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🇺🇸TwoThornedRose | Olivia Vixx🇺🇸

*Premium No Longer Active*



  • Hot body.

  • Great ass.

  • Gorgeous.

  • Deep throat specialist.

  • Good communication.

  • Funny/has a personality. 


  • ​None

💰Payment type: 

Subscription or one off payment.


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play.

  • Occasional play with her partner.

  • Shower snaps.

  • Nude vid and pic snaps.

  • Nude Ass shaking


📷Screenshots/video msg saving:




Rose is a cam model, cam boss, ‘amateur’ porn maker, future internet viral star and snap veteran who I discovered a while back, around the time I started properly getting into Snapchat and all the adult watching possibilities that it promised.


She was making her rounds on the takeover circuit and I think it was on my second time of seeing her with her partner Syn, that I decided to add her public account and then subsequently got her premium content. That takeover story showcased some of the things that I like about Rose, including a very hot sex story (around this time no one was really showing anything explicit on takeovers, and if I remember correctly, some of the snaps from the story had to get deleted) but also her personality and the great chemistry she has with her partner. 

Rose is stunning, sassy, smart, funny and sexy. She can switch from being a cute angel to a fiery red head that calls out trolls online and idiots in real life.


In terms of the xxx side of her account, something sexy is posted almost daily, and it varies on duration and content depending what she is doing and how busy she is. Like I mentioned in the beginning, she is a cam model (private Skype sessions), owner of her her own cam model stable and also a content provider of self edited HQ videos and pics.

On her premium she shoots hot solo shows- using vibrators, dildos and a now recently acquired fuck machine. (Only other time I’ve seen a model use this was Juicy Lucy). She has a gorgeous sexy rump. My favourite thing is when she bends over and displays said butt to the camera, even when she’s just teasing and seductively moving with the panties on.. 

She’ll also sometimes take us into the shower with her, showing off all of her sexy body and general gorgeousness. When I first became a member of Rose’s premium account, Syn was featured more regularly in the stories, both in the everyday stuff but also the sexual; He still pops on from time to time though. When it comes to their play, Rose takes on a more submissive role. The sex is always frenetic, sexy and intense, both being quite vocal- without being over the top. She gives world class blowjobs, lots of eye contact with varied movements- and incredible deep throating that is both gag-less and tear-less.


Which leads me to another thing I mentioned- future Internet viral star. About a couple of months back, she posted a SFW video on YouTube involving her deep throating an inflated balloon, easily taking down a whole 24 inches of it. (Btw she recently broke her own record). For some reason the video got deleted but not before people downloaded the video and made their own memes out of it.

She’s also one of the 1st I’ve seen to work with Pornhub and provide hot content for free, as well as still providing all the content and services she sells.


(Aug '16) 


UPDATE: Dec '17

About 3 or 4 months after I wrote the review above, a few changes happened. Rose made a big announcement about a surgery she would be undertaking to remove some of the excess skin she had accumulated from major weight loss over the years. Unfortunately around the same time her snap account got deleted and because she was using the method of having both the premium and public on one account, both disappeared. Also not too long after her surgery she split up with partner, Syn.


During that period I wasn't on Snapchat too heavy but I remember sending something to Rose before my hiatus.  I'm not sure exactly what time her account deleted but I think around a month later I saw with her a new public name. I was hoping to maybe be added back but I didn't pursue it because she was going through a lot at the time.


UPDATE: Apr '20

Around late last year, I was scrolling through Twitter- I can't remember if I was specifically trying to find info on Rose because her Twitter feed didn't have any recent updates or something- but I came across someone linking her to a news article. The article alleged that Rose had an altercation with her new partner, which resulted in Rose taking his life. She had been charged with second degree murder.

I was initially shocked when I read this, especially if the alleged details are true- but unlike what is popular in the current climate, I want to hear the evidence that should emerge, whenever this goes to trial. As I write this, some of her accounts have been deleted- her Twitter & Instagram account no longer exist, as well as her OnlyFans and Manyvids accounts. Even the videos on her Youtube channel have been deleted. Only her website still stands... as well as her videos on Pornhub/Modelhub. I can assume that this may have possibly been influenced by the prosecution, as they lost a pre-trial case in which they were trying to persuade the judge to have Rose pay for her own attorney, because they argued she would still be potentially earning money from her content- which was still online at the time. The judge disagreed and awarded her a public defender.

RIP to Matt Trussler.

UPDATE: Feb '23

Rose, real name Melissa Turner, has been found guilty and was sentenced to 20.5 years in prison. More details can be found on CBS News, here. 

While she was on bail, I found out that she returned to making content, under the new name of Olivia Vixx.




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