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🇨🇦Tiny Toni (Little Morri)🇨🇦

*Premium No Longer Active*



  • Cute asf.

  • Incredible figure.

  • Great butt.

  • Creative.

  • Long story duration.

  • Interesting/has personality.

  • Decent communication.

  • Quality/Pro looking pictures. 





💰Payment type: 

One off payment.


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play, with or without toys.

  • Bath/shower shows.

  • Nude selfies/body worship.

  • Ass shaking/twerking.

  • Some anal play.

  • Food play.

  • Some cosplay.

  • Some public play.


📷Screenshots/video msg saving:

Permitted ✅


It's only been a month since I joined Little Morri's premium, I normally sit on them for a bit longer but in this case it's not necessary. 


Morri is one of the cutest models to ever appear on snapchat, a gorgeous, petite Canadian. She's in possession of a killer hourglass, slim-thick figure and an ass to be worshipped. She has a cute voice to match her cute stature, and it's often heard as she's very communicative to members via her story. It is also pretty hot hearing the profanity that will often come out of the mouth of someone who speaks so sweetly and has an equally sweet/innocent demeanour. 

I feel that Morris's premium is probably the best description of a boyfriend experience type snap, but done at a near perfect level. Not only does she post some incredible XXX content but she also shares a lot of her life with us, in a way that further endears you to her while managing to not make it the focal point of her premium snap- she has the balance of both sides right.  


When I first joined, she was in the process of finding a new place to live and she shared the process and excitement of searching, in her sweet and cute demeanor. In fact the only time I've seen her do a public show, so far, was in her car where soon after the show she spoke on her excitement of finding a new place. During that time she also posted snaps indoors, all solo play and all very lengthy. Of the snap models I've encountered, she is currently in the top 5 of those who post a considerable amount per show and probably the only to shoot such a lengthy story as live snaps. Looping or going back to a previous snap is rarely necessary when viewing her stories due to her filming enough of each segment to never need to do that.

So for instance during one of her solo shows, she started to peel of her panties to music but that act alone took 4/5 snaps to complete, something for which I'm always happy to see, as her ass is fantastic- but I'll talk more about her bum later. Like a lot of models, Morri not only has video snaps but interjects still images of the show during it, but her picture taking abilities are pretty incredible. She has a great eye and takes pictures that a photographer would be proud to have taken and she also has the looks and poses of a professional model. These pictures add to the length of the story but it's not over used or exhausted. (It's probably about 20% of the story). Every segment of the story is always accompanied by a couple of these high quality pictures for members to screenshot. So video snaps of her caressing herself will also include a picture of her beautiful body in a seductive yet incredibly cute pose or the previously mentioned multiple snaps of her removing her thong, would most times end with with a photo of the thong resting just underneath her sexy cheeks or maybe a pic of her butt positioned so close to the screen you can almost touch it. 


With an ass as great as Morri's it would be a sin not to show it off and she doesn't disappoint. Whatever the theme will be for the show, you're guaranteed to see her shapely butt, centre screen. Even if she's catering to a specific fetish that is not butt specific, she'll find time to get a decent amount of ass shots in there. My obvious proclivity for seeing a beautiful ass will say this is great but I also feel that this is also a smart thing to do. Doing this caters to those who may have initially got the premium because of a particular physical attribute(s) and may not necessarily be into a particular fetish and may choose to skip or fast-forward through that story. Of course they may still skip to get to the ass parts but with Morri I never felt the need to, as she manages to transition to showing her butt perfectly into whatever theme- and because of this skill, I had the pleasure of watching some incredibly erotic and aesthetically pleasing shows.  

Since my time on here, the specific fetish shows I've seen from her have been: boob play, food play/sploshing, anal play, foot play.

These shows usual have a strong focus on that particular fetish but sometimes incorporate others if the fetish won't be conducive enough to fill the length of a whole show. Other models have done similar things but it's the skill of the way she seamlessly transitions into different fetishes without fucking up the flow is impressive. I've also never heard her tell us prior what the specifics of the show will be, I like trying to guess what it'll be within the first couple of snaps.


A recent show started with her in the bath, her feet and painted toes wiggling under the water coming from the faucet. The following snaps showed her toes dipping into and re-emerging fron the water which was now a cartoony blue from the bath bomb she dropped, looking beautiful against her milky white skin and multicoloured nails. Some great stills were also taken for foot fetishists to salivate over. I was ultimately correct in thinking it would be a foot themed show and a couple of snaps later we find Morri on her bed in a white lace bodysuit, where after a few body pics, including poses showing off her butt, she slowly escalated the foot play.

I'm personally not overly into feet play (don't hate it either) but she's insanely good at building the suspense and slowly titillating her members, especially those who's fetish is being catered to in that particular show. I'm sure those into feet would have been loving the way she was slowly rubbing her soles on the bed and then on her hands, sticking them out to show the camera before suggestively licking and sucking on them. Starting on the big toe, then sucking on the rest, two at a time before licking as much of the sole that she could reach. After many snaps of this she again stuck out her feet, wiggling her toes towards the camera with her saliva still visibly on there. The next few snaps had her showing of her heavenly rump again in a variety of poses and different camera angles, effortlessly removing her clothing while doing this. During this, her feet were never obscured, in fact she took a few video and picture snaps at a lower angle that showed off her ass but also had the soles of her feet in the foreground and a different picture with her cheeks resting on the soles of her feet.

Then it was back to the main theme. With Morri now sitting upright​ and the camera angle still at that low level, she took some beautiful shots of her upright feet in the foreground, with her gorgeous figure slightly out of focus in the background. You don't even have to appreciate feet to comprehend how aesthetically beautiful that picture was and wouldn't look out of place in any pro foot fetish site. From that similar angle she then began pouring oil on to her wiggling toes, letting it drip on to her soles before doing the same with the other foot and rubbing them over each other. Ensuring that it completed covered every part of her feet. Thought all this, she never spoke, all communication came from her facial expressions, apart from the one time she asked her members to cum on her feet. 


There's many more shows I've seen from her that I could try to describe, all sharing the same qualities and amount of thought, style duration and effort that she puts into it. She has discussed packaging some of her shows as videos to sell on a clip site, probably Manyvids. So I won't ruin them for those who haven't seen it- but the chocolate syrup, whipped cream and sprinkles video will definitely be one to look out for. I've never seen food play look as beautiful as when she did it, I was hooked and it's not even a fetish I'm into but it was beyond me just being turned on, it was a feast for the eyes. All the different colours looked incredible on the backdrop of her gorgeous body and as usual the stills she took where stunning and well taken- like capturing two lines of syrup passing alongside her pretty outer lips and collecting in a pool near her butt cheeks on the wooden floor. Even the music was a great choice.  


Morri's shows are always well lit with picturesque backgrounds and almost always feature the use of a tripod, never handheld (unless in the bath) adding to the calm, 420 vibe of her premium. Her solo shows have been so great that wanting to see her with a partner hadn't even entered my mind, until she talked to us about her happening to meet a guy. On another occasion she appeared on screen with smeared mascara and informed us of the fun she had just had with her new lucky beau and the messed up makeup was a result of deep throating him. She also loves the orgasms she achieves from him perform anal on her, so if he agrees, he could also be included in her shows which would be great to see- obviously to see the sex but also to see how well she will interact with another person on screen; and this could take her already high level of shows to new heights. 


She posts something daily with at least 5 of those days being stories with shows included. I remember a 24 hour story once having 2 XXX shows with a combined total duration of probably around 30 minutes, which is very lengthy. Responses in the DM's are descent but as I said she's very forthcoming and communicative on the story. Her premium account is something that she seems to take pride and effort in. I've already mentioned that making videos will be her next step but she may be also returning to camming more seriously due to having problems maintaining a public snap account. So it would be incredible if she manages to maintain this high level of snap shows while camming too. As it stands, it's a highly highly recommend premium to get. 


(Feb '18)


UPDATE Feb '18)

I mentioned that I had only seen one solo show since my brief time on, but another public solo show from Morri was snapped very recently. Again she had all the usual tropes that make her shows special. A picturesque location, shot on a tripod, ass on display, etc. Loved the back and forth- going from periods of just clitoral stimulation to just penetrative masturbation.

UPDATE: May '20

Since probably late last year-ish, Toni's content has become more catered to OnlyFans. She still does the occasional show on her Premium Snapchat but nothing on the heights of when i first joined. Some stuff has still remained- her adorableness, her ass, her fun personality and  her intimate convos during  her smoke sessions. If you like her IG stories and or when she goes live, that's pretty much what it's like, just more x-rated.. 

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