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Interview with Ellie Eastleigh

Ellie Eastleigh _ The Premium Reviewer

It was the derrière that got me again… specifically Ellie Eastleigh's. In a preview with a scene she did with Nerd Pervert, there was a brief clip of her pulling down her skirt to reveal a bootiful peach of a rump. Which resulted in me searching for who this lady was.

Ellie is beautiful. A classic 'English Rose' type beauty, a look not really common for porn in recent times. If I was unaware of her profession and she told me she was an actress or performer, I would assume she was talking about it in the context of her being a thespian, on TV/film or Broadway.

As well as loving her physicalities, I also love Ellie’s relatively understated yet passionate performances.  It doesn't venture into her performing in an over the top way that has almost become the universal standard practice. Her recent collaborations with the performer Adult Elite (his name is very much justified), is a great example of this. A moment in a video, with Ellie in a prone bone position receiving deep strokes, was beautiful to watch. She conveyed a level of restrained pleasure that would be hard to fake by even the best actor.

I don't know very much about Ellie, so I’m excited to get to know this rising star a bit more through this interview.

(Mar' 2023)

The Premium Reviewer: Is the name Eastleigh a nod to where you're from or am I reading to much into it? 


Ellie Eastleigh: The name Eastleigh is completely random! I originally wanted my name to be Ellie Rose but someone had annoyingly got there first! So I played around with a few others. I liked the alliteration and thought I'd stick with it. I've never actually visited Eastleigh! One day I'll get a picture with the sign.

TPR: Because of your specific type of look, I have this assumption that you've been involved in the theatrical arts. Plus, your acting and improvisational work in your Nerd Pervert scenes and others have been great.

Did you ever do any acting or theatre work?

Ellie: Why thank you! I'm so pleased you think my 'acting' is passable. Having watched a fair few adult movies in my time, I've seen some very stilted performances and I was keen not to do the same in my own work. I have a friend who is an actor who I got some great tips from and YouTube was definitely a great teacher.

Ellie in real life is quite reserved, maybe even a little shy, so I've never done any acting prior to this, except school plays many years ago! So I really enjoyed the chance to explore this side of me. I like to give things my all so I'm glad that my lessons have paid off!


TPR: You joined the industry a little later than the average performer seems to start.

Can you remember that initial catalyst for you joining when you did?


Ellie: Yes I did join a little later than some. To be honest, a younger Ellie would not have had the balls to do this! I've always been interested in becoming an Adult Performer but things weren't really timed right; I either had other commitments or was in a relationship.

When my last relationship ended I was flicking through Twitter and saw an advert about a porn shoot. I thought it was fate and jumped at the opportunity and haven't looked back! Porn has given me so much more confidence. I've met some lovely people, travelled and have the best fans. I'm so pleased I took this opportunity.

Ellie Eastleigh _ The Premium Reviewer
Ellie Eastleigh _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: Confidence coming by way of porn seems to be a reoccurring theme, another interviewee mentioned something very similar. 

Some performers have stated that they watched very little porn before entering the industry.

Are you in the same camp or were you an avid watcher of porn and if so, what specific genre(s) peaked your interest?


Ellie: I have watched a lot of porn!! But perhaps not in the way you think. Like I said, I always had an interest in becoming a performer so I watched porn as more of a 'research mission' rather than to get off - although I did that too!

I quite liked the BTS style of porn shoots so I could see what was going on behind the camera. Unfortunately, the media does portray quite a negative stereotype of the porn industry so I wanted to see a more accurate representation.


When I watch porn myself to get off, I enjoy a real mix! Lesbian, romantic, threesomes, light BDSM; the same things I enjoy in my own work.


TPR: So in your own work, what has been a favourite scene that you’ve shot or been a part of, so far. One that you would recommend new fans to see?


Ellie: I've really enjoyed all my scenes, choosing one is so hard!!! I think my favourite ever has to be a scene I shot with Adult Elite. It's called 'When the cameras keep rolling' and that is literally what happened.

Following our earlier scene together we did a little interview, but it turned steamy very quickly. I'm not sure what it was about that scene but it was very intense and really hit the right spot for me. I think it's so important to have chemistry with your fellow performer and I think it definitely showed in that scene.

Ellie Eastleigh _ The Premium Reviewer
Ellie Eastleigh _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: Are you independent or are you signed? And what do you think is a better option for someone coming in to the industry?


Ellie: I am an independent performer, although I would be open to signing with an agency. When I was researching how to join the industry I came across a few agencies that seemed quite scammy so I'd definitely be aware of them. Anyone who is charging you to create a portfolio or wants you to pay to star in a scene AVOID.

I think in the UK, agencies aren't really a huge thing and some only want to sign you after you have a following anyway. I think starting out by yourself is potentially better, you also get to choose who you work with and find your niche.

I started by doing a few scenes as content shares and then posting them to pay sites. For me the biggest thing is learning how to market yourself. I think Twitter is great for this. Instagram is good too but you have to be careful as you can only put PG stuff on there.

Once you get a following everything starts getting better and you get to engage with fans. Starting out it can be quite demoralising with 0 followers and limited engagement, but you soon build a fan base. You just have to pray your account doesn't get suspended!



TPR: As you just mentioned, some of the content that you’ve put out is content shares, where you and your collaborator both use the content, making it not just exclusive to one person.

What are the pros and cons (if any) of having that arrangement?


Ellie: I do a lot of content shares. There's a few reasons for this:

1. I get to choose who I work with - like I mentioned earlier, I think chemistry in a scene really shows and I can get that by working with other performers I get on with.

2. I get to plan the ideas - when making content with other performers you'll usually both have your own ideas. You also know what works for you and what doesn't so can work around this.

3. I know what my fans like and make content around that - I put out poles on my OnlyFans to see what my fans like to see. If they vote for more lesbian content for example I know I need to plan to work with more ladies!

4. Learn tips and tricks - everyone has their own way of working. When I first started out I'd work with anyone with a camera phone. Now I understand the difference between footage and quality footage. Working with different people means I learnt about angles, audio, the difference between phone cameras and 'proper' cameras, editing software, laptop suggestions and so much more. All this means I've become a better performer, and behind the camera I've also become better so can create better quality content.

For cons, the only one I can really think of is content dilution. Say I shoot a BGGG as a content share and we all get a copy of the footage to do with as we wish. We all upload to different pay sites, but one person sets the price lower than everyone else - who's copy would you buy?

This very rarely happens. Most performers are total professionals and we all set a ball park figure but it's definitely something to consider.

TPR: As well as making your own content, you’ve also worked for sites like PureCFNM and CumPerfection.

Which do you prefer, working for a company on set or shooting your own content?

Ellie: I love working for companies as well as making my own content, it's always a good mix. Working on a set is always different and I love working with different producers and seeing how they do things. The quality of the footage is always great and I like that I can been discovered by more potential fans.


The only downside is the travel! Most companies are down south and as a 'Northern Bird' who's uses the UK rail network, it's usually a long and stressful journey!

Ellie Eastleigh _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: You’ve also shot VR porn. Is the process of filming VR drastically different?

Ellie: When I first started shooting VR it was a totally alien concept for me. Most VR shoots I've done are solo and unscripted. So learning how to interact with someone who isn't there and isn't responding to you can be a bit strange at first! But after the first few I started getting more confident and now really enjoy them. The whole thing is one big teasing session which I love!

There are some VR sessions where I perform with a male - I find these hilarious. The poor bloke has to squeeze in between me and the camera and stand in some very awkward positions - the things we do for porn!


Ellie CP _ The Premium Reviewer



TPR: Are there any performers that are on your, ‘must work with’ list?


Ellie: There are definitely some I'd love to work with. Danny D of course, along with American porn stars like Small Hands and Oliver Flynn.

As for the ladies it's got to be Scarlett Jones and Remy Lacroix. I've missed out loads, there's so many people I want to work with!



Some UK performers are content with being successful, solely in the UK.

Do you have any aspirations to shoot for some of the big studios in the US?

Ellie: I would absolutely love to go to America and work with some of the studios over there. They produce some beautiful work and I'd love to be a part of that. It's also been a dream of mine to visit America one day so if any American studios do read this - please hire me!! lol.

Ellie Eastleigh _ The Premium Reviewer
Ellie Eastleigh _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: When you’re not working, what type of things do you get up to in your spare time, to unwind?


Ellie: This job does take up a lot of time, anyone who says it's easy lies! In my limited free time I like to cook and bake. To make up for this I enjoy the gym and love to swim.

Ellie Eastleigh _ The Premium Reviewer
Ellie Eastleigh _ The Premium Reviewer

TPR: Speaking of time, I really appreciate you taking the time to provide some illuminating and insightful answers for this interview. You’re definitely a star in the making and I’m just happy to have started watching you from this early stage in your journey. 


And since you mentioned going to America, I’m going to selfishly recommend Magic City Sleaze, as I would love to see you do an assjob or hotdogging scene, at some point. They shoot some quality assjob content and you definitely have the assets for it. Also, a prone bone scene in Blacked would be epic. Their aesthetics coupled with your look and performance, would be a perfect fit.

Finally, is there anything else to add or any upcoming projects/collabs that you want to announce?


Ellie: I've got some really exciting bits and pieces planned including a release with a big UK production company but don't want to jinx anything! All I can say is watch this space x

All of Ellie's online content can be viewed HERE. See her on PornPerfection and PureCFNM too.

Ellie Eastleigh _ The Premium Reviewer



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