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(Bella Baby)



  • Very stunning.

  • Naughty and Nice persona.

  • Cute bubble butt.

  • BJ aficionado.

  • Interactive.

  • Regular shows with her partner.

  • Good communication.



💰Payment type: 

One off payment


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Plays with her partner.

  • Plays solo, with or without toys.

  • Public nudity/public play with her partner

  • Nude hula-hooping.

  • Shower snaps

  • Fisting


📷Screenshots/video msg saving:



I first saw this pretty lady, a while ago on Bosstanation’s original account (before the multiple deletions). It was/is a weed based takeover account where various sexy ladies did takeovers, mainly smoking and talking about green. whilst promoting their own various social media accounts etc.

I think it wasn’t until kinda recently, did she start doing x-rated snaps. I saw her on one of the usual takeover accounts and followed her public account. A few weeks later, I was ready to get her premium snapchat, but her public snap got deleted so I couldn’t make contact. It was about a month or two later when she came back on, and I quickly signed up for her xxx account.

This lady looks like an angel but does and says the naughtiest things, all with the cutest look on her face. One of her first words to me when enquiring about buying was, “I promise to make you cum”. (😇/😈) Yeah… it’s a common kinda thing said by models but coming out of her angelic mouth…


I mostly enjoy her BJ snaps, it’s always shot well- with those Bambi like eyes sexily staring at the camera, while expertly sucking…. and once again saying naughty things, like “I love your hard cock”, just does it for me.

Her sex snaps are also great, in a recent snap her partner really gets into it, taking her hard from behind while the camera pans from her ass, to her gorgeous face showing her pleasure and sexy moans.


We also get to see ‘SG’ play with herself, mostly always with the camera assistance of her lucky guy but she also has more sensual self play, when she operates the camera.

She’s interactive and likes to ask her viewers questions on what they want to see and gives mini polls (eg, “do you prefer to see ass of tittays”?) She also treats us to the occasional public nudity flashes, in secluded areas as well as giving handjobs to her partner in the car while they're driving- and she is an expert in hula-hooping which she also does in the nude.

Definitely one of the best premium accounts on snapchat.


UPDATE (Sep '16)

It's been about 5+ months of having SG's account and the last sentence of the original review still stands. I actively look for her stories, get a semi when I see it on my timeline and undoubtedly get a full blown rager by the end of her premium story. The stories are still of a great length and are stupidly hot, everything I mentioned previously still stands. Her sexy one liners about how hard her partners cock is and how she likes certain things, while looking directly at the camera with her big gorgeous eyes is too much. The BJ shows are still my favourite thing to watch, and I think it's hers to perform too. She's a natural with it and her love of it appears so evident fom the way she looks at it, jerks it, kisses it and the muted moaning and affection.


She recently surprised me, when during regular play with her partner she had an unannounced fisting session out of nowhere. I'm not unfamiliar with the sex act, but it's something that I wouldn't even have thought she'd be into. I personally don't seek out this genre of porn, it doesn't really do anything for me and when i had come across it in the past, it was usually used as a semi-torture type thing, or at best a pleasure/pain scenario.. With SG, it was a wholly different thing- if the camera hadn't had panned to her nether-regions from her face, I wouldn't have known she was being fisted. Her face was so serene and angelic- she was lying pretty much motionless, only her hands were moving from playing with her boobs and nipples and also the movement from his penetration caused her to rock.Again, she looked into the camera and said something like "I love being filled up."


Her doggystyle snaps are still super super sexy, her partner has become even better with the shots he takes. Great opening shots of SG bent over, eagerly wiggling her tush with him fully hard, standing to attention. and the further shots of teasing as he tries to fit his swollen head in. They still include hot angles of her gorgeous ass rippling and her beautiful face as he smashes and grabs her cheeks- her moans authentic- sometimes being so into that she forgets the camera's presence, and he almost always manages to film the big loads that he often shoots. He's vocal too but not too much, allowing the star that is sun gypsy to shine. Her solo shows are still very hot, my favourite has to be the shower shows and I also love that she has a visible (trimmed) bush. When playing with herself it's again so understated and angelic, choosing only to use her fingers, rubbing on her kitty, while quietly moaning and looking directly at the camera. Also, whenever she gets a chance she tries to get some public nudity or sex on the story too!


Still one of the best naughty accounts on snapchat.

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