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🇬🇧Lauren Alexis🇬🇧

lauren alexis face | premium snapchat |


  • Gorgeous.

  • Splendid pair of bum cheeks

  • Responds to DM's (occasionally)


  • ​Inconsistent posting

💰Payment type: 

One off payment


🔞 18+ features on her show:

  • Ass shaking/manipulation of cheeks

  • Selfies

  • Hand bra/side-boob showing


📷Screenshots/video msg saving:



Whenever I'm tired of seeing explicit content from my hard working snap models, I like to watch the various forms of SFW content on YouTube, the stuff that teeters on the edge of being an acceptable form of titillation that is allowed on the platform. The most common thing being, the 'genre' of try-on hauls- which is something Youtubers do as a well established way to rack up the views, mainly due to all the horny male viewers. I'm sure if you check the viewing stats you'll find that the 'intended' audience, which is supposed to be women, (to show them the good fits to wear) are in the minority. 

Because of my haul viewing perversion, my Youtube algorithms now cater to my filthy tastes, so various hauls often pop up on my feed and recommended lists. Which is how I came across, UK Youtuber Lauren Alexis. 


I pretty much fell in lust from the first video I saw and dived into one of those Youtube rabbit hole things- but instead of watching back to back Covid conspiracy theory videos, it was everything Lauren for a few hours. 


On most of her videos she advertises a 'NSFW' Patreon and an OnlyFans account- also sells access to her Snapchat account but the only way to get access to it was from the two aforementioned platforms. Not really a fan of either of the platforms but as she also had a free OF account, I joined that. She had a decent amount of teaser posts already on the feed but sends subscribers messages containing locked PPV (pay per view) videos to open- which is all to be expected on a free account. 


A few days into my free subscription, she sent another message with a PPV image, captioned with a generic sales spiel to entice you to get her Premium Snap and after purchasing, the locked image revealed the snap code. 

I did ask her what was on the snap, prior to buying. Surprisingly, she messaged back… basically reiterating the broad and vague 'NSFW' term that she always states when promoting her content and that she posts everyday. (I say surprisingly because from the few OF accounts I've joined in the past, most models don't allow messaging without tipping, especially on the free accounts). I never assume any model will post daily, but as it was a relatively cheap price for a 'lifetime' access, I wasn't too fussed about how many times she would post. Just a couple times a week of seeing more risque snap vids of her blessed cheeks would be enough.


If you type Lauren's name into Google, the term British Youtuber will be shown. She's a part of that smart wave of people who because of the ease of being able to distribute, sell or stream adult content somewhat independently, they first build a vanilla/safe persona and audience in SFW platforms and then leverage that into a potentially more lucrative income in the world of adult content. (I talk more about that here). She's also got a high social media IQ, with multiple accounts on various platforms tailored and tweaked slightly differently in terms of content and style- probably also as backups but all still reach high engagement. I don't know if it was always her intention to come into the adult content world, or just took the opportunity from the obvious demand there probably was for her to do it.


As she's primarily a Youtuber with a public brand/persona, I never expected to see highly explicit content from her. She also has a less risque separate Youtube channel for 'reaction videos' and another one for vlogs. (All the videos on the vlog channel seem to have been archived and can't be viewed. It seems that a couple years back she used to post with someone else on there. I have no idea if that was with a friend or partner).

So considering her somewhat mainstream status, there is a greater potential for her content to get leaked, especially being that she's popular. So expecting hardcore porn type content isn't realistic. Lauren might not even want to do it anyway, in an early video in 2018 (that still displayed links to her naughty content) Lauren nonchalantly dismissed ever doing porn, when addressing a comment that alluded to her being on Pornhub.


Lauren's Snap

It took her a couple of days to upload but the first 'show' she uploaded was all 'live' snaps. She does also use the memory feature to upload past content and generally mixes it up in a story, making longer video snaps when shaking her ass but also posting selfie type snaps.

Love seeing her purposely manipulating her cheeks with her hands- coming from having to see her trying to avoid showing too much of her ass on Youtube due to demonetisation. Really into her thighs too. It's also funny when she tries to pull sexy faces especially that 'sticking out your tongue and rolling your eyes back thing' that everyone seems to be doing now- she looks super hot when she has a relaxed face like the way she poses in regular photos.

The content on her Snap is just  a slight level up from her Youtube try-on videos-  more full on angles and close ups of her ass, her body and gorgeous face. She's not fully nude, sometimes topless but her boobs are usually criss crossed with tape or covered with her hands, so nipples are not seen. She occasionally likes to play with a paddle too.  She's good with a camera, so all the posts are aesthetically shot well and in HQ


I sent Lauren a DM in snap, again not expecting her to reply and she did… eventually- took about 5 days. I'm guessing she probably answers all DM's at the same time due to the insane amount of daily messages she receives. But more importantly, because she never mentioned messaging as part of the benefits in getting access to her account, it was a pleasant surprise that she did actually reply and respond properly to the message. 


Back to the explicitness of her content. This might be something that she may eventually change, gradually becoming more explicit like some models and even pornstars have done in the past- or maybe she won't. I'm personally content with what she currently posts for the 'lifetime' price- (would be different if it was subscription based). Could always do with more of her bum on display...

Also from browsing her Patreon tiers, access to her snap appears to be more of an add-on to her subscription based content, so her attention is probably more directed there. (If you are on her Patreon/OnlyFans, let me know about the frequency of her posts, here). But maybe she could at some point also have a standalone subscription based, Premium Snap, with more frequent content posted- using a platform like FC (here),


But for those who currently want more, she has a personal website, where she claims that you can buy personalised explicit content- but I guess you would have to discuss that with her, and get the specific details of what her levels/definition of explicit is.

I also glanced on her Patreon, with the various advancing tiers, with the highest being $6,000. It was only 1 spot for that tier and that has apparently being claimed, so that lucky guy/woman might be viewing something that the rest of us won't ever see… unless Lauren's moving like Bella Thorne...

(Sep '20)

UPDATE: Oct '20

Thank you to those who responded to what I asked in the original review, regarding her Patreon and if she is more active on there- because I initially assumed she would be, due to it being subscription based. It seems that people haven't been added to her premium snap after many months. 

As I said in the previous review her talent seems to be in navigating various social media (and youtube) building an audience. That seems to be where her focus is more-so placed, with the 'adult' content side being more of an inconsequential passive income, where she knows she will always be able to get money. I touched on that $6000 tier that someone has apparently subscribed to on her Patreon; I'm sure she has sugar daddies or benefactors that will happily send her money to that degree and fair play to her.

She should probably stop marketing this adult side hustle as being more than it is though. For me, my expectations were realistic so I knew the level of explicitness wouldn't be  high, no matter how much she sold it on her youtube videos. But for those hearing the word 'OnlyFans', the allure of a hot and famous youtuber saying that she posts 18+ may get you signing up expecting more. Click here to read some submitted feedback from people using her other platforms)

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