges, like the one I'm on doesn't allow for message saving, so, again, if that is something you like to do, the top package should be your choice. I'm not really sure what else comes with the packages, like I said, I really was just interested in a package where I could see Sage's booty regularly, with or without it having to be in a designated show. The shower snaps, which will most times be of a length to be considered a show, is really good enough for me, coupled with everything else she incorporates in the story. Something like a shower show is often split between the tiers, so the 1st tier will see the first part of the shower and the second will show a continuation, with it being more explicit most of the time.


Messaging seems to be universally great, no matter the tier - aside from some of the extra perks that higher tiers get. DM's are always quickly replied to and are always super sweet and polite. At the very minimum tips are always rewarded with a sweet thank you and sometimes pics are given too. Also, an occasional mass picture or clip is sent out, wishing subs a good day.



Booty hypnosis prevented me from initially asking her how many times or how many shows is posted in a week and I don't think I've really seen the specifics ever really mentioned. I think that with lifetime snaps, asking about specifics, these days, seems kind of redundant especially with the options of having monthly or yearly subscription payments.  Lifetime has evolved more into a model having the freedom to post when they want, within reason, whereas a model using a subscription, is more incentivised to post regularly if they want subscribers to renew the next month.


About a week into my subscription, Sage had seemingly gone on strike. I think she didn't feel that she was getting enough tips, so put posting on hold until a certain goal had been met. 

I was and I'm still indifferent about her doing that, because of what I just said about what constitutes a lifetime premium. So if her argument is that she should be tipped if members enjoy a show/story, especially if they communicate their love of it, I get that. I think her specific gripe here was people constantly wanting to talk to her, something which I mentioned Sage is great at and doesn't have a problem doing, but those members then not leaving some kind of gratuity after conversating - very easy to understand her frustration with that.


Sage's premium, has to get an excellent rating because she delivers on every aspect that I signed up for. Stories are hot, messaging/replying/saying thanks for tips are all great and buying content is quick and painless. 

She is an expert in filming her assets, especially in the more recent snap stories she's put out.. An ass fiend like me can see the art in the way she purposely displays and presents her derrière on camera, where a casual viewer would maybe only see that she has a great ass, not realising she has purposely shown and presented it in the best way.

The way she names her tier system, is something that could be carried through to content, and even though almost every model has some element of cosplay in their repertoire, Sage's apparent love of Japanese or just a Ninja/Naruto specific love, could be something to possibly do, in a different way - if she hasn't already done so and I just haven't seen it yet. 


Some may feel that the 'strike' issue is a negative but, as I explained above, that is something that can be expected when you decide to get a lifetime package as opposed to a reoccurring subscription - If I had got a subscription, then that would definitely count as a negative. Plus, I agree with her stance - taking the time to have full convos with people who don't go on to send something as a thank you, isn't cool. Even if DM talking is a part of the package you bought into, it shouldn't be abused. It's like going to an all you can eat buffet and just demolishing everything that's there and still trying to sneak out more to take home.


When she posts can vary, there's weeks where she has posted close to every day and weeks where its been a couple of days but most times it lies somewhere in the middle of both. It also varies in what she posts, I've seen days when its majority snaps from the past, some stories have been all 'live' but most times are a mix of the two. 


Outside of the XXX content, she sometimes shows parts of her real life- clips of her cooking some delicious looking meals as well as seeing her chilling out playing console games. From replaying older snaps, I've been able to see a variety of her different hairstyles but I truly love the natural way she's currently got it now.


Sage is a great example of using a premium Snap tier system, providing exactly what I need from her on Snap, with the flexibility to just buy the content that really stands out to me. She is also sexy, gorgeous and cool as hell. 

- TPR (Jul '22)

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