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Interview with Ava Austen

Ava Austen

Absolutely delighted to bring a Q&A with a star performer who used to have a Premium Snap. In my glowing review of it, I was blown away with her great level of interaction and responsiveness to fans, as well as the sexy and intimate content she snapped. Thank you Ava Austen.

(Aug 2020)

PSR: Over the past few years, you have effortlessly managed to work both with big-name studios as well as independently how do you like that balance and what are the pro and cons of both?


Ava: Well, I'm actually retired from professional porn. I think the only company I would now work for is Brazzers, although I only say that because I don't think it's going to happen again- I've worked for them a couple of times.

In my opinion, it's a lot of work for not a lot of cash, especially when working on set with a company that’s into high production. I think it's just not suited to me to memorise a script too, that's why I loved the Fake Taxi stuff so much because there was just a hint of the storyline laid out to me and then I would just ad lib and it would be a real back-and-forth rapport rather than the scripted stuff.


I'm not slagging off mainstream porn, but I was never really cast in it anyway. I don't really tick a box, I suppose. I'm not really a traditional MILF and I've always shot my own stuff anyway. The benefit of that is I can shoot with who I want, I can shoot when or where I want... I can take a day off. I don't have to answer to anyone else. The pros with professional porn is the exposure because I practically owe my popularity to doing about 40+ Fake Taxi scenes.


PSR: Speaking of Fake Taxi, the scenes when you were in the drivers seat, did you direct them yourself and if so, was it more difficult/more pressure than shooting your own content?

Ava: The female fake taxi scenes were a blast! John would be on set to set up the cameras. He would give me a vague story line and I’d just run with it. No script, just ad-lib to a loose idea. It was no pressure for me at all, it was actually really fun!


PSR: How do you find locations and have you ever been spotted or caught? Always wondered if someone has ever mistakenly tried to get a ride?

Ava: It’s one location, it’s filmed in a private field in Kent as there were historically issues of being caught when it was filmed in public in Sutton. Black cabs in a village in Kent are a bit alien, so no one has ever tried to get in, lol.

Ava Austen
Ava Austen

PSR: You've been nominated for a bunch of awards and have won a Paul Raymond Award. Does winning them mean a lot to you? And is it similar to the vanilla entertainment industry, where winning awards mean you can potentially command more money for performances?


Ava: It definitely does not mean you can command more money! With the Paul Raymond Award, that isn't really the porn industry, it's more top shelf and glamour. It's not really going to get you noticed in the porn world as such. Obviously it was great to be up there with Alexxxa (Alexxxa Vice) when I won it- that was probably the best thing about the award, as I got to share it with her and I was honestly shocked that I won. But I'm not pushing anymore awards again, because it's a lot of effort but the reward is short-lived, I think. I would rather get excited about putting my effort into promoting an awesome scene that I've shot on OnlyFans.

It's rewarding to win an award but I can live without them. 


PSR: In the past you have talked about your problems in the industry from wearing tattoos. With tattoos now becoming the norm, do you think that it is no longer a challenge?


Ava: That’s a difficult one because it's kind of a redundant question, for me, because I'm not really out there looking for mainstream work. It's still a thing though- some pin up sites still say no to tattoos but I don't care because I'm not working for them anymore.


Ava Austen
Ava Austen

PSR: On your private snap, you talked about you and your partner sometimes attending swinger parties. I mention this because I think that part of the reason why you're so successful, is because you actually enjoy sex on a real level. 

Do you think that this is one of the reasons why you're so good?


Ava: Yeah, I would say so, I love sex and that's how Ava Austen was born. She come about from my swinging experience. 


Sometimes it's about getting that balance, isn't it? You do have to be an actress because some people want certain scenarios or a roleplay enacted. You know, I think there has to be an element of that because I have to appeal to everyone. I don't really like to do the degrading stuff because personally I don't enjoy it. Again, any acting stuff is minimal, I prefer making it up as I go along...  don't do scripts, haha.


I think it works better if it's real sex. I like inviting my husband to shoots with other women, my fans really like that- the whole fact that we are real couple.

I also think, its more about sex appeal, than anything as well.



PSR: Yes, I agree that sex appeal is a key component to great sex scenes, as well as having a real love for what you do- both of which you have in abundance and showcase in your scenes.


To further illustrate my point about your innate love of sex- You have spoiled fans even further by providing a chance for them to live out their fantasy of meeting you, in real life. You offer escorting services and charge a reasonable price for a pro of your level and stature. You could easily charge double or triple what you offer. 

How has your experience been with escorting and is it something you'll continue to do for the foreseeable future?


Ava: Yes, definitely will be carrying on although I have not shagged anyone, in an escort capacity, since the 4th of March, it's now August and I'm not going to be doing it until October.

I don't think I should be charging anymore than I do but I have put my prices up recently but not by a lot.

I absolutely love it. I love it when I get massive fans and they're like really nervous... sounds like I'm really mean, but I just think it's so adorable, lol. 

Ava Austen adultwork escort

PSR: Do you get a lot of people asking advice on how to get into the industry?


Ava: Yes, it's mainly men that drive me mad, lol. Every couple of months someone will say, "You know I'd really like to do sex work... How should I get started?" I had to explain to one guy recently that it's not easy work, it can be 100hr work weeks. 


It is about making sure you don't miss emails and making sure you keep up to date with your subscribers, because they've paid upfront for a months worth of chat with you. So it's important that you keep up with it and fulfil what you’ve committed to. A lot of guys are popping up [with fan sites], the more successful ones come from Chippendales, male strippers or guys into lifting. 




PSR: You're a frequent traveller of various places around the world. This current climate has obviously affected travel both domestically and internationally. How has it affected your general mood and work?


Ava: I was actually in Thailand in 6th March came home the 19th- so just before everything shut down in England. I missed out on the Maldives because we were supposed to go to Bangkok to Maldives for 3 nights. They wouldn't let us in but that's absolutely fair enough.

I was kind of worrying you know… I wasn't going to be seeing any clients so I'm not going to have that interaction but I was honestly overwhelmed with the love that I received on OnlyFans and the positive feedback from some of the solo content I made.


So once the first couple of works had passed, I thought… actually I'm going to be absolutely fine. I've got really supportive fans who kept me going and it was lovely getting to know a few of them, a lot better- even if some left because they're back to work etc. 


So personally, I really wasn't affected work wise, it was more sort of personal relationships that I missed.


I have missed a lot of trips though...  The Maldives, like I mentioned. A trip to Liverpool to watch a match, so I'm counting that as a holiday! Amsterdam, New York, Berlin... and there was another one but can't remember what that was.

So they were all lost to lockdown, but you know, it is what it is. 


PSR: Have you taken any positives out of the whole situation or any unexpected benefits of the lockdown?


Ava: Realised that I can self motivate myself to work in my bedroom, all alone and that I don't necessarily need other people to make my business a success. 

Also realised that I'm lucky and smart enough to have been shooting my own content for 8 years, so I've had a decent back catalogue to pull from- has been great to share stuff that a lot of my subscribers wouldn't have seen before, as well as making brand new content. 

Ava Austen

PSR: It was cool being introduced to your dogs on Snap. I'm a big fan of English Bulldogs myself. 

How many dogs do you currently own and what breeds are they? Other Pets?


Ava: Two dogs- Ron, the Bulldog is 5, I got him in 2017

Jazz is 11, and is an American bulldog mixed with a Rusky (Rotti/Husky mix).

Three cats- Una, is the youngest cat she is 10. Copper is 13 and Chiquita is 12. 

​I want a bird at some point in the future, when I'm not going to be travelling.

Ava Austen
Ava Austen

PSR: I know you're a lifelong Liverpool FC fan, you must have been really happy with their recent success. Do you think they will continue to be a major force as they were waaaaay back in the day?


Ava: You just don't know... I'm not one of these cocky fans that think we've got the next five years in the bag because, well, we haven't. We could sell a load of players, we've seen it happen before.

All I can say is that we've got the potential. Klopp's the best manager ever in the history of the planet, but I don't know.

Ava Austen

PSR: Thank you so much for doing this- you've been one of my faves for a long time. Any future projects that you'd like to mention or any promo?


Ava: Well, I am going under the knife for the first time. This is between you and me actually because I've only told people on Onlyfans so far. I'm having a BBL, a Brazilian Butt Lift so taking fat from my gut and my arms and what not and putting it in my booty. So I will have a slimmer stomach and a curvier derriere… all will be revealed soon. I just don't want to put it on Instagram and Twitter because sometimes people are nasty [about women getting work done]. Also, I'm back to work in October, back shooting with other people.

(* Note: Ava has already disclosed this info on her socials before this was published*)

Ava Austen

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