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Interview with Emeleb

Emeleb _ The Premium Reviewer

Emeleb was a breath of fresh air for me, at a time when Premium Snapchat - even at that relatively early period - had started to become a bit stale. I discuss why she was so great in a lot of detail in her snap review and although she moved on from snap she didn't disappear completely and instead took her paradoxical brand of being a secret exhibitionist to a new platform.

Emily has continued to do what made me love her stories. Her IG has always featured her modelling shots with photographers but the uncensored versions can now be housed in a place where she can display the sets in their entirety. On arrival to her OF you are treated to pro photo sets of beautiful public nudity. My favourites being the ones that tell a mini story or more so the ones that feature [blurred out] members of the public, either with her interacting with them or them just being in the background. A great example of this is a great restaurant set and one with her inside of a running kitchen. 

A great addition and continuation of her 'secret' brand is the inclusion of a brilliantly designed menu, accompanied with a password. This menu allows the user to buy videos that she has made over the years to recent times - ranging from the snap style of intimate or home made content to a more scripted pro style.

Another continuation is that certain offer that she has for fans and subscribers of her content - the results of that offer is regularly shown exclusively in her subscriber's DM's; but you can find out more about that after you join her page. You can also find a detailed fan submitted review, here

Im super happy that I'm able to ask Emily some questions, especially a couple that I've especially wanted answers to. 

(Sep 2023)

The Premium Reviewer: I first have to ask the question that I pondered in your review. 
What was the reason you stopped your Snapchat? Was it because of an apparent rule break that I mentioned in your review, or was it something else? 


Emeleb: Honestly, I wish I didn't have to stop my Snapchat, it was a lot of fun, but it was near constant leaks and rule breaks. It was frustrating. The vast majority of my followers were able to follow the very simple rules, but there was a constant stream of folks that couldn't.



TPR: Was the secretive nature of the way you operated your snap done because of a concern about privacy, a smart way of marketing or something else? 

Emeleb: A bit of both of those, honestly.  At the time, most people I knew didn't really know I was selling content and I wasn't sure I wanted them to. Then, like you said I found that it really does help with marketing. So I leaned into it a bit with the snap. 

TPR: The thing that I loved the most about your Snapchat and recent content too, is this duality of you looking so innocent, yet doing some of the naughtiest things, sometimes in the most public of places - something that you've continued to do on your OF.
When did you discover your love of exhibitionism and why do you love it?

Emeleb: I think I was maybe 16 or 17 when I realized I liked it. And honestly it's not really about the exhibitionism of it for me. It's just... I don'i know... fun. I equate it similarly to playing a fun game or going to a carnival. It's a recreational thing for me. Less of a turn on more of a dopamine kick. 

Emeleb | The Premium Reviewer
Emeleb _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: During your time on Snap I gathered that you were probably in a relationship, from perusing your IG posts but also from seeing you have someone film your public escapades and interactions with other guys on snap.
Are you still in a relationship and if so do you consider yourself to be in a swinging or hot wife type of relationship?


Emeleb: Yes I'm in a relationship, no I don't consider it any of that.  I enjoy making content and doing the things I do, and he's ok with me enjoying what I enjoy. It's really not much more complicated than that 


TPR: In nude shoots where members of the public are around, how do you go about getting those shoots done?
Is rules on nudity more relaxed in those places or do you have to negotiate something in advance?


Emeleb: I've only once before ever set up a shot in advance and it was with the owner of a business. And only he knew, not his staff or patrons. Other than that I just show up and get nude. When inside businesses I do always ask first, but usually right on the spot. 

TPR: What has been your most memorable experience being nude in public?


Emeleb: I would honestly say the nights I've spent in places like The Art or the Greenroom end up being the most memorable. It's kind of hard to top places like that when it comes to this kind of stuff.

TPR: You’ve been to various spots in the US. What place or location have you enjoyed the most and why?


Emeleb: I like deserts and wastelands. It's not something I even realized until lately, but I often find myself shooting in arid places

Emeleb _ The Premium Reviewer
Emeleb _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: When making video content have you worked for other directors/companies or do you only shoot with your own camera guy?


Emeleb: I've worked with a few different directors, and tons of different photographers. I usually tag my photogs in my posts on IG. 

TPR: What Is your favourite sexual act to perform?


Emeleb: I love sucking dick. It sounds stupid and made up, but the adrenaline rush I get with a cock in my mouth is better than drugs. 



TPR: Doesn't sound made up at all, that's the thing I enjoy the most in your boy/girl videos.

And what do your fans say they love the most about you and/or your work?


Emeleb: That's a very mixed answer. Some love my body. Some love how much I get naked in public, some like that I hook up with fans and strangers. 

TPR: Speaking of said hookups - in your Snap review, I talked about loving the stories with the insanely sexy random hookups. I was 90% sure it was real but your OF quashed any doubt, after 1st seeing your DM announcing the possibility to collaborate with your fans. And subsequently the extremely hot picture sets with you and the different guys.

Do you have any specific requirements on who you meet?
Is it straight into the action or is there a process they would have to go through before shooting content?

Emeleb: Haha, yes, I do make content with fans and followers. I think it's what my fans like best about me, I'm fuckable lol. When it comes to choosing who I film with, I'm not very picky honestly. I try to make sure variety and fairness are a part of the process. Some times if I have a specific film in mind, where I need a specific type of guy or cock, I'll be more choosey, but really I'm just more first come first serve about it.


Showing up to shoot with me is pretty much a get straight to it type of thing. Some times there's more setup or logistics to work out, but I try to not waste anyone's time lol

Emeleb _ The Premium Reviewer
Emeleb _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: You're definitely more publicly open about your work now, than you were in your snap era - even though you still maintain that slightly elusive persona.
Is it just time that has brought about more of a comfort in being open or is there another reason? 

Emeleb: I got sick of caring lol. I can't think of anyone I know who isn't aware of what I do. I don’t really have anyone I'm fully hiding anything from.. I just feel that it adds a modicum of classiness to my work. Because, sure I do absolutely classless things on a regular basis, the modesty of keeping it "under wraps" rather than flaunting it for higher engagement makes it feel better to me.  I guess it's part of the fun for me. The rules of the game 

TPR: What is your biggest passion and thing that excites you the most outside of work?

Emeleb: Well that would honestly have to be all the stuff we talked about here. I don’t do this content creation as a career it's more of a passion project. I have actual day jobs. 


faphouse | The Premium Reviewer


TPR: Any future plans of what you want to do, in regards to making content etc.


Emeleb: I'm always looking for new ideas and I find that after nearly 12 years of making content,  I'm starting to run dry on ideas within the realms of things I want to do.

Emeleb _ The Premium Reviewer
Emeleb _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: Thanks for taking the time to this, is there anything you want to add or let people know?


Emeleb: Thanks for all your support. 

TPR: You're one of the special ones Emily. Thank you again. 


If you like gorgeous free spirited girls, with a smile that causes you to swoon, who’s totally uninhibited and gets pleasure out of giving pleasure… there’s no one better than Emeleb. Find all her content and socials HERE

Emeleb _ The Premium Reviewer



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