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🇬🇧Porsche Platinum🇬🇧

*Premium No Longer Active*

porsche face.jpg


  • Sexy/Curvy/Thick

  • Big bum.

  • Story length.

  • Amount of boy/girl content.

  • Stories never boring.

  • Has a personality/character.

  • Interactive.

  • Responds to DM's. 





💰Payment type:

One off payment.


🔞18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play, with or without toys.

  • Shows with a partner

  • Some bath/shower snaps.

  • Nude selfies.

  • Some public nudity

  • Striptease/nude dancing.


📷Screenshots/video msg saving:

Not stated


Porsche, pronounced in the proper way of 'Por-sha', is an adult content content creator from the South Yorkshire region of the UK. I used to have a handful of Snapchat accounts from British models but most have either disappeared and/or stopped snapping so was happy to see another Brit doing it. In an article about Premium Snapchat, I mentioned models promoting amongst themselves more so than relying on the old way- going to someone with a takeover/promo account to gain exposure. Some takeover accounts still exist, like the BBW Bible, but even then it's run by a model or a group of models.

The first time seeing Porsche was through a takeover on the model Riley Velvet's account. The fun, sexy and frenetic pace of her takeover, plus the fact she was a Brit, made me get her premium as soon as it concluded. Also, the basic entry level ('lifetime')- solely for viewing the XXX snaps- was at a ridiculously good price, for me to pass up. Her takeover was packed with explicit clips, showing the range of things she gets up to on her premium. Everything from public nudity to full on boy/girl scenes, with the majority of the boy/girl scenes involving storyline type roleplay. These pre-sex storylines would involve the usual porno tropes or clichés like avoiding  arrest by smashing a police officer or catching your step brother naked and blowing him, but it was all performed well- gonzo style, with Porsche handling the camera for that segment. When first viewing it, I actually did initially think a particular scenario was real, partly because Porsche can act pretty well but also because that story was plausible or could potentially happen- at least everything prior to the banging.. 

Paid directly through her preferred payment method (but she is also verified on a legit site, Fancentro) and was added within 24 hours, would probably have been added quicker if I'd purchased at a time when she was awake. The story was full of snaps, first starting with a quick, good morning 'live' video snap whilst in bed. Following that, was a throwback scene of her getting off in a changing/dressing room, originally filmed 2 weeks prior. Her phone picked up all the noisy background sounds of people talking in close proximity to her room, and it was positioned in one place on the ground while the scene would cut to her in different positions while she played with herself for the duration- squatting, sitting down with legs open and also bent over, with Porsche parting her ample cheeks to give viewers maximum exposure.

Her next scene showcased her big, British bum, in an even a better light. This was a full sex show filmed a couple months prior which started with a BJ and ended with a load shot on her face, but in between that were some beautifully angled and POV shots, that were filmed by her partner. A great overhead shot of Porsche riding him while she was bent over but still standing, was my favourite thing captured in the whole story. A derrière like that has to be captured right and her fella seems to always deliver.
After that scene there was an intermission, of sorts, in the form of promo videos from another model, all explicit. Then the culmination of that day's story was a solo show, that she premiered the previous day, on St Patrick's Day. The show featured her stripping out of a, St Patrick's Day inspired, green ensemble before fudging herself silly with a dildo. In between that there was dirty talking and teasing as well as a nice segment of showing off, spanking, spreading and shaking her ass.

The storyline buildups that I described her showing on her takeover are not shown on the Premium account. I guess Porsche figures that most people skip or fast forward all those preliminary stuff, when watching porn, so she just uploads the main action. It can still be seen by watching Porsche's free account first, where the story acts as a preview for non-members and allows Premium members to get the context of the sex they'll see on the x-rated Snap. I don't mind going back and forth but free accounts are notoriously deleted often, so having it on the Premium account wouldn't be a bad thing.


My favourite shows have been those where her partner has an involvement partly because he seems to be a fellow ass man. Although it has never been directly said I assume this to be the case from his actions in snaps,  where he has caressed and oiled up her cheeks, running his fingers over the vast breadth of her ass and also on her crack that runs from miles, grabbing handfuls of cheeks when doggying from behind and the great shots of her ass when he's in control of the camera. I also enjoy watching him cover her face after a hot session.

Porsche, as well as being sexy and big bottomed, has a great and engaging energy about her. It's always great to get a model's Snap and see that they actually enjoy what they do as opposed to it being solely a means to an income or extra income. One of the throwbacks she posted on her story seemed to be dated to around a year ago (most have been more recent) which shows that she seems to be committed to this, has been doing this for a while and still makes great content. (I think she mentioned around 4 years)
The average length of her jam packed and fast paced daily stories are around 12-15 minutes which is pretty lengthy and that is minus the 'takeover' from a model which is always usually explicit too. I'm sure she gets paid for some, if not all, of the takeovers she has on her Premium, which probably allows her to offset the cost of selling access to her account, at such a great lifetime price.

Like I mentioned earlier, I bought the lowest level of her Snap which was stated just to be for viewing. However, a couple of times I asked a question in her DM's and in both instances I got a quick response from her, in her usual bubbly demeanour. Her Premium levels list didn't specify that she wouldn't communicate but because different levels included sexting in the package I thought she may not respond, even though my questions weren't sexual in nature. If sexting is your thing, I would advise getting that package as it's still a good deal.

Since being on her Snap,  Porsche has never requested tips, which she could easily do with the quantity and quality of shows she puts out for the price. You could argue that you would've got your money's worth within the first week, if you can tip, you probably should. She only up-sells access to her Dropbox folder with a post that only appears once during the entire Snap story and she also provides a list with info on how to upgrade your Premium level too.

I also recently watched vlogs that she put out, relatively recently, on YouTube. It's predominantly about her experiences in sex work but also has other more Youtubery stuff included (makeup tutorials etc). On a particular vlog, she talked about discovering the world of selling Snapchat and nudes and how this job suites her like no other profession she has done before- which confirms what I said earlier about her seemingly enjoying herself on her Snap. This means great content is made, which makes for a great purchase for all you Premium Snapchat buyers. 

(Mar '20)

UPDATE: May '20

About a couple weeks after this review,Porsche had a mini rant on her story about guys who were messaging her, complaining and asking to be added to this current Premium Snap because they had bought a lifetime option (the previous account apparently got deleted). She then explained that this wasn't going to happen as lifetime is only valid for the duration  of that specific account. If it gets deleted then that's it.

I've mentioned things like this in other reviews and articles too. Both Porsche and her former members are right. As I mentioned in Porsche's review, the price for access to her Premium was pretty cheap and I knew that if it was decent for at least a month, I would have got my money's worth- so it was worth the risk.

If the price for the snap was in the higher end, I would always go through FanCentro or some other platform where I could be reimbursed/refunded if something went wrong.


I'm not completely sure if the account was deleted by Snapchat (due to reporting) or by Porsche herself. It seemed weird that the above rant happened not too shortly after her account disappeared but it could just be coincidence. But there's also the fact that she unfriended two of my accounts that followed  her  public account. I also must have missed when she informed members that it was deleted, it was only after re-adding her account again could I ask her if it was deleted, to which she replied, "yes". 

She already had an OnlyFans account but she's now only promoting that, currently, and not another Premium Snapchat. Hopefully, anyone who joined her Premium just before it disappeared, is given a trial or something similar on her Onlyfans. I'm not the biggest fan of the OnlyFans platform, so I won't be subscribing but I'm sure many will and have.

*Premium No Longer Active*

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*Premium No Longer Active*

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