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How To Make A Premium Snapchat


Some info on how models can create a Premium Snapchat account. (If you're of legal Age) -(c) The Premium Reviewer

First Thing
How To Make A Premium Snapchat
How To Make A Premium Snapchat

First, it's better to have two Snap accounts. One solely for promoting, with no nudity on it and the other should only be used as your Premium Snapchat.

You could use one account for both but that's more complicated and more prone to deletion.

As soon as you've created your Premium account go to the settings and make sure that the viewing of your story is set to "friends only", so that only the people you add can view your story.

Getting Members And Payment, By Yourself
by Andrea Piacquadio

Some models are super organised when it comes to collecting payments and keeping a list of members' snap usernames, after they've purchased access to their snap account- and some are not so organised or have a generally hectic schedule. Keeping detailed notes of your members usernames is important in case you are locked out of your premium account for any reason and need to create a new one.  You'll then be able to individually add them back asap.

Also, if you have different tiers (levels) for Premium members to buy,  it's important to keep clear info on what people have purchased so that you can deliver on that purchase. So for example if someone bought your premium for a price that includes the ability to swap personal pictures, you could edit that member's username on Snapchat with the relevant info but you should also have it written outside of the app too- if you lose the snap account, you lose that info.

Keeping dates of purchases is also something you may have to do. If you have sold a subscription based payment or one with a certain duration like access for 12 months only, you will need to know when the members' time is up by keeping notes on purchase dates.

If you are doing this all solo, without using any adult platforms, certain payment options will not be available to you. Paypal has deleted numerous accounts that it has found to be associated with any sex work. Cashapp is generally cool but has had problems of it's own. Another option is to give out your bank details (sort code and account number) if you're comfortable with that.

Getting Members And Payment, With An Adult Platform
by Andrea Piacquadio

You can avoid all of that by registering with an adult platform like FanCentro. Here they will deal with all payments- one time payments or re-occurring payments. You can create a profile where you can add pictures and a bio, which helps with promotion but also lets potential buyers see that you are legit and have been verified. (So if you still wanted to accept payment independently, buyers would be less hesitant in doing so).

All snap usernames are automatically taken from the buyer, when they buy, and sent to you to add them. It's also kept on file, so if for whatever reason you have to get a new snap account, they send out details of your new snap to all your premium members- without any real effort on your part. Other platforms (see here) have the ability to collect payments and usernames for snap but don't go the extra mile in terms of sending info to your members when you have a new account.

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Promoting Your Premium Snapchat
byTracy Le Blanc

Then it's about promoting your Premium, which is more often done on the various social media platforms that are out there. Instagram is a popular for this as well Twitter and of course on Snapchat. There are still some takeover accounts on Snapchat where models have a certain allotted time to promote their Premium/Content and introduce themselves to a new buying audience, but most promo I see on snap is through another model's Premium. 

So it's a good idea to try to connect with other legit models and join groups that they may be in, to promote on as many of their Premiums that you can, to reach as many potential buyers as possible. You can also do S4S's (shoutout for shoutout) with fellow models on social media too. If a model has a large following, you may have to pay for the shoutout but if you have similar audience numbers, it would just be a simple case of returning the favour and shouting them out too.

Promoting is important and a certain amount of time should be allocated for this, as well as a certain amount of time for creating the content for your members. Don't focus too much on promoting and neglect the people who have actually bought it. You may initially get new members and subscribers, but a bad reputation can spread and that will soon start to affect your sales and potential for new subscribers. Plus, some of the members you already have will be more than happy to part with cash in the form of buying other content, entering competitions, tips, gift cards, wishlists etc, if your content is good and if you're interactive and engaged with them.

Models Promoting
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Tips For Your Premium
Image by Sam Dan Truong

Memories Feature

Snapchat's memories feature has made Premium Snapchat much easier. In the early days models had to create new stories without the option to repost previous content. It has also allowed for easier takeovers and promotion.

Using the memories feature is good especially if you have shot something that is great and you'd want to show, your current and future members, the show again. 

Abusing it and showing the same two or three stories, week-in, week-out is garbage. Finding a good balance of posting re-runs and 'live' snaps coupled with a general level of interactivity and personality, is what makes Premium Snapchat different from other adult content providing platforms.


Seperate Snap Story

If you have certain members who have bought additions to your snap to see extra stuff, you can also create a series of snaps that can be added to a custom made Snap Story only for those  certain members. It's the same process as adding to the main story, you just have to remember to post it on the custom one. So they can view the main story and also the additional one curated for them for the 24hrs duration.

Pricing Levels For Interactivity

I feel that all Snap models should offer a general level of interactivity and personality on their story but should get paid extra for the more one to one interacting.

Some members just enjoy watching the stories and as long as there's a story with sufficient XXX content and duration, they're good. 

Others want the ability to have a conversation with the model- all the way to those that like all the above plus want to have full on sex talk and exclusive nudes sent to them etc.

It's a good idea to provide these different levels if you don't want all of your members (which could be a lot) to have an expectation of being able to spend a considerable amount of your time engaging in lengthy convos with you whenever they want.

However, sending a reply or two to general queries and light compliments from the 'just viewing' Premium members should be something that should be done as a form of basic acknowledgement and politeness. If they try to pursue lengthy or more explicit conversations, politely remind them of the upgrade levels- in time they may upgrade or buy extra content. If you only reply to Premium members when they enquire about purchasing something, it makes you look bad. They are Premium Members, not the followers on your free account.

It should also go without saying that those who tip or buy content outside of Snapchat, should also have some extra access to your time by ways of interaction/engagement.

Time Out

Don't feel obligated to continue working when you occasionally don't feel up to it or are sick. Most of your members will be reasonable and understand that life happens- so if you're unwell, take time off. Obviously, communication is key. If possible inform members before your hiatus and when they can expect to see you again.

If there are members who are on a subscription based deal, it would be a good idea to make it up to them by adding more days to their time or giving them some content, gratis. Members on 'lifetime' shouldn't necessarily expect anything other than you communicating with them before or after your brief departure. However, some models have provided content (e.g. via Dropbox) for 'lifetime' members too.

As this is a job, you're also entitled to days off in a week like anyone else. That's when the memories feature is useful. You can replay your best shows from the week, while leaving DM's unanswered for a couple of days. Again, communication is paramount, informing your members of this will make for a happy model and members.


Some models use OnlyFans in conjunction with Premium Snapchat.

Some models have added members to their snap after they subscribed to their OnlyFans and tipped a certain amount.

Models who do this should ensure that their quality of content doesn't slip on the snap side. Some members enjoy the snap aesthetic and feeling that comes from that platform and will be less likely to support if your attention is considerably diverted.

A good way of using OnlyFans in combination with Premium Snapchat, would be to create a free OnlyFans account for people to subscribe to. Use it like a promo Snap account and only have teasers of what to expect on Premium. Potential members can then tip there, to be added to your Premium and/or tip to buy previously seen Snap shows.

Btw, this can all be done on FanCentro (plus some other functions) but OnlyFans is currently more popular, so will be a more recognisable platform for potential buyers.

Models Time Off



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