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Samby Face - The Premium Reviewer - Premium Snapchat


  • Gorgeous

  • Exhibitionist

  • Regular posting

  • Pubes/Bush

  • Great ass

  • Responds to DM's


  • N/A

⭐Standout aspect of premium snap: 

Great exhibitionism

💰Payment type: 


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Flashing 

  • Some Boy/Girl play

  • Some Bath/Shower Shows

  • Some public flashing

  • Stripping


📷Screenshots/screen recording:

Not Permitted 🚫




Open up

In a couple of reviews, articles and in the intro to The Premium Reviewer Podcast I’ve talked fondly of that period of time when I first joined Snapchat and was snap friends with exhibitionist singles and couples who would post their sexual shenanigans on their story just because it was their kink and they got a rush from doing it. This world still exists but is arguably overshadowed by the pay to play market - which is obviously not a bad thing but had a bad moment when a few models tried to shame those who liked to share their content for free.

I remember when some exhibitionist snappers then started charging for their snaps, usually as just a small one off payment - the logical thinking being, why not get some extra spending money for something you enjoy doing, and would be posting anyway?


This is who Samby reminds me of. She is someone who I recently discovered on Twitter, when trawling through exhibitionist type accounts and tweets. Her Twitter posts showed clips of her flashing her fellow IT co-workers with their backs turned or at a close distance away as well as some clips of them grabbing her tits.

In all of of the hijinks and shenanigans posted, you could tell this is something she enjoys and that it's a real kink for her and then when I saw the mention of Snapchat in her bio or in one of her tweets, I had to look into it.


I added her snap and was added back not too long after. I was met with pretty vanilla, normal snaps, no premium promo and nothing that would even suggest her naughty side, if you hadn't seen her Twitter account. I eventually DM’d and asked if she had a premium snap and she said she did, for a cheap one off payment. Sent payment through and was added.


Samby is gorgeous, really stunning pretty eyes and a super cute mouth. Her body is banging- great ass and boobs, with the icing on the cake being her super sexy bush. Her bio also states that she is both Italian and Indian (Punjabi). It also states she’s a virgin, i’m presuming she means in terms of penetrative sex, as I’ve seen her engage in some sexual activity but not traditional sex.


Flashing The Goods

Her content on snap doesn’t deviate to far away from what you see on her Twitter but there is obviously a fair bit more content on Snapchat. She posts on the story with a mixture of ‘live’ snaps, some recent recorded and also some hot moments from the past, I’m sure I saw a snap that said it was from 2 years ago.

She also sends those disappearing live snaps (that you get through the DM’s) which definitely adds to the experience of her being spontaneous in her flashing and eagerness in showing her premium followers what she’s doing in that moment. She also sends prerecorded video snaps in the DM’s, presumably to allow subscribers to save in the DM’s, not to download it- as one of her rules is no screenshots.


Samby has posted shower clips showing off her head to toe sexiness- loved watching the water gliding of her curves and her rubbing water through her bush. She posted a very hot BJ scene with her partner- blowing him to cumpletion and I also saw a brief clip of him sucking on her nipples while rubbing her clit.


And then she also posts the office flashes, where she will strategically stand behind a colleague or with her back to a colleague who is another room. If you can't visibly see the person, you will sometimes hear the person speaking and gauge that they're close by, while we watch Samby struggle to take out her weighty boobs from whatever sexy attire she has on for the day. Her attention is sometimes split between looking at the camera and checking her surroundings, to see if they notice. There’s always a chance that they could turn around or look through the door and see, but I’m pretty sure that all or most of the lucky guys that get to work with her are all aware of her sexy activities as she’s also posted snaps of her grabbing a couple of guys crotches over their clothes and on her Twitter I saw a clip of her asking for a colleague to come to her cubicle to help her with something, while she pulled up her skirt and sat on the desk. The video stops before he enters but I would’ve loved to see how that interaction played out. 


She has also taken to flashing at a restaurant, while dining with her partner. The thing I liked about that video snap, in particular, was that, on the public and SFW side of her snap, she posted a normal wholesome snap of her dining and her food, which is a normal thing that most people post… but premium viewers got a similar post but with her boobs out. She did this from a window seat too. with two patrons sitting not too far behind her. The cool juxtaposition of the innocent public snap being mirrored in the premium story, but with the added naughty aspect, is a cool reoccurring theme in her snaps. Eg, a casual mirror selfie on the public snap, is an almost carbon copy image, but with her boobs out on the private.


I love Samby's work attire too, always looks smart/professional but the clothes are sometimes very form fitting, which is great for when she is undressing, because I love seeing her having to peel off her pants to reveal her sexy ass or the slight struggle, that I mentioned previously, of her pulling her boobs out. My personal favourite clothing so far is a grey suit that sat so nicely on her, but especially on her ass and thighs. Loved when she later showed that sexy derriere in that outfit, before slowly removing it to reveal her peach, followed by her spreading her cheeks… I die every time she spreads it wide and lets it go like an elastic band, forcing those beautiful cheeks to ripple as they clap back together.


The exhibitionism aspect is the main part of her snaps but she’s also into findom. When she adds you as a premium member, you are added to a couple of private stories and on one of them she posts tributes submitted by her subs so I'm sure that if you're into that, she will happily cater to that kink with tributes. But other than those tribute snaps, the findom aspect is not forced or even promoted, she seems to be able to gauge, from the initial interaction (and subsequent interactions), if people want that Goddess experience or just the exhibitionism and hot wife antics, without having to explicitly state it. She is more active with that role on her Twitter.


Wrapping Up

It’s still my assumption that she enjoys the flashing and sharing her naughty life with us and making a little money doing what you love doesn’t negate your passion for it. To relate this back to my intro, I feel that if this was back when I started using snap she would have been those exhibitionists who posted just for the thrill of it, and in this climate of being able to make some change from it, why wouldn’t you? But there is, at least to me, a clear difference in when someone enters this or any thing with the sole intention of making money. It always reflects badly in the service or content and product that is made… and Samby is not on that side of the equation. That's all just my long winded way of saying she gives me those great snap vibes of a few years back.


She’s even great at replying to DM’s and I’m sure you can send pics to her because, like I mentioned earlier, the only rules she gave was no screenshotting. She posts pretty regularly, probably more during the working days of the week, but there is no schedule and is as spontaneous as you would kind of expect with the nature of content she posts.

A great premium where she delivers on what you’d expect and then some, especially considering the price of access.

- TPR (Nov ’21)

Update: Jan '22 

Starting off in the new year, Samby has introduced a new payment structure for new and existing members of her premium. The initial payment still stands but then a reoccurring $5 a month fee will be required to stay on her x-rated snaps. I doubt there was any resistance to the changes as Samby does deliver the goods. And just before she announced these changes she posted a story of her flashing in the supermarket, with her guy openly groping and squeezing her seemingly ever expanding boobs. It's arguably a step up from the mainly work related flashing snaps we've been used to seeing, and definitely a well timed post to ensure guys will want to stay, to see more of her daring public content.

Can't wait to see the new content she brings in with these new changes.

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