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🇺🇸Cece Peachie🇺🇸



  • Incredible ass

  • Sexy figure

  • Righteous ass

  • Legit high sex drive

  • Ass sculpted by the god of Derriere

  • Not a pretend freak


  • Self confessed scatterbrain (explained in review)

💰Payment type: 

One off payment


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Solo play, with or without toys

  • Occasional play with a partner

  • Bath/Shower Shows

  • Some Foreign Insertion

  • Oral fixation

  • Some stripping/seductive dancing

  • Non-Vocal ass worship/self spanking & groping

  • Twerking/Ass shaking

  • Some public play


📷Screenshots/snap msg saving:

Not Permitted 


At the time I purchased Cece's premium, at that time her name was Huny Bby. She later explained she had to change it because of a case of mistaken identity resulting in some headache from other models. 

I was first introduced to her through a takeover on a model's account who I can't remember... but I do remember Cece's birthday themed show, a preview to what she had just recently premiered, in full, to her premium members. Paid via FanCentro and got added a few hours later with a welcome message and some pics.

Cece's Shows

I normally make it a point to not get any content where I can't see the model's face because for me, seeing it adds to the overall experience. Cece was one of those exceptions to the rule because of how absolutely perfect her ass is. The birthday takeover show that I mentioned was my first time witnessing her god like assets and was another first in where I bought a premium on the strength of one takeover appearance. The takeover showed the abridged version but when I joined she repeated the super lengthy show, which had everything in it from Cece's cake, spanking, an actual birthday cake, messy food play all the way to face fucking.

Her shows have been pretty varied, especially earlier on into my membership, where she had:

☆ varied b/g shows- at home, in a car. Doggy, bj, oral, ass worship, cock worship/lengthy handjobs

☆ bath/shower shows, 

☆ varied solo shows, using- a Zumio designed specifically for Clit simulation, fingers, dildos (on the floor, on a sex chair, 

☆ oral fixation type snaps

☆ dancing/stripping/general seductive style shows

In discussing a premium snap or any premium content, an important aspect that I rarely discuss is a model's sex drive, probably as it can be hard to properly gauge that, however it can somewhat dictate how much they post and the authenticity of said shows, et al. Cece displays one of the highest sex drives that I've seen on premium. There's been a few times where she's written or spoke about her just thinking sexy thoughts resulting in her creaming in her panties, one time came from her dreaming about sex or another from re watching past content that she's recorded. After re-posting an incredible show with her partner she commented, "you ever neeeeeeded to get laid so badly it hurts... like physical pain... I get off several times every day but I mean laid. Probly shouldn't have watched the vids I posted ha ha that made it worse"

On another story, I remember her filming having to enter a public toilet cubicle to show us the creamy aftermath from again thinking naughty thoughts. Her high libido is also shown when she reaches these authentically intense levels of orgasm through her solo play, where she often is audibly very excited- but not in the annoying fake porn star way, but in the guttural and passionate way that you know when you see and hear it- plus you can see the visible aftermath, from the cream and wet patches she creates.

Speaking of creaming, one of the first things I noticed about her, from the first show on her premium, was/is her penchant for licking and sucking, or oral fixation. Model's often lick on a dildo after using it but I've never seen anyone lick up their juices as much as she does. After every solo show, several snaps follow of Cece taking the time to completely lick and suck every tool or implement she used to get off... there is definitely a visible gratification that she gets from licking and sucking. Even in a specific car BJ show she seemed to foster an intimate attachment to the act, or his cock- completely forgetting the camera was there and just being completely engrossed in the act, crouched over sucking and subtly fondling his balls.

My favourite type of shows have undoubtedly been the ones in her bathtub and solo shows where she has shot from the back, so that viewers are able to witness her perfect ass in motion.

To be honest, any show where Cece shows of her peachy posterior, for a good amount of time, quickly becomes a new fav, so it's not really limited to just those type of shows. 

There are times when views of her ass are limited to her just opening a show... showing it off before progressing to the main show and there are also times when she will randomly show it briefly in a story; Or as a mini show, like when she slowly teased an ass reveal by purposely tightening the clothing she was wearing, just around the waist, to show the curvature of her dumps- later revealing a bit more before fully displaying her tush in it's entirety. 

Other times are when the ass is the focal point, like the bath shows that I touched on earlier as being one of my personal highlights. (It was reminiscent of Jenna Tsukino's bath shows when, as I described in her review, she had a Scarface-like bathtub) Cece's Goddess physicality is never more visible than in these type of shows and it's one of the few times where most of her body is shown. Her face is still not fully shown, apart from the moments she glances back at the camera that is positioned behind her. She soaks in this seemingly massive bathtub filled with soapy suds and is positioned on her knees while still being submerged from the middle-down, but then she raises her assets from the bubbles before submerging it again. She repeats this beautiful sight before keeping it elevated to twerk and shake those cheeks- revealing and concealing the delights between her deep crack. The lighting is perfect (as with 90% of shows shot in a bathroom are), as well as her bath and bathroom decor. Her wet cheeks mimic the bathroom in reflecting the light, giving her bum a gorgeous glow and further highlighting the incredible shape of it. The sounds of her moving and twerking in the water also adds to the sensory delights. Sometimes she continued on to play with herself in the bath but it's those early moments that got re-watched... and re-watched...

There was also a show when she seductively danced to some songs, with her back to the camera, while wearing some kind of silk bathrobe which clinged to her figure and her ass, that brought tears to all 3 of my eyes. 

She posts something most of the days in a week, no fixed schedule.


Cece is physically very attractive and is in possession of an incredible body and, as I will happily keep repeating, one of the greatest bums I've ever seen. One of those naturally special derrieres where it's perfection is not determined on whether weight has been lost or gained. As I mentioned, she tends to completely or sometimes slightly obscure her face, I'm guessing out of privacy reasons.

With Cece being a self confessed scatterbrain and neurotic she has given me moments to chuckle- random moments such as the many times she tries to play but finds it hard to get privacy or being interrupted mid show, due to family being around. I vaguely remember another funny snap about a fake beef with her cat who took her seat and having to give it up because it wouldn't be given up without a fight.

Diary Entries

She seems to partly use Snapchat as a journal or diary, laying off her thoughts in sometimes lengthy paragraphs as it's coming to her mind. 

In some of the entries she shares personal issues, like frequent insomnia or other health concerns. She is generally open about issues she's facing but similarly guarded around the particular details. For instance she wrote about the anniversary of her being in remission but followed that by saying she didn't want to really elaborate on it- which is understandable.

A few times in her 'diary entries', she's mentioned being a member of Mensa and her general level of intelligence- further talking about the difficulty she has in finding a specific type of vanilla job, even with her qualifications.

Cece likes to post a lot of memes, some sexual in nature and some which are self deprecating or have a macabre/dark humour that she will sometimes say she relates too.

To further illustrate the authenticity of her love of sex and general sex drive- Cece once asked willing members to share some of their own personal videoed sexploits with her, just because she likes to get off to that type of stuff... not in a sex worker capacity or something she would require payment to view and comment on. She then went on to list some of the porn she likes to watch, mentioning some kinkier stuff she didn't wanna mention.

One kink that she did talk about on a different occasion was her being in a cuckquean relationship. I've stated before that I love discovering or learning about new kinks or fetishes from my snap models and this one was new to me. I've been familiar with cuckolds but never knew of a lady equivalent, where, to quote from Wiki, "A cuckquean fetishist is aware of her spouse's activity, sometimes actively encouraging it, and derives sexual pleasure from it. Among some fetishists, the cuckquean's humiliation or victimization is a major element of the paraphilia.

In the fetish cuckqueaning subculture, the male takes on the role of being sexually dominant, while the female takes on a submissive role. The wife usually only becomes involved with the man or his lover when he permits it—sometimes remaining altogether celibate."

I think this whole fetish was actually brought up when she posted a super sexy, split screen show of her and her partner going at it, alongside a video of her guy doing the same or similar sex acts with someone else. I actually think it may have been the time I mentioned above, where she spoke about, 'neeeeding to get laid so bad it hurts'.

When I first joined Snapchat, just before premium snap became a thing, there was a sort of 'snap after dark' community where exhibitionists and voyeurs would share content either through DM's or preferably on the story- from single people to couples. Some people chose to start monetising or asking for donations for their content, especially when premium started taking off and I have a theory that Cece may have possibly been a part of that initial type of crowd. I think this because towards the end of writing this, I discovered that she has a Twitter account. I've never seen her mention it and it's not listed on her FC page, but.on there, she once shouted out a couple who posted snaps for free, the only requirement being that people who followed shared their own snaps too. This also ties in with what I said about her asking members to share their stuff- she's equally voyeuristic as well as an exhibitionist and I think she does this snap thing because she truly enjoys being watched and any money is secondary. Also, the fact that she still has a premium snap and doesn't actively promote it (she hasn't posted on Twitter since 2019 and I haven't seen any more takeovers) further adds credence to my point.

And to again reiterate her being naturally highly sexual, I feel that even if she was to get a vanilla job she would still continue this in some fashion. Some models hide their face because of an objective of making money within a certain period and then bouncing to do what they actually want to do but I never get that from Cece... her's just seems to be more of a privacy thing- an exhibitionist with the need for discretion

I feel like sometime earlier into my time on her premium snap, i took a little Snapchat hiatus and when I returned there seemed to be less shows with her partner and if there was it would be replays of old stuff. I didn't really think much of it until I saw memes that she posted that joked about guys being shit or general breakup type stuff- i think on the last of those memes she also commented something on it- pretty much alluding to them not being together anymore. Not sure if Cece officially mentioned it when I was away or if it was one of those issues that she wanted to somewhat keep to herself... but it wasn't something I wanted to ask at the time.

Communication and block

Early on she used to routinely post info on tiers that you could pay to upgrade, I generally don't seek tiers where you can communicate constantly with the models, because it's not something I need or look for. I usually opt for ones where light communication is allowed so if I have a general question, I should get a response. 

The first few months she was good with responses but that sort of petered out, i think some of that was due to technical issues with Snapchat's DMs. As I was a big fan of her work, I would often tip her and early on she would say thanks and one time promised to send me something as a thank you but didn't- which I didn't really mind as it was tn recognition of the great snaps and not for additional content. Later on, I sent stuff that was redeemed but no thanks were given and later even tipped as part of a possible upgrade... which was again redeemed but the request not acknowledged. I assumed her Snap DM's were playing up again so I emailed but again no response, so decided to just leave it alone.

A few weeks later, I noticed that I wasn't seeing any stories from Cece, which was unusual because whenever she didn't post, most of the time she'd apologise or just post memes or something. For some reason, I initially assumed the worst and that something was wrong with her because she had commented on being stressed and how looking after family was adding to that- this was around the start of the whole Covid and lockdown situation.


My panic turned to confusion and irritation when I eventually realised that I was blocked, which I discovered when I tried to search for her premium account name. She doesn't have an online presence other than on FC, so after contacting her there, I emailed, with no response to both. But that wasn't surprising because as I said, she was generally becoming less responsive and had often commented on her general lethargy and being unfocused..I think the blocking may have been as a result of that... just mistakenly blocking the wrong account. I honestly cannot think of any other reason why, other than that, as no rules were broken.

The word SIMP has been wrongly used for a while to criticise those who buy porn... by people who love watching porn but don't wanna pay for it, but I would fully understand being called one... after buying access to Cece's premium again, with a secondary snap account... but in my defence this time on the lowest level, just for incognito viewing of those righteous cheeks, without the tipping.

On my return, the shows have been good as usual, more throwbacks have been posted most which I haven't seen before- including a full body video  of her in bed, sucking a dildo while shaking her ass. It was shot in a fixed position with a side profile. First time seeing her full body properly, which was a great sight to see and a new highlight of her snap content for me. Like I said, there has been more re-runs posted than usual due to her currently being unwell.

The lack of comms and the unwarranted blocking are the only reasons this premium doesn't get a perfect review; but if you seek a legitimately highly sex driven lady, with gorgeous cheeks, Cece's premium is a highly recommended pick.

(Jan ’21)

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