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🇺🇸Bailee Babee🇺🇸



  • Cute

  • BBW

  • BJ Specialist 

  • Good with DM's

  • Legitimately enjoys sex



⭐Standout aspect of premium snap: 

BJ Shows


💰Payment type: 

One off payment


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play

  • Play with partner(s) (m/f)  

  • Shower shows.  


📷Screenshots/screen recording:

Permitted on higher tiers ✅




Meet Bailee

I first met Bailee on a group premium show where a portion of the story involved her riding a dildo with her butt to the camera. I remember loving seeing her cheeks cause the dildo to disappear every time she fully descended on it. On another occasion I saw a BJ show on one of those floppy, double ended dildos. I’m usually not the biggest fan of BJ dildo shows and whenever a model posts that type of content, I usually skip through that part, but with this... my thumb which was poised to quickly skip through it, didn’t… and I watched the entire thing fully engaged and fully bricked.

Redheads are my Achilles' heel, and it was on another show that I noticed Bailey wearing a red wig during a Halloween show, cosplaying as Daphne from Scooby Doo. 3 times is the charm and I followed her public/preview account. 


She is one of a few handful of modern snappers who don’t try to apply the rushing tactics to get quick purchases. Arriving on her page was chill, I wasn't greeted with a "what are you buying?!" message. Her account was filled with a good amount of  info, allowing me to assess and gauge how her premium would be, at my own pace, without the annoying pressure. A premium snap is, or should be, more than just the shows and should be an experience- so the reasoning, pushed by some models, that because you've seen shows on the group premium you should be ready to buy as soon as you add their account, doesn’t really wash with me. But anyway, I had pretty much decided Bailey was going to be my next purchase.


The funny thing is, maybe only a week after seeing that last show on the group premium, I got a notification from my Patreon that I had another supporter. I usually only see guys names or nicknames that the guys choose to use but this time I saw Bailee’s name. Had to double check it was the same Bailee that I had recently became familiar with. I’m not sure if she  did it to see the hidden content on the site or maybe because she just wanted to support the site, but it expedited the inevitable and I asked her about her premium- with the whole process concluding quickly and effortlessly.


Premium Bailee

The first thing that you might encounter when joining her premium is her love of talking to her viewers on camera, speaking the first things that come into her mind and also her sense of humour. something that I got a glimpse of, on her promo snap.

When i first opened up the story, I listened to Bailee talking about Starbursts and confirming that what the advert depicts - when it shows people dancing on the mouth of the person who eats them - is true, before talking about what kind of snap show she wants to film next. She also contemplated on whether or not she uses her vibrator too much.


The first actual show that I saw was an anal show featuring some sexy seduction and a butt plug. This was followed by some live snaps of her lotioning up her sexy body, presumably after a shower. This was my 1st time seeing her big, beautiful figure in all its glory- the shows I had seen previously had her wearing some item of clothing. (A couple weeks later I got to see more, in a full shower show that had the frames slowed down to kind of make it look and feel like a dream sequence, also aided with the calming music accompanying the visuals.)

Throat Baileeee

But the following day a show that blew me away was one where she blew her ex, with him shooting an explosive load before she could properly record the cumshot. Part of what made that show special was the fact that she didn't edit out their awkward but funny exchange of her disappointment at the end. I honestly couldn’t fault the guy because the head looked phenomenal. In terms of content making this, in my opinion, is where Bailee shines. Her head technique… is that she has various techniques, just truly skilled in it.


Trying to give a written description would be a disservice, it’s just something that has to be watched. It’s not head where it’s just an overflowing of saliva pouring out, or just attempting to deepthroat every second, this was a masterclass and a clinical act to make a guy lose his soul in a few minutes. Weak head has been the reason why BJ’s are often relegated to just being seen as foreplay as opposed to a complete sex act in itself. The varying speeds of sucking and depth of sucking, interchanging between hands and no hands, stroking, licking of the head shaft and balls, and much more… all made for an incredible watch.

There's also a thing she sometimes does in B/G shows where she will pause, feigning to wrap her lips around it again, instead she slightly backs up, mouth slightly ajar while giving full eye contact… causing the dude to almost involuntary thrust forward and put it back in her mouth, to end that brief torture.


If it wasn’t the next day, it was the day after when, Dr Dome dropped another BJ video with a guy she said she used to know. I enjoyed the opener to the show with a seated Bailee kissing the dude, who was standing up, before cutting to her on her knees, giving another BJ masterclass. She had the dude also record their encounter, so she edited in moments from his perspective as well as the main footage, shot from a fixed position. At one moment the dude pulled away and i thought that a repeat of the previous video was gonna happen. Throat Bailee's bratty side showed up when she noticed this and asked, "whats up?" The guy mumbled something like, "you're really turning me on a lot", to which Super Head replied with, "whatever…" as she continued to suck.

It later cut to the guy quickly turning and bending over the Throat Goat, before pounding her. The sounds of their skins smacking together and her incredible sexy  and natural moans, made for a very hot but short moment due to it being stopped for the camera to be repositioned to a new angle and position.


Bailee Shares

In a review of Cece’s premium, I mentioned how she loved revealing stuff to us almost like a journal or diary and Bailee is similar. Whether its a bad or good day she opens up and shares either by talking directly to her viewers or writing. Through these diary entries I've learned that she likes to collect things from rocks to key chains, that deer is her favourite animal and that she used to write to guys who were in prison- and she still has the letters stored alphabetically. I feel that it’s sometimes therapeutic for her to talk out her emotions in real time, especially as she openly claims to deal with mental health issues.


Bailee has a gorgeous face that is just naturally seductive. She comes across as someone who is a natural flirt even if she’s not actively trying to flirt. That flirtatious vibe comes through even when talking about mundane or regular stuff to the viewers in the story and her slightly bratty personality that I mentioned before sometimes comes out, especially when asking members if they would like to contribute or reimburse her for stuff she has purchased or is going to purchase.


If you don’t necessarily want to see the talking aspect of Bailee, she has her premium account set up so that she will post solely the naughty shows on a separate story - with different tiers seeing different lengths of a show or seeing full shows at an earlier or later date - but I’ve always talked about ‘everyday life’ snaps being one of the best aspects of a model’s premium snap, so I’m cool with watching that as well the XXX content.


She is good at responding to DM’s, usually not responding in a copy and paste, two word answers type of way or with only emojis - but replying exactly to what was asked or being discussed. In the times where she talks, she has spoken about enjoying talking to her subscribers and getting to know them, which comes across as probably being genuine when observing her overall personality.

As has become common place now, some models send a barrage of promo in the DM’s to the point where I have to often mute my inbox, but Bailee doesn’t really do that. See will send out the occasional promo when she’s running deals at specific times or if a model does an explicit takeover, they may drop their details in the DM’s, but overall it’s pretty rare.


Bailee’s premium is very much recommended if you:

  • want to see a BJ artist at work, 

  • love seeing a cute model with a big beautiful body

  • want to be able to conversate

  • dig models who share their life on snap

Bailee delivers on what she promises, so an excellent rating has to be given. Let me know how you rate her premium, if you have it. If you don't, contact her via her socials to get it... then leave your feedback at the link below.

- TPR (Jan '22)

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