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There should be a collective term for liking sex acts like handjobs, assjobs/hotdogging, footjobs, titjobs, general humping etc… other than just ‘non-penetrative sex’. Asses are beautiful thing and by association, assjobs are an equally beautiful thing to do and watch. 


I discovered Magic City Sleaze through an incredibly hot assjob clip that they posted online. For most into this particular fetish, the 2 standout components for a great assjob video is a great ass and a great finish over that great ass… and the video they posted checked those boxes.

I was super happy when the link they provided to check out more content wasn’t for OnlyFans but ManyVids, with a good amount of videos already uploaded to their page, for the relatively short time that they’ve been seemingly active. (They joined ManyVids in October ’21 and their Twitter was started in August of the same year). Was even more happy that they had a membership option to view all the videos and I quickly joined. 


At first I assumed the two stars, Aaron and Desirée, were a couple under the name Magic City Sleaze because they both starred in all of the videos. But when searching their name on MV, it came up as a production company and also, a recent video featured Aaron with a different performer, Ciel. They still could be a couple though, but just work in a dynamic that facilitates them shooting with other performers.


Regardless, MCS seem to have been purposely gifted to me by the sex gods, because not only do they cover the ‘job’ type content (handjobs, assjobs etc), they also combine it with some of my other favourites such as the ignore type fetish, where one partner ignores the other partner who's getting off on them. I’ve always loved the dynamic of the ignore fetish, in that depending on how you choose to view it or how it’s portrayed, it can either be the woman that is being dominant but in another scenario it could be the guy. 


In the self explanatory video entitled, ‘Bored and Ignored Titfuck’, this theme was enacted perfectly. It’s also one of the few times we get to see a brief glimpse of Desirée’s gorgeous face that’s attached to her gorgeous body. She perfectly ignored him throughout the video, choosing instead to play BJ on her phone. Even at the end when he produced an epic and volcanic like cumshot, she didn’t flinch or deviate at all from the game on her phone. Ropes covered her chest and hair and flew past her shoulder, some even landing on the hand still holding the phone.


Production value

I love the way they edit and format the vids too. When I first watched a video, music started playing and I grimaced, thinking that it would be playing throughout the video but thankfully it’s only played in the intro and outro. The rest of the video is just the way I like it, natural ambient/background noise, interspersed with the sounds of skin slapping, sexy squelch sounds and natural grunts or sounds of pleasure.

The intro works as a cool little way to set up the scene; first the title of the video is displayed then establishing shots are used to showcase Desirée’s sexy body part that will shortly be sprayed by Aaron - oftentimes played in slow motion. It’s also sometimes just shots of her teasing him but regardless, as soon he whips it out, the music stops and the scene properly begins. The tagline seen in their bio, ‘Retro vibes, good times’, starts to make sense with the choice of music that is played during these opening and closing shots.

The outro is also shot similarly but instead of establishing shots it’s slow-mo recaps of the final moment with the epic cumshot slowed down making it easier to see the amount of ropes and the sheer volume he produces. I also love that they do it that way,  I’ve never been a fan of slo-mo edits that interrupt scenes that are playing in real time - i.e. you don’t see the finish in normal speed. The way its done here is perfect. they edit in the slo-mo version after it has first been played in real time.


Almost all of the vids are shot in POV but some have a two camera set up, one standing that either covers the entire scene or it’s sometimes placed to capture a specific angle. The second camera is usually hand held by Aaron. Transitions and cuts are always smooth too.


Aaron and Desirée

Throughout all the videos, Aaron has shown himself to be a true booty connoisseur. Even in clips not involving assjob - like in the footjob video - he still shifted our gaze  to her ass, grabbing and squeezing it, and even when it came to the grand finale, the load overshot her soles, landing on her ass and thighs too. In the most recent upload, in which he receives a BJ from Ciel, he reaches over from his seated position to squeeze on her cheeks while she was still sucking. She even commented, ‘your cock just gets harder every time you touch that ass’, with Aaron confirming, ‘I know! I’m an ass man, what can I say?’ 


For me, the content becomes even more enjoyable when you recognise the authenticity and can relate to the performer in the things that they do, or in the way they react to things that turn them on - sometimes even more so when shot in POV.

I can relate to Aaron grabbing handfuls of cheek when he’s close to climaxing, giving him that extra excitement to get him over the edge when he’s close. Every time, Desirée moves or shakes her ass in a certain way I can palpably feel Aaron’s pleasure, she often does this move of wiggling her cheeks, allowing his cock to get deeper between them, without them having to move it with their hands. When she starts to pick up speed and invariably causes his swollen head to repeatedly go deep within the cheeks and then pop out, again I can almost tangibly feel that excitement, therefore heightening that experience. 

Desirée is a one of the best performers I’ve seen do assjob content. She is never a passive recipient, she moves, shakes and jiggles her cheeks, backs up into him but also allows him to take control and hump when he needs to do that too. Even in the footjob video, she was still super expressive with it - wiggling her toes and at one point adjusting her feet to create a way for him to fuck it, which he was audibly grateful for. Footjobs are not something I overly seek out, so that video being something that I still enjoyed and would watch again, is a testament to her especially.


She doesn't make over the top porno moaning sounds when it isn’t necessary - in assjobs specifically, she is silent for the most part, allowing viewers to hear the sounds of her cheeks being pounded or the sexy squelchy noises that come after applying oil, something that has become a ceremonial thing that happens at a certain point in every video. You only hear her sounds of pleasure when his cock gets deep between her cheeks and rubs against her asshole. She will also make encouraging sexy noises whilst he’s climaxing or in the videos when actual penetration occurs.

Like I briefly touched on before, Desirée's face is for the most part hidden, the titjob video and a BJ video are pretty much the only times when you partially see her face. So her always being present and active with the parts of her body that can be seen, more than balances out what could be potentially lost from not seeing her face. And at this point, I kind of like the mystery of not seeing her face.

I already talked about how well she acted in the ignore video, she displays a good understanding of the fetish she’s shooting and the requirements in making it authentic. Her sexy voice is showcased well in a a JOI video that again was centred around her ass, with it being the object of desire for the viewer to get off to.

Her ass bent over is a thing to behold and for those venturing on the Magic City page because of her ass, but who are maybe not necessarily into assjobs, there are a few videos of her being banged from behind - with a moment of Aaron’s face buried deep in her cheeks - one of the earlier uploads being an anal video too.


Favourite video so far

'Handjob in Little Havana'

So many reasons to like this video:

1) Little Havana - just having Little Havana in the title reminds me of Scarface… Scarface is a great film.

2) It’s in a sort of public setting - it was shot in a car from his POV which is almost always a great perspective to film in and so are videos filmed in a public setting - although, unfortunately the camera never really panned too far away from the action to see the Miami surroundings.

3) It’s a handjob - I continually try to give props to HJ scenes whenever I see them shot as an entire act to cumpletion and not just for foreplay.

4) The first time recognising Aaron to be my brother in ass-  He momentarily paused a great handjob, from Desirée, to request to see her ass. She obliged, repositioning herself to now be bent over while he took a good few minutes to squeeze her cheek from the side, from underneath - groaning to himself as he seemed to take in and appreciated the size, weight and feel of the cheek - even grabbing it from the middle so the tips of his fingers were partly in the cheeks as he was squeezing, The relatability I experienced in those simple acts of caressing her ass, made this an instant favourite.


Magic City Sleaze

There’s nothing better than when I find a creator who is seemingly really into the things that they shoot and doesn’t just make every type of content to reach a broad audience. Assjobs is definitely niche and not everyone understands the appeal of it. Oftentimes online, I see comments under assjob videos like, ‘why don’t you just fuck her’... and other such comments. Content like this, goes right over their heads and they just lack an understanding for it. I for one can’t properly convey why rubbing and fucking cheeks is so hot, it just is and content like this is a great find for me.


Like I mentioned in the beginning, I love it when creators make video membership options on ManyVids. It’s the way I like to view content, partly because that was the way that I and a lot of other purchasers of porn became accustomed to buying content, since companies and independent creators had membership sites on the internet... and for other reasons I’ll explain another time.


I came to their site because of the assjob video they promoted online and it seems that assjob content is something that they’re focusing on. In the more recent uploads the assjob videos have been titled differently with a different title art too. They seem to be curating it as a specific series, ‘Magic City Assjobs’ with two video in the series, so far, 'Magic City Assjobs: Bedtime Twerkjob' and 'Magic City Assjobs: North Beach Booty'.

Magic City’s recent upload times have been pretty regular, appearing within a maximum of a week apart and the quickest being within 3 days.


I’ve really dug all the uploads so far, some more than others but none are bad in any way. Can’t wait to see what else they put out, I’m sure and hopeful that it won’t deviate too far from what they’re currently doing, and as they've shown with some videos, it’s always possible to do different things or concepts while staying in the specific niche.


Btw, does anyone know a term for the ‘job’ type sex acts other than non penetrative sex acts or outercourse…



(Mar '22)

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